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French travel icon affected by a devastating fire

French travel icon affected by a devastating fire

A massive fire broke out Monday night at the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris at about 7 pm, and the destruction was devastating. There are no known causes of fire, but it is suspected that fire would have started from renovation work.

The French authorities say I do not think it was a criminal hand. The long, gothic tower fell under the flames an hour after the outbreak of the fire. The roof of the cathedral collapsed as well, having a wooden structure.

Notre-Dame Catholic Cathedral in Paris was severely affected by a devastating fire , but the two emblematic towers and structure of the edifice were saved. French sportsmen, and not only them, have suffered, sending emotional messages on social networks. But people in the sport have gone to the deeds too.

The Paris Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation into the fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral, but it is difficult to know because the flames have consumed much of the evidence. The first pictures inside the historical monument appeared.
We still know very little about the origin of the huge fire that destroyed Notre Dame in Paris on Monday, April 15th. After several hours of hesitation, the Paris prosecutor opened a Monday night investigation for "involuntary fire destruction," The investigations conducted by the Regional Department of the Judicial Police may be extremely long and delicate. According to the first elements of the investigation, it is true that the fire broke out shortly before 19 o'clock. A local fire at the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is triggered around 18:50 local time. Several hundred firefighters spoke for hours to quench the flames of the historic monument. Very quickly, the fire that broke out somewhere in the attic in the upper area of ​​the edifice contained a tower that broke and collapsed inside. The investigation was entrusted to the criminal brigade of the police, due to the complexity of the investigations and the extent of the damage, writes Le Parisien. A crash track is privileged. On the sides of the cathedral there were scaffolding for renovation work. Investigators study the hypothesis of an outbreak caused by a welding work carried out on the wooden grate.

The shingle is very old, a part of the wood is decomposing, spongy, a weld or a short circuit can cause an undeniable spark for several hours, even days, which can turn into a burning fire. Judicial experts will have to find where they started the fire to determine whether they are negligent and who is responsible. The fire broke out at peak time, when the center of Paris, including Ile de la Cite, the island of Sena where Notre Dame is, car jam. In fact, the pictures say it all. Instead of departing from the fire, many Parisians and tourists went to the cathedral, while 400 firemen tried to get as close as possible. One of the most dramatic moments was the collapse of the cathedral's tower or fleece, as it is said, that is, that arrow-shaped tower from the middle of the cathedral, which was 93 meters high. With the fleece, the roof over the impressive length of the cathedral collapsed, 130 meters. Although they intervened with 16 cannons of water, all that the firemen could do was to fight the outbreaks they could access outside of the monument. No one knew what remained inside after the roof fell. It was believed that the Gothic columns and arches of the stone were also likely to be affected, but it was hoped that the structure of the abode resisted the shock.

Disturbing, torrid images. Paris travel icon burning like a torch Monday night in Paris. The emblematic monument in the heart of the capital of France, which lasts for 850 years, has been disfigured by a devastating fire, apparently triggered by restoration work.  The long, central tower, rising to 96 meters, collapsed under the flames, with some of the roof.In Catholic Weeks, people had knelt around the edifice and prayed. They prayed that the firefighters, the 400 fired firefighters, would turn off the fire. Save the Gothic masterpiece. At four in the morning, after nine hours of fighting, the flames were gone. Notre-Dame was standing. With his famous twin towers resisting heroic.

L'Équipe did not forget that every year, runners admire Notre-Dame in the Paris Marathon. He recalled that in 2009, the last stage of the French Tour passed by the cathedral, with Alberto Contador wearing the yellow shirt. And, long ago, between 1905 and 1945, L'Auto, the opener for L'Équipe, organized the rowing race under the shadow of the famous medieval building.Athletes, especially the French, but not only them, suffered, sending emotional messages on social networks. "My heart burns," wrote Evan Fournier , the basketball player at Orlando Magic, complemented by Sarah Ourahmoune, Olympic boxing champion: "Our history burns." While André-Pierre Gignac, the footballer of Tigres, watched with distant pain as "900 years of history goes into smoke."

