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The 6 Breath-Taking Sea Views in Ireland

The 6 Breath-Taking Sea Views in Ireland

A vacation in Ireland will certainly not be complete without a scenic view of the sea. This is the best way of enjoying the ultimate experience in Ireland. The good thing is that Ireland has a number of locations considered to be the most dramatic sea viewpoints. These spots feature utmost uniqueness and very clear views of the sea. Most of them are cliffs hence offering you the best eye angle for proper viewing of the coastline and the general ocean splendor.

Here are 6 scenic sea views in Ireland:

1. Mizen Head

When taking your drive along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, your first stop should be at the Mizen Head. It is one of the breath-taking sea views in Ireland. The place is characterized by a chain of cliffs raised to different heights. You can actually go down the cliff wall and have a closer view of the sea. Before leaving the place, you can take a quick exploration of other attractions like the museum or better still grab a bite for the long way ahead.

2. Cliffs of Moher

They may not be the tallest in Ireland, but the fact remains that the cliffs feature total uniqueness. Well, the cliffs are relatively tall since they tower to heights of about 214 meters. That alone renders the cliffs an ideal place to view the sea. The best part is that you can walk along the paths at the top of the cliffs in order to assume different viewpoints. For those operating on a shallow budget, touring the place in the evening is a great idea since admission charges are lifted. Moreover, there are no dense crowds at this time of the day.

3. Kylemore Abbey

How about combining both nature exploration and the historical aspect of it? Sounds great, right? This is exactly what you should expect at the Kylemore Abbey. It is one of the ancient establishments in Ireland since it dates back in 1867. For those with a great taste for architecture, this is the place to be. You will not only enjoy the most dramatic views of the sea but also one of the most unique ancient architectural designs in the world. Be sure to take many snapshots of this place as you might want to retain the memories.

4. Slieve League

If you had the perception that other sea view cliffs in Ireland are high, then you are very wrong. Sleive League is the place where you will find the tallest sea cliffs not only in Ireland but across Europe as well. The cliffs are unique in the sense that they appear more like sloppy hills and not pointed protrusions. There are many walking trails along the cliffs to enable you navigate comfortably and also to assume the best viewing points. Considering that there are no entry charges, Slieve League sea viewpoint works best for any person, especially those with narrow vacation budgets.

5. Fanad Head

The place is characterized by huge sea rocks and a lighthouse that dates back in 1811. Fanad Head is one of the places with incredibly beautiful and spectacular ocean view. This is complemented by the strategic viewing angles for visitors. You can opt to stand on the rocks by the shore or better still request access to the top of the lighthouse. The bottom line is that visitors are assured of the best view at Fanad Head. It might also interest you to know that Fanad Head holds a very rich history with regard to sailing. This is something you can learn better once you visit the place.

6. Milan Head

Though a little windy, Milan Head still holds a high rank as one of the scenic views of the ocean. You might want to carry along your heavy cardigan especially if you are touring the place late in the evening. This however should not deny you the fun of viewing the spreading waters of the ocean. Milan Head is characterized by huge rocks and wet grounds especially along the walkways toward the sea. The experience of exploring the coastline of Milan Head is definitely a stunner.


The above crackdown implies that there is a lot to enjoy along the Ireland’s coastline. The aforementioned sea viewpoints are just but a few. There are still more points you might be interested in. Beaches and hotels along the coast can also play the best places to view the ocean as you indulge. Be sure to enjoy the best coastal experience before you warp up your vacation in Ireland.

5 Best Canoe Day Trips In Australia

5 Best Canoe Day Trips In Australia

Regardless of where you are touring, you will find Australia a wonderful place with lots of sceneries to enjoy. Canoeing is one of the activities that tourists in Australia find awesome, and it is a wonderful way to keep yourself busy and let your mind wander in amazement after a tiring job session.Choosing the perfect trip for canoeing experience might seem challenging owing to the numerous option you have. With many beaches and rivers, you would be wondering where the best experience exists to reactivate your moods with amazing scenery and breezes. In this post, we highlight the 5 best canoe day trips you can take in Australia to fulfill your wanderlust. Canoes offer the easiest way to view all the surrounding without distraction. If you are preparing to go out for the trip, consider these 5 places.