Inside, the damage is lower than we would have expected, given the violence with which the flames were manifested. The first pictures inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which were severely damaged on Monday night by a devastating fire, appeared. Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, quoted by a Le Monde journalist, says there is a huge hole in the vault, near the place where the tower has fallen and collapsed over the nave, but the altar and cross are full. Also, the chief architect for historical monuments, says that in large part, the "treasure" is saved. On Tuesday there will be an inventory of the paintings of the chapels around the nave, which may have been blackened by smoke or water. "What is worse is avoided, even if the battle has not been fully won," the head of state said on the spot, on the steps of the edifice. But "we will rebuild this cathedral," he promised.

Less known travel icons included in UNESCO heritage

In recent years, UNESCO has expanded the catalog to include more examples of traditional cultures around the world. It includes fascinating and remarkable places, recommended to be visited in 2017.

World Heritage Site - Wikipedia
World Heritage Site is a landmark or area which has been officially recognized by the United Nations, specifically by the United Nations Educational, Scientific ...

If you want to get this summer in places you have never seen before, UNESCO has made the list of less known sites recommended for the holiday of 2017. Some are a masterpiece of human genius, others are testimony to lost civilizations or natural inspiring beauty, writes

Iguazu National Park (Brazil-Argentina border)

Iguazu National Park is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, where the Iguazu River flows into majestic waterfalls, shrouded in the mist of the forest landscape.

The Peace Churches of Jawor and Świdnica (Poland)

The Peace Churches of Jawor and Świdnica are the largest wooden worship centers in Europe, built in the mid-17th century.

Al Hijr (Saudi Arabia)

Al Hijr represents the non-Athenian civilization, which thrived in the pre-Islamic period from the second and third centuries BC.

Antequera Dolmens Site (Spain)Antequera Dolmens (3 BC) in southern Spain offers five monuments from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. This site was listed on the World Heritage List in 2016.

Historical villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama (Japan)

Traditional villages have survived in a distant mountainous region of Japan. The Gassho style houses are situated in an environment that has been adapted over the centuries.

Mayan Site in Copan (Honduras)

The spectacular ruins of Copan evoke the grandeur and mystery of the Mayan Empire, with its pyramids and hieroglyphs.

Old Town of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

The old town of Dubrovnik, located on the Croatian coast of Dalmatia, houses examples of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)

Ha Long Bay, located 165 kilometers from the capital of Hanoi, includes 2,000 islands that rise from the turquoise waters of Tonkin Bay.

Blue Mountains and John Crow (Jamaica)

This forested mountainous region of Jamaica is known not only for its natural beauty and biodiversity, but also for serving as a refuge for the Tainos servants and later for the liberated Africans.

Valley of the Great Rift (Kenya)

Kenyan Lakes in the Great Rift Valley are populated by flamingos, pelicans, black rhinos, giraffes, lions, cheetahs and wild dogs. Efficient management of this area ensures that the site remains on the World Heritage List.

Protecting Our Heritage and Fostering Creativity
In today's interconnected world, culture's power to transform societies is clear. Its diverse manifestations – from our cherished historic monuments and museums ...

Longest world submarine railway tunnel will link two European capitals

Longest world submarine railway tunnel will link two European capitals

A submarine railway tunnel between Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia) has received a 15 billion-euro provisional funding from the Chinese partner Touchstone Capital Partners.

The developer of this project, FinEst Bay Area Development, announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Touchstone Capital Partners, according to which one-third of the funding will be provided as private equity, which will give Touchstone a minority stake in the future tunnel, and the remaining two-thirds of funding will be in the form of debt payments.
The authorities of Helsinki and Tallinn have been analyzing for many years the possibility of building a submarine tunnel between the two northern capitals, located at both ends of the Gulf. Tens of thousands of Estonians work in the Helsinki region and many of them commute weekly at sea, and many Finnish tourists visit Tallinn.