1. The Innes National Park

Located on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, the Innes offers beautiful vegetation of indigenous trees that are amazing for viewing from the canoe. The beautiful coast is located at some distance from the Stenhouse Bay where the wildlife offices in South Australia are located. To go on a canoe trip it's imperative that you get a good quality roof rack installed on your vehicle. To get sturdy roof racks, Adelaide is a good place to go. It's situated nearby and offers some great variety of roof racks.Once you reach the offices, take your gadgets off the roof racks and go for the canoe. At the coastal park, you will love the amazing rugged coastline and the vegetation. Depending on the time you arrive, you may find that the water is swelling up.During such times, you should avoid coming off the canoe. If you have to take your lunch, do it on board. You will also notice that the coast is isolated, and you will not find many people there. Be careful to ensure that you are safe and enjoy the fun.

2. Lake Burley Griffin

 Did you just land at the Australian Capital and are wondering where to go for the day’s canoe trip? No worries. Right in the capital, there is Lake Burley Griffin. Here you will get fast access to your first canoe trip before you proceed to another part of the country. The 11km by 12 km man-made lake offers you a serene environment to get yourself the best canoe experience without the fear of getting caught by the surf. Take your time even to learn canoeing in the smoothest experience in town.

3. The Sydney Harbour

Not all trips in Australia need to be done at the outback. You can visit the cities and enjoy your trip to make your movements easy within Australia. Landing at Sydney, one of the largest cities in Australia, should not stop you from having a canoe day trip you have been dreaming of all the while. With protected water at the Sydney Harbour, you are sure to enjoy a smooth canoe trip even if it is your first time. You will also have the opportunity to sightsee all through Sydney from the water. Apart from canoeing, you can find companies who offer ecotours where you will get to learn the history of the place, features, people, etc.

4. The Murray River

Who does not care to tour the longest river in Australia? With 2,508 km in length, you will have plenty of places to see while on your canoe trip in the river. The river offers serenity that allows you to do your canoeing activities with total confidence and peace of mind. Regardless of where you may want to start your trip along the river, you are sure to get enough water vessels to use since there are several towns along the river. You can take the ride you want for as long as you wish and back to your hotel when you are through with the day’s trip.

5. Katherine Gorge

 Along the Katherine River, there is a series of 13 gorges you would want to visit. The best way to view these wonderful features is via a canoe trip in Australia. The place is popular, and you can expect to meet many tourists around recording the sceneries. But this should not move you, because you will surely get your own space to view the features from an angle you wish. Here you will see tall cliffs and rocky slopes on the valleys. The Smitt Rocks is also a good place for camping along the Katherine River. You need to be sure that you carry along your camera for the wonderful memories.

To Sum Up

There are many places you would like to visit and enjoy your canoe day trips. There is something, however, you need to remember about these trips. In Australia which is among the top wine consuming nations, you would be tempted to carry and guzzle your bottles while on the trip.If you are going to roar the vessel, you should leave the wine behind. This requirement is a law to safeguard the lives of people using canoes. Giving your life the first priority is mandatory for any tour experience you are taking.

German tourist found an unusual method to avoid drowning

German tourist found an unusual method to avoid drowning

A German tourist found an unusual method to float in the water after falling off the New Zealand coast and not carrying a life jacket.The man has improvised a floating device in the jeans he wears, reports Deutsche Welle. Arne Mucke and his brother sailed with a yacht from Auckland to Brazil. At one point, the sailboat, moved by a strong breeze, struck Arne, throwing it in the waves. The incident occurred off the east coast of New Zealand.

The man did not wear the life jacket, being dressed only with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His brother, Helge, tried to pull him out of the water by throwing him a rope and an inflatable vest, but the waves quickly removed the yacht from Arne and could not reach them, according to the New Zealand Herald. Fortunately , Arne remembered a trick he had learned many years ago, namely how to improvise in an emergency a vest of a pair of pants.