The proposed tunnel, with a length of 103 kilometers, would shorten the journey between Helsinki and Tallinn in about 30 minutes, compared to at least 90 minutes now with the fastest ferry boat. In addition, the rail tunnel would connect the airports between the two capitals and would also connect with Rail Baltica, a rail link that would connect Warsaw with Tallinn starting in 2026.

FinEst Bay Area, which previously estimated total tunnel costs to 15-20 billion euros, said the financial details will be established with Touchstone over the next six months. The company has already raised EUR 100 million from Dubai-based ARJ Holding Construction Company and is currently looking for European investors.

A feasibility study commissioned by the Finnish and Estonian governments published in 2017 claimed that this tunnel could be opened in 2040, but Peter Vesterbacka reiterated that the tunnel might be inaugurated by the end of 2024.

Finland and Estonia would like the submarine tunnel project to be included in the list of routes considered of vital importance to European and global transport but have so far not been supported by the European Union.

Boeing 747-8, turned into a "flying palace"

For most readers, Gulfstream G650 private planes and 65 million dollars or Bombardier Global Series is the definition of luxury flights.
A very rich client preferred to buy a customized Boeing 747-8 aircraft, which has occupied the company Greenpoint Technologies in Kirkland, Washington. Luxury aircraft provides a space of 445 square meters, equipped with several private cabins, a luxurious saloon, a desk and a huge living room.

Boeing: 747-8
The First Class and Business Class sections of the 747-8 enable airlines to offer passengers the most private and premium accommodations in the sky. So it's no  ...

To meet demand, Airbus and Boeing started selling VIP versions of their aircraft, Airbus Corporate Jet sub brands and Boeing Business Jet, writes Business Insider .
Boeing 747-8 VIP is the longest and the second largest commercial airliner ever built luxury. It has four engines and can fly General Electric GEnx almost uninterrupted 15,000 km. Before installing all elements of personalization, the plane costs $ 367 million.

Rolls Royce wants to build a flying taxi
Rolls Royce car maker is working on a flying taxi system that could be deployed at the earliest in the next 10 years, the company said.

The British company claims it has already made plans for a vehicle that can take off vertically and can accommodate 4-5 people, called EVTOL, according to the BBC .

First look at Uber's flying taxi models - YouTube
May 8, 2018 ... Uber is releasing new information about Uber Air, an ambitious plan to launch a fleet of autonomous flying taxis in two years. Bianna Golodryga ...

The vehicle could reach speeds of 402 km / h, being able to travel 800 kilometers without refueling. Thus, Rolls Royce joins several companies already working on their own versions of the Flying Taxi.

Rob Watson, chief of Rolls Royce's Electric Department, said: "We are in a position to play a leading role in the emerging world of air transport, and we will also be looking to work with more partners."

Flying cars have long been a science fiction, but aviation and technology companies are working hard to turn them into reality. Airbus, Uber and several start-ups, one of which was funded by the Google co-founder Larry Page - Kitty Hawk - all of them have announced such projects.

British manufacturer Rolls Royce initially confessed that the EVTOL concept used gas turbine technology to power 6 electric propellers, specially designed to be noisy.

The wings of the vehicle could rotate 90 degrees, allowing it to take off or land vertically. The car can also use heliports or airports.

This is Dubai's new flying taxi
Chinese drone maker EHang aims to replace taxis in Dubai this summer with autonomous passenger flying drones.

"We believe that, considering the effort and work done today to develop electric propulsion capabilities, this model could be ready by mid-2020 at the earliest, in the context of creating a commercial model that accepts a such feed, "says Rolls Royce.

The company has promised to degrade more details soon.

New European highways for better holidays

New European highways for better holidays

The Eastern European countries are looking for solutions to develop and interconnect their transport infrastructure to facilitate trade between the north and south.