"I've always thought that if I'm going overboard without the life jacket, I'll try this method," Arne Mucke explained to the New Zealand press.

"I breathed deeply, pulled out my jeans, made knots at the end of the cracks and swelled. Then I sank. So I got a life jacket. "
The authorities were alerted by his brother and a rescue helicopter arrived on the spot, but after a search of about two hours of boating in New Zealand's vast ocean.

"Imagine yourself staying isolated in the middle of the ocean for hours on end, with no hope of being rescued. Finding the seaman on the offshore was like looking for the needle in the fan carriage, "explained one of the saviors, Ian Wilmot.

Longest world submarine railway tunnel will link two European capitals

Longest world submarine railway tunnel will link two European capitals

A submarine railway tunnel between Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia) has received a 15 billion-euro provisional funding from the Chinese partner Touchstone Capital Partners.

The developer of this project, FinEst Bay Area Development, announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Touchstone Capital Partners, according to which one-third of the funding will be provided as private equity, which will give Touchstone a minority stake in the future tunnel, and the remaining two-thirds of funding will be in the form of debt payments.
The authorities of Helsinki and Tallinn have been analyzing for many years the possibility of building a submarine tunnel between the two northern capitals, located at both ends of the Gulf. Tens of thousands of Estonians work in the Helsinki region and many of them commute weekly at sea, and many Finnish tourists visit Tallinn.

The proposed tunnel, with a length of 103 kilometers, would shorten the journey between Helsinki and Tallinn in about 30 minutes, compared to at least 90 minutes now with the fastest ferry boat. In addition, the rail tunnel would connect the airports between the two capitals and would also connect with Rail Baltica, a rail link that would connect Warsaw with Tallinn starting in 2026.

FinEst Bay Area, which previously estimated total tunnel costs to 15-20 billion euros, said the financial details will be established with Touchstone over the next six months. The company has already raised EUR 100 million from Dubai-based ARJ Holding Construction Company and is currently looking for European investors.

A feasibility study commissioned by the Finnish and Estonian governments published in 2017 claimed that this tunnel could be opened in 2040, but Peter Vesterbacka reiterated that the tunnel might be inaugurated by the end of 2024.

Finland and Estonia would like the submarine tunnel project to be included in the list of routes considered of vital importance to European and global transport but have so far not been supported by the European Union.

11 most beautiful beaches in Greece

11 most beautiful beaches in Greece

Greece, one of the top destinations in any tourist vision, is renowned for the most beautiful beaches. That's why it remains one of the most popular holiday destinations. We made a top of 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece. Here are the recommendations: Myrtos, Kefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea Myrthos Beach is one of the most famous beaches, especially due to the role it played in the adaptation of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. A capture that highlights the spectacular panorama can be made from the center of the island to the north. This 2.5 km long beach can be admired by driving along the coast. Myrtos Beach is noted for its white sand and crystalline water.

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Another spectacular beach in Greece, Sarakiniko, is one of the most photographed beaches on the Aegean Sea. Big, white, water-eroded rocks create the impression of a lunar landscape that contrasts with the blue waters of the sea.

Lalária, Skiathos, among the most beautiful beaches in Greece that you reach just by the sea The small island of Skiathos is lucky because of the beaches, but you have to be an adventurous person, because only by sea you can reach Lalaria. Located in the north of the island's coast, the wind blows violently into the steep cliffs and creates perfectly round pebbles of various colors ("lalaria") that cover the entire beach. Lalária is also known for the color of water, a crystalline turquoise, but also because of the steep and huge cliff situated right in the sea.
Karavostasi Northern Epirus is still unknown for many tourists, although it should not. Karavostasi beach, located 15 kilometers from Parga, is considered a true paradise of turquoise water. The coastal area is decorated with the pine forest, and the golden sand is one of the most beautiful stripes in the area.

Oidokilia, near the coast of Navarino, Messinia. One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece has the form of omega Voidokilia beach resembles the Greek Omega letter, and there are two rocky promoters in the heads. This bay is surrounded by a magnificent beach with fine sand, wind-protected, and crystalline water is an amazing setting. The protected bay is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, and archaeologists believe it was used by King Nestor as a harbor in ancient times.
Grias to Pidima, Andros, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece has an interesting legend If you want a beach escape, Andros might be perfect for you. Andros is famous for its clean, crystal-clear beaches, pine forests, charming villages and canyons around it. The most famous beach is Grias Pidima, located at the foot of Faneromenis Castle where, according to legend, in the 16th century, a woman who betrayed the Venetians in a confrontation with the Turks was then thrown into the sea, turning into a huge rock.

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, among the most beautiful beaches in Greece but also in Europe Shipwreck Beach is probably the most photographed beach in Greece, also known as Navagio Bay. Her photo is the business card of Zakynthos Island, and in a top TripAdvisor it is the first place among the most beautiful beaches in Europe because of the white sand it holds. Access can only be done by boat, and when you arrive, you will see the failed ship here more than 30 years ago, now a rusty and fragile wreck that visitors have written their name. This attracts tourists more than crystalline waters and white gravel like milk.

Halikoúnas, Corfu Halikoúnas sand beach is one of the most wild and unpopular in Corfu. With a length of three kilometers, southwest of the island's capital, it is considered ideal for tourists who want a holiday far away from the hustle and bustle of sand dunes and want a safe sea-front place for children, and without too many arrangements.

Egremni, Lefkada Egremni is a long, white sand and turquoise water along white cliffs. It stretches over an area of ​​two kilometers and is only accessible from the sea. Prior to the 2015 earthquake, this beach could also be accessed from the island. The 350 steps that had to be lowered were renowned and accentuated the wonderful landscape, but the earthquake destroyed them. In June 2017, these stairs were not rebuilt, and the financial crisis in Greece has not yet begun their rebuilding.

Kamari, Santorini, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece has sand ... black If you like the golden beaches, Santorini is not for you. Kamári Beach is covered with black sand, and on the left side you can see the huge Mesa Vuono rock. The area is extremely attractive, especially at night, when black rocks shine in the dark. If you are a fan of water sports, Kamari Beach is the ideal place on Santorini Island from this point of view. It is a very well-groomed and organized beach that offers plenty of facilities for tourists.

Myrtos BeachKefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea

This 2.5 km long beach can be admired by driving along the coastMyrtle Beach is observed on seaside with white sand and crystal clear water of.
Greece, with its islands remains a popular destination for travelers and is one of the most popular Greek islands of RhodesCrete and Santorini are purchased in the top holiday destinations for the summer.

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

It is one of the most photographed beaches of the Aegean Sea. Large rocks, white water eroded the impression of a lunar landscape contrasting with the blue sea.

Voutoumi Beach Antipaxi

Three kilometers south of the island of Paxos is Antipaxi, his younger sister. It is said that the sea is the clearest in this island inhabited only in summer.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Since 1983, she is known as the "beach wreck" after the ship Panagiotis, who belonged to smugglers, was shipwrecked here while transporting cigarettes. Navagio beach with its white sand, limestone cliffs and turquoise waters, is accessible only by sea, but the journey is worth every effort.

Best Beaches in Greece - Travelers' Choice Awards - TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor - Travelers' Choice Awards. Find out what the best beaches in Greece are as awarded by millions of real travelers.

The reasons are many: short way away (in Geecia mainland) or plane (2-3 hours to any island), good service, delicious Mediterranean food and spectacular scenery. In addition, the country boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and even the world, with turquoise waters, spectacular cliffs and sandy, and tourists who visit them will stay with unforgettable memories. Most of them are not crowded, clean and wearing blue flag for the safest beaches . US publication "The Huffington Post" achieved a ranking of the most beautiful beaches five Greek:

Three little-known Greek islands to tourists

List of islands of Greece - Wikipedia
Greece has an extremely large number of islands, with estimates ranging from somewhere ... The Greek islands are traditionally grouped into the following clusters: The Argo-Saronic Islands in the Saronic gulf near Athens, the Cyclades,  ...