International E-road network - Wikipedia
The international E-road network is a numbering system for roads in Europe developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Via Carpatia - which starts in Lithuania and arrives in Greece, passing through Romania, a motorway that will encircle the Black Sea, passing through our country, a motorway from Hungary to Romania and a new road between Odessa and Varna through Dobrogea. These are just a few of the projects from Central and Eastern European officials who want to create new transport routes to boost trade and the labor market in the region. Under the Via Carpatia project initiated by the Third Sea Initiative, Poland and Slovakia signed an agreement earlier this week to link the Polish S19 express road to the new R4 road planned by Slovakia, but also to build a new bridge between Chyzne ( Poland) and Trstena (Slovakia) to improve traffic on the E77 international road, with work to be completed in 2021, according to the PAP news agency. "The objective of our efforts is to create convenient and competitive transport links both in road and rail transport," said Polish Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk, who signed the agreement with his Slovak counterpart Arpad Ersek. An advantage for young people According to Adamczyk, Via Carpatia, which includes new connections, will boost business both in this part of Europe and across the European Union. "Thanks to this investment, young people from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania will no longer have to look for jobs in Western Europe. They will be here, "he said. For his part, Arpad Ersek said that these contracts, which concern Poland and Slovakia, also have an international dimension. "Via Carpatia will connect us. It will ensure access to every place, "Ersek said, insisting that the new road will improve road safety and lead to the development of freight transport. The Via Carpathia International Route would start from Klaipeda and Kaunas in Lithuania, cross Bialystok, Lublin and Rzeszow from Poland via Kosice from Slovakia and Debrecen from Hungary and then reach Constanta, Romania, Bulgaria and Thessaloniki , in Greece.

European Roads - YouTube
Autoroute A480 and A51 from Grenoble to Col du Fau. Show less. Read more. Uploads Play all. 5:31. Play next; Play now. Spain: N-625 Riaño - Puerto El ...

A motorway around the Black Sea And it is not the only large project that would involve Romania. Recently, Russia officially started implementing the project known as the Black Sea Ring, according to information published on the official website of the World Motorways Association. The project, for the first time in discussion at the summit of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization in 2006, involves the construction of a four-lane motorway system linking the Black Sea countries, the total length being or about 7,140 kilometers. Among the countries participating in this project are Turkey, Georgia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania and Serbia will also be connected to this route via additional routes.The ring road would pass through several major cities, including Istanbul and Edirne from Turkey, Batumi and Poti from Georgia, Novorossisk, Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog from the Russian Federation, Mariupol, Melitopol and Odessa from Ukraine, Chisinau from the Republic of Moldova , Bucharest (Romania), Haskovo from Bulgaria, Komotini and Alexandroupolis from Greece. The project does not have a single budget, with each country paying for its own section. Certain funds would be provided by the European Union, some European banks, and other international financial institutions, including the World Bank.

Amsterdam declares war on tourists

Amsterdam declares war on tourists

Local authorities want to introduce more ban on tourists in order to reduce the number of strangers who suffocate the city.

Amsterdam authorities have warned British and Dutch tourists who spend too loud on the streets of the city, threatening them with severe fines in a campaign to deter alcoholic parties in the streets of the city, reports AFP, taken over by Agerpres.
The campaign targets those aged 18 to 34, increasingly attracted by the smell of light beer and light drugs in the Dutch metropolis and its red neighborhood.

War tourism - Wikipedia
War tourism is recreational travel to active or former war zones for purposes of sightseeing or historical study. War tourist is also a pejorative term to describe ...

Attracted by cheap city-trip flights over the weekend, groups of British or Dutch youth walk around the streets of the 165-channel city by touring the bars or celebrating the end of a bell tower.

With an estimated 18 million tourists visiting Amsterdam each year, more than the country's total population, the Amsterdam marketing organization has warned that there is "a high price for inappropriate behavior."

The display of this campaign, broadcast on online booking sites, has spread all the corners of the city, especially the Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein markets, the favorite spots of nightclub tourists.

"A pressing need?" writes on a poster showing a red-painted urine on a street showing prices of '140 euros', the amount for the fine. Another poster shows that joking and drinking without a measure can cost '95 euros' out of pubs.