As more picturesque and quiet are the Greek islands of ParosAntiparos and Pano Koufonisi, unexplored beaches and rustic taverns. Lindsay Talbot, the Huffington Post, has discovered the secret charm pleased less visited islands in the Cyclades archipelago. Here too there is no luxury shops, busy restaurants or nightclubs. Instead, tourists will get surprises if you like to explore the quiet beauty of these places.

Paros has over 30 wild beaches In Paros there are at least 30 beaches, each with a unique appearance. In the north of the island is Kolymbithres beach with bizarre rock formations, perfectly polished by the sea and sand that seem to be from another planet.

Tourists surfing or sailing enthusiasts can choose the area south of the island, where the beach Chrissi Akti will find. Here are hungry and small taverns where the tourist can enjoy local specialties souvlaki. In Paros there are few luxury hotels, tourist accommodation facilities consisting of more small and picturesque viluţe that provides all the necessary comfort. In Antiparos time seems to flow more slowly A luxury hotel on the island there are neighboring Antiparos. It's called the Beach House and was opened last year, is a boutique hotel.

In Antiparos can be reached quickly, in 4 hours with a ferry from Athens or 30 minutes, if the landing takes place on the neighboring island's airport, Paros. The little island is the ideal destination for tourists who want peace, who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of other worldly famous islands such as Patmos. On Antiparos, the tourist will see locals old resting under the trees or doing nude hippies in special places, just like in the 1970s. These tranquil island attracted hundreds of years artists and famous writers. Lord Byron visited Antiparos in the early 1800s and even left his signature in a cave here. Another known writer Truman Capote, and spent the summer of 1958 Paros.

For those who choose to spend their vacation here, life is conducted in a quiet routine: sleep, food, beach and read. Time seems to flow more slowly, offering guests the opportunity to charge the batteries for the rest of the year.

Pano Koufonisi Island, located near Naxos has water as blue as exotic paradises of the Caribbean. The coast is low, with a porous appearance, with many natural pools and cliffs. It is the smallest and densely populated island in the Cyclades, with an area of ​​only 3.5 square kilometers and 366 inhabitants. Tourism has emerged here until 10 years ago, until then dealt almost exclusively with locals fishing occupation is kept now.

Story of a woman who lived alone on an island for 18 years

Story of a woman who lived alone on an island for 18 years

100 kilometers off the coast of California is Channel Islands (not to be confused with those of the English Channel with the same name), also known as the Islands of Santa Barbara, represent a series of five islands that have been isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years. The island of San Nicolas was the home of the Nicoleño people, a tribe of natives who only had contact with the tribes on the other islands. This changed in the nineteenth century, which led to the story of the tribe's last survivor.

In 1811, a group of Russian fur traders arrived at the island looking for raw material, because the islands were abundant in seals and in seagrass, reports The Vintage News .

The merchants and the Nicoleño tribe entered into conflict, but the tribe was overtaken technologically.If it was not the intervention of the Spaniards - who had an interest in the island's resources - Nicoleño could disappear completely.

However, the male population was decimated, and the tribe was left vulnerable to Catholic missions , which took advantage of the opportunity to convert the population. In the 19th century, this was done by taking local people and distributing them to the mission system, where they were used as cheap labor.

In 1835, the island's population was just a few hundred, and the Santa Barbara Mission sent a ship to evacuate the island, bringing the last natives to the mainland as a hand.

Here begins the story of the woman named Juana Maria. There are two theories about how he stayed on the island : either he was left out of the accident or fled from the ship to return. In any case, the end is the same: it was left on the island, and the ship did not return after it.

People were impressed by her strength

The official version was that the island was completely deserted. Often there were stories from the crews of the ships that passed near the island, according to which there was an "appearance" on the blurred island.

Because of these stories, interest in the island has increased. In 1853, 18 years after evacuating the island, Captain George Nidever wanted to find this appearance, and in the first two voyages he walked over footsteps on the beach.