Municipal authorities have announced that they want to ban so-called 'beer bikes', street-mounted pubs equipped with beer mugs, raising holiday taxes and restricting private accommodation.

The Amsterdam authorities have a wider plan to limit the flow of tourists invading the streets of the city annually, including measures to limit accommodation choices and raise taxes.

A plan aimed at "seeking a new balance"was set by the new municipal coalition, according to AFP. " Tourism is part of the international culture in Amsterdam, which we must continue to appreciate ," says the plan.

But, " discomfort, affluence and garbage exert extreme pressure in some neighborhoods , " the document points out. Amsterdam is primarily a city meant to be inhabited and work in it , "the document added, adding that tourism is barely 'second' .

Starting in 2019, visitor fees will be increased, and local authorities will look for new ways to limit the number of rooms available for accommodation.

Hire of short-stay dwellings could be banned in certain areas and the design of a new terminal for large-scale cruise ships would be revised. Local authorities announced in January that they will limit their rent of housing by sites like Airbnb R to 30 days starting next year, the source quoted.

Amsterdam is not the first city that wants to limit the number of tourists invading them. Tourists are an important source of budget money, and each country would like to attract as many as possible to consume and spend money. But for some destinations, tourism has turned into a chore.

Residents in several European cities in the top tourist destinations are increasingly disturbed by hordes of tourists, who make noise, pollute the environment and contribute to rent increases.

Cities such as Barcelona, ​​Venice, Dubrovnik and Prague woke up invaded by foreign tourists, thanks to cheap flights by airplane, the expansion of accommodation services like Airbnb or, in the particular case of Croatia, thanks to the shooting of Game of Thrones.

Amsterdam lost one if it's symbols

The capital of the Netherlands has lost one of its tourist symbols after the huge letters "I am Amsterdam" have been removed from the Museum Square, an initiative of the municipal council that seeks to halt the growth of tourism.

With a height of three meters and 23.5 meters wide, the red and white letters were one of the biggest tourist attractions and were in front of the Rijskmuseum for 14 years. The word game "I am Amsterdam" had become a symbol of the city, hundreds of thousands of tourists posting on Facebook and Instagram with him. Now the letters have been taken to a city hall warehouse, the city council being of the opinion that it no longer represents the Dutch capital's vision. "The" I am Amsterdam "message is that we are individualists in this city, but we would like to show something different - diversity, tolerance, solidarity," one of the council members motivated, according to . In addition, the huge letters were a good way to promote the Dutch capital and contributed to the massive growth of tourism, which in recent years has left negative footprints on the inhabitants and the city. The withdrawal of the sign was also a consequence of the overwhelming increase in the number of tourists faced by Amsterdam.

In addition, the huge letters were a good way to promote the Dutch capital and contributed to the massive growth of tourism, which in recent years has left negative footprints on the inhabitants and the city. The withdrawal of the sign was also a consequence of the overwhelming increase in the number of tourists faced by Amsterdam. The city with 850,000 inhabitants was visited by more than 21 million tourists in 2017, leading to overcrowding of streets, cafes and restaurants. "These letters in the Museum Square have become a symbol of mass tourism that has negative effects," said councilor Udo Kock.

Removal of the sign is the latest in a long series of measures taken to halt "invasion of tourists". In May, the Dutch government announced that cruise ships are no longer allowed to stop in the center, and boat trips and bicycle tours will be banned, while tourist tax will increase by up to 7%. However, the board does not exclude the possibility of returning "I am Amsterdam", but in another place. The author of the slogan said he was shocked by the authorities' decision: "I do not understand the message at all. I'm a part of Amsterdam. Both as a citizen and as a visitor. Together we are Amsterdam, the city of which everyone wants to belong to. "I am Amsterdam" connects people, gathers people. "

Amsterdam Holidays 2018/19 | Amsterdam City Short Breaks ...
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Airbnb related GDPR scam alert

Airbnb related GDPR scam alert

Journalists from an Austrian publication make an analysis of the data protection regulation, reaching some shocking conclusions.