On the third voyage, he found three huts made of whale bones. In front of them was Juana Maria, and from the first moment, the crew knew what she had done to survive.

According to Carl Dittman, a crew member, "the woman stood on the ground and separated the fat from the skin of the seal."

The crew was amazed that somebody survived a deserted island for so long. Trying to communicate with it, they noticed they could not understand it. In the last 18 years he has been alone on the island, and his language has deteriorated to the point where he could barely articulate words.

However, sailors stayed on the island for several weeks while Juana Maria showed them how she survived, how she hunted, sang, and they were impressed by her strength.

When it was time to leave, the woman joined them, reaching Santa Barbara. Juana Maria, a name she received from the Catholic mission, remained with Captain Nidever for about seven months until the woman's death, most likely caused by a trivial disease that the immune system could not reject.

Top 5 abandoned islands of the globe

Top 5 abandoned islands of the globe

People have always been fascinated by the deserted islands, numerous writers, including Daniel Defoe, Robert Luis Stevenson, Jules Verne, and Edgar Alan Poe, dedicating them to famous novels.

Although all the islands of the Globe have been conquered by humans, there are still unpainted earth patches in various corners of the world, bathed in ocean waters. Many of these recall the descriptions of Daniel Defoe in his famous novel Robinson Crusoe, dominated by wild nature, of landscapes that have nothing in common with exotic paradises that we can imagine. The site has compiled a list of some of these places that seem forgotten by the world.

Isolated Islands: Saint Helena - The Official Globe Trekker Website
Isolated Islands: Saint Helena - named after Saint Helena of Constantinople, is a tropical island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Henderson Island - The Pacific Ocean patch was included in UNESCO's Patrimony, being one of the few atolls in the world not affected by the presence of humans. This site provides habitat for 10 endemic plant species and four other birds. Although uninhabited, the small Pacific island of Henderson in the Pacific Ocean is considered to be the most polluted place in the world, having the misfortune of being in the path of a stream that buries its shores in tons of garbage.

Ang Thong Islands - The group of islands in southern Thailand, not far from the lush Koh Samui, offers tourists a different kind of tropical experience. Most of these limestone islands, covered with tropical rainforests and bathed in turquoise waters, are uninhabited, but they are highly sought after by tourists interested in an adventure, but also by a low-budget trip. The archipelago is part of a national park, which is why access is controlled and provided only by some operators who provide kayaking in these unique places.

Jaco Island-  This uninhabited island of East Timor has an unusual story. Considered sacred earth, it was bypassed by the people of the place, and thus remained unpopulated. Its fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters attracted him, however, as a magnet to tourists, who find here a paradise corner left untouched by people. Atoll Aldabra Although less well known, Aldabra in the Indian Ocean is the second largest coral atoll in the world, with about 100,000 giant turtles living here. This is why the area is called "the virgin island of huge turtles". Over the years, environmentalists have made tremendous efforts to conserve the island and resist plans to build a military base or permanent settlements. The number of tourists who come to disturb the peace of Aldabra because of the geographic position of the island and the high cost of travel, as there is no direct air or water link. Additionally, visitor access is subject to strict rules.

Tetepare Island - The largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific, Tetepare has not always been deserted. The island's original inhabitants lived in scattered villages and spoke a different language, but for unknown reasons, they left the island in the middle of the nineteenth century. Subsequent attempts to turn the area into an agricultural colony have failed, and tropical forests have expanded to cover much of the surface. The descendants of the former inhabitants have set up an association that oversees conservation activities on the island and cares for these places to keep their wilderness. Tetepare is the ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Devon Island - Not all the deserted islands are located in the tropics. It is the case of Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island in the world, located in the articulated area. With a frozen soil almost all year long, with an average annual temperature of -16 degrees, the area is poor in plants or animals. Arid land, frost-free temperatures and isolation provide a good way to test people's ability to adapt to a life outside the Earth. That's why the island is used by astronauts to test their equipment and train for future missions on Mars.