Kurier writes that the rules imposed by the GDPR could cause an inconvenience to those who were uncomfortable. "To be honest, if you want to continue using Google and Facebook, you will blindly accept the terms and conditions pages.But it will be much easier to remove your address from a small business mailing list (if you are not sure). This could mean that businesses will have to use Google to continue to reach customers ... ", says the Austrian publication.

At the same time, the regulation is also criticized by a German publication, which warns that it does not provide answers to many questions.

Police warning over GDPR email scams – here's what to look out for
1 day ago ... THE POLICE are warning that the EU's new GDPR privacy rules have prompted a wave of scam emails and texts as fraudsters masquerade as ...

"How can a company be forced to provide transparency about algorithms, for example? It will not take long before computers can be trained to make important decisions for millions - in traffic, shopping and looking for a job. Companies are already using algorithms to view job applications. How can we ensure that it does not discriminate against any applicant? What authority can verify this? What barriers do the state have to do here? Answers to such questions would increase people's confidence in new technologies. GDPR deals with the important subject matter but does not provide rules for key topics of the future, "writes German Handelsblatt.

Last but not least, Irish Examiner points out that once the new regulation is adopted, cybercriminals will flood Europe with "spam by email about GDPR"

"Digital security experts have already warned that users are exposed to sophisticated phishing scamsAirbnb Reservation Center customers are among those who have fallen victim to the scam. Criminals send false GDPR notifications to customers asking them to confirm their login or personal information, "writes the Irish publication.

The Netherlands took a serious action against Airbnb

Airbnb has quickly become one of the most popular accommodation services when you go on holiday. More and more people prefer "on demand" to the detriment of traditional ones, and much faster payment processing contributes to this choice.

The popularity of the service has given rise to more or less conventional businesses. People started buying or renting apartments to list Airbnb for profit. Even though most countries do not have a problem with this, it is not the case of the Netherlands, namely Amsterdam, who was tired of Airbnb tenants.

If until now the citizens of Amsterdam, one of the most visited cities in the world, were allowed to rent their dwellings through Airbnb for 60 days a year, this period was now reduced to 30 days due to the disaffection of the tenants in the various buildings of homes that no longer tasted of the "diversity" of sporadic neighbors, some of them even scandalous.

Practically, for a city assaulted by millions of tourists every year, such a decision would reduce the number of scandals broke in certain areas and would even help to decongest traffic in an overcrowded city. Several tourist centers, such as Paris, London or New York, also resort to laws limiting the duration of the Airbnb rental of a home.

8 Cities Cracking Down on Airbnb - Photos - Condé Nast Traveler
Jun 2, 2017 ... Despite the advantages of the home-sharing site, not everyone is enthused about many of its variables: Here, eight places that are looking to crack down—or have already done so.

MH370 flight was deliberately crashed

MH370 flight was deliberately crashed

Aviation expert Larry Vance revealed in the 60 Minutes show that the flap discovered a year ago on Madagascar Island and belonging to Malaysia Airlines indicates a bleak hypothesis.

According to him, the experts' analysis indicates that the MH370 flight would have been crashed in the water because the flap was stretched out, reported The Guardian .

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 - Wikipedia
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur ...

Vance thinks that no other theory can provide a plausible explanation of what would have happened to the missing plane in March 2014.

"Someone piloted the plane directly into the water ," he said in the 60 Minutes show, where he argued that the stretched flap is "concrete evidence" that the plane would have been intentionally collapsed, which would explain why it was not yet found wreck.

'A flaperon can not activate himself, someone must have taken him out. Someone (in the cabin) must have selected the flaperon activation command, "said Vance, which reinforces the hypothesis that one of the pilots or an air pirate controlled the plane until it collapsed in the ocean.

Peter Foley, head of the search operations by the Australian Transport Security Authority (ATSB), does not exclude the possibility that someone has controlled the plane to the end. the Australian high-ranking official said the ATSB saw 'some French analyzes' suggesting that the flapper was activated, which would support the theory that the collapse of the plane was premeditated.