16 Irresistible Islands Around the Globe.
Jul 23, 2015 ... We've hit the interwebs to discover some of the most irresistible islands around the globe and come up with 16 of them. Have you been to any ...

Gozo, the Calypso Goddess Island

Gozo, the Calypso Goddess Island

Just a 25-minute ferry ride from the northern port of Cirquewwa, the island of Gozo, the second largest island of Malta, welcomes you in a rustic and more welcoming atmosphere. In Greek mythology, it is said that the Nymph Calypso was conquered by these places, that he chose to keep him trapped here for seven years on the shipwrecked Ulysses, whom he fell in love with. Among the first things that will attract your attention in Gozo are the quaint houses, standing well on the rocky hills overlooking the sea, which retain the same architecture, but the same color - a honey-yellow color, which gives a harmony to the place. It is said that in Gozo, the locals leave the open doors even when they are gone, criminality being non-existent on this extremely quiet island.

Calypso (mythology) - Wikipedia
Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, who lived on the island of Ogygia, where, according ... His patron goddess Athena asks Zeus to order the release of Odysseus from the island, and Zeus orders the messenger Hermes to tell Calypso ...

You will, of course, notice the exotic vegetation so different from the temperate climate - palm trees, cacti, eucalyptus and leanders white or red, with a discreet smell. As a matter of fact, the cactus is especially cultivated by the inhabitants, from its fruits preparing their traditional reddish liqueur and cacti sweet. The Goias are full of good will, so that on cool seaside seaside chances, you have a good chance of having a party with honors with Neapolitan peasants, both young and old, spontaneously gathered at a modest terrace. Their mourning joy attracts tourists as a magnet, and at the end of the evening, no one stops.

How Citadella Has Reborn In Gozo, you should not miss Citadella in Victoria, the fortress that sheltered all the inhabitants of Gozo who fled the Ottomans in the Middle Ages. In 1551, Turkish pirates conquered Gozo and took almost the entire population of only 5,000 inhabitants, the island remaining practically unpopulated, and the Citadella almost completely destroyed. The rescuers were once again the Ioannian knights, who banished the Turks and began restoring the island. It took almost 50 years to repopulate the island and rebuild the Citadella. The Story of Citadelle will "enchant you" in a 360-degree cinema hall where you will be invited by the hologram of the Calypso Nymph.

At Citadella, you can stop for a delicious traditional meal at Ta Rikardu, a small, rustic and intimate restaurant with a history of 40 years, where you will be warmly welcomed. The owner, Rikardu, has a small goat and sheep farm that constantly supplies the restaurant so that every morning his wife pulls fresh cheese on the table. Here I recommend you try the rabbit or goat fries, which are the specialty of the house.
Another stop on the island of Gozo deserves to be made at the Ta'Pinu Church in the village of Gharb. The existence of the Roman Catholic Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is connected with many miracles, which now fill the walls of the place with the testimonies of hundreds of people. For this reason, the Ta'Pinu church is the most sought-after place of pilgrimage in Malta.

Maltese fest, between saints and fireworks Malta is an attractive destination all year round, but if you want to surprise it in all its traditional splendor, it's good to visit it during the holiday season called the "fest". From May to September, every Saturday, a small village or small town in Malta and Gozo is dressed in a celebration to celebrate with great reputation the spiritual patron, thus thanking them for another year without bad events. Besides the processions where the statue of the saint of each locality is worn on the streets, the fest also means much fun and joy in pure state. The localities of Malta and Gozo enter into a fierce ground fireworks competition, which the Maltese take very seriously and for which they are preparing all year round. The artifacts made by residents are different from what you've seen before. Built in the form of continually moving moors, complex devices create a long-awaited and highly owed show by locals. Unfortunately, this game of fire is left almost every year with victims, sometimes with whole families losing because of this almost insane pastime of the Maltese. Besides, if someone dies under these circumstances, he is declared a national hero. Żebbuġ, a small town in the heart of Malta, whose holy patron is St. Philip, organizes one of the most beautiful works of its kind.

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