Search operations started from the premise that the plane's disappearance was not the result of a premeditated move. But so far, the most costly search in history has not produced any results. Several pieces that are supposed to belong to the missing Boeing were found on the islands of eastern Africa.

Recently, the investigators unannounced a key detail of the investigation. In the captain's home that piloted the Malausia Airlines, a flight simulator was discovered in which the pilot would apply a similar scenario a month before disappearance, and would be astonished in the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, the governments of Malaysia, Australia and China withdrew their commitment to complement the search on the 120,000 square meter range.

They said that in the absence of new credible evidence regarding the exact location of the airplane, the search would be temporarily suspended.

Flight MH370: Could it have been suicide? - BBC News
There are times when Captain Simon Hardy's analysis of flight MH370 sends shivers down the spine, especially in the light of the recent case of Germanwings  ...

The London Classic Car Show 2018

The London Classic Car Show 2018

Excell London hosted this weekend the 2018 London Classic Car Show and was there for you. On display this year :

Lotus Cortina, once owned by Bruce Reynolds. It was impounded by the police, and serviced to keep it running so it could be used against him as evidence. The very tyres on this car are the ones that left imprints in the ground and allowed the Police to match Bruce to the place of the crime.

Most wanted Ford Transit

The Ford Transit was involved in most of the bank raids and featured as Most Wanted Van by Metropolitan Police. While the one displayed has never been involved in any criminal affaires in predates the original MK I Transit Van test by Ford to test wind noise.

Simon Templer and his gateway Volvo

The Volvo P1800 from TV SERIES, “The Saint”  was driven By Roger Moore and is understood to be the original car used in the famous serial. The car was placed at the scene of the crime to confuse and misdirect the police.

Italian Job brought to London

In the sixties the Mini was not only a fashion icon owned by celebrities of the time, but it was also affordable and practical enough to be a family car. The Mini was the first car to fit an engine transversal creating more space inside. Later on in would put up with V8 touring car races to become one of the most successful rally cars in Monte Carlo.

The “very ordinary looking” BMW

BMW M5 used from some of the shots in the movie Ronin is also on display. A perfect sleeper car that setup a competitive time at Nurburgring even if it was loaded with luggages.

Famous racing cars

The racing car that manage to brake Nigel Mansell neck at Brands Hatch. The Lotus 95T that participated in 16 races, and accumulated 13 points.

Check the Gallery and video on our Facebook page

Ps. Images and Video are done using Huawei P10 Lite.

The London Classic Car Show: Home
Welcome home! The London Classic Car Show is the must-attend show for those who love classic cars. Come see the largest collection of classic cars in London.

Three world records for a cable transport system

Three world records for a cable transport system

A new cable car line up to the highest peak in Germany, Zugspitze, located in the Bavarian Alps, has been in operation  after the completion of two-and-a-half-year works on the highest-rise site of this country, Xinhua informs Thursday, according to Agerpres .

The cable car line traps three world records for a pendular cable transport system. On the one hand, measuring 127 meters in height, its steel support pillars are the highest used for this type of transport.

Then at 1,950 meters this system will have the highest altitude difference on a section. Third, it will exceed the largest distance between the pillars, at a distance of 3,213 meters.

The construction costs of the cable car line amounted to 50 million euros due to the difficult conditions at the high altitude site and in a low temperature area. Among the main challenges were the removal of the snow and ice from the top equipment and the delivery of the supporting pillars.

"Even veteran engineers have forced their limits within this project ," said Ueli Spinner of ABB, based in Switzerland.

Cabins can carry up to 580 passengers per hour to Zugspitze.

The new line replaces the former 50-year-old Eibsee cable system and will eliminate the very long waiting times for which it was well known by tripling capacity.

Transporting gondolas on such a slopes up to 104% at a speed of 10.6 meters per second requires a significant amount of energy, which is provided by two 800-kilowatt three-phase engines made available by ABB are housed in the valley station of the cable transport system.

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