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A travel experience sharing website. Online travel journal. How to travel the world guide. Travel industry news. City break ideas. Food travel blog.

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New European highways for better holidays

New European highways for better holidays

The Eastern European countries are looking for solutions to develop and interconnect their transport infrastructure to facilitate trade between the north and south.

International E-road network - Wikipedia
The international E-road network is a numbering system for roads in Europe developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Via Carpatia - which starts in Lithuania and arrives in Greece, passing through Romania, a motorway that will encircle the Black Sea, passing through our country, a motorway from Hungary to Romania and a new road between Odessa and Varna through Dobrogea. These are just a few of the projects from Central and Eastern European officials who want to create new transport routes to boost trade and the labor market in the region. Under the Via Carpatia project initiated by the Third Sea Initiative, Poland and Slovakia signed an agreement earlier this week to link the Polish S19 express road to the new R4 road planned by Slovakia, but also to build a new bridge between Chyzne ( Poland) and Trstena (Slovakia) to improve traffic on the E77 international road, with work to be completed in 2021, according to the PAP news agency. "The objective of our efforts is to create convenient and competitive transport links both in road and rail transport," said Polish Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk, who signed the agreement with his Slovak counterpart Arpad Ersek. An advantage for young people According to Adamczyk, Via Carpatia, which includes new connections, will boost business both in this part of Europe and across the European Union. "Thanks to this investment, young people from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania will no longer have to look for jobs in Western Europe. They will be here, "he said. For his part, Arpad Ersek said that these contracts, which concern Poland and Slovakia, also have an international dimension. "Via Carpatia will connect us. It will ensure access to every place, "Ersek said, insisting that the new road will improve road safety and lead to the development of freight transport. The Via Carpathia International Route would start from Klaipeda and Kaunas in Lithuania, cross Bialystok, Lublin and Rzeszow from Poland via Kosice from Slovakia and Debrecen from Hungary and then reach Constanta, Romania, Bulgaria and Thessaloniki , in Greece.

European Roads - YouTube
Autoroute A480 and A51 from Grenoble to Col du Fau. Show less. Read more. Uploads Play all. 5:31. Play next; Play now. Spain: N-625 Riaño - Puerto El ...

A motorway around the Black Sea And it is not the only large project that would involve Romania. Recently, Russia officially started implementing the project known as the Black Sea Ring, according to information published on the official website of the World Motorways Association. The project, for the first time in discussion at the summit of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization in 2006, involves the construction of a four-lane motorway system linking the Black Sea countries, the total length being or about 7,140 kilometers. Among the countries participating in this project are Turkey, Georgia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania and Serbia will also be connected to this route via additional routes.The ring road would pass through several major cities, including Istanbul and Edirne from Turkey, Batumi and Poti from Georgia, Novorossisk, Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog from the Russian Federation, Mariupol, Melitopol and Odessa from Ukraine, Chisinau from the Republic of Moldova , Bucharest (Romania), Haskovo from Bulgaria, Komotini and Alexandroupolis from Greece. The project does not have a single budget, with each country paying for its own section. Certain funds would be provided by the European Union, some European banks, and other international financial institutions, including the World Bank.

Old tram brought back to life

Old tram brought back to life

Rasinari commune in Sibiu County is the only one in the country that has a tram. It was brought back to life at the beginning of the year, replaced by one bought in Austria by 6,000 euros. "It has a sentimental value for us," says the mayor of the commune, who speaks proudly about the attraction of the locality and notes that a new tram could soon be brought to Răşinari.

Beautiful Old Trams in Lisbon, Portugal - YouTube
Aug 22, 2015 ... Lisbon operates a delightful tram network of quaint old trams that lurch and screech around the narrow streets of the capital.

In 1905 the first tram line was built in Sibiu, and 4 decades later it expanded to Răşinari. In 1969, the local leadership in Sibiu decided to give up this type of transport, the main lines being dismantled over the next 3 years. Only the Cimitir (Sibiu) - Răşinari railway station was preserved until 2012, when the Sibiu City Hall sent the administration of the tram network (Zoological Garden - Răşinari) to the Rasinari commune for a period of 20 years.

At present, a tram built in Switzerland in 1965 circulates on the Zoo - Rasinari route and bought from Austria with 6,000 euros last year. It was repaired in 1983. The tram has 54 seats and connects the two localities only on Sundays. On Sunday, when I approached the Zoo Station in Sibiu, a few dozen people - some with children - were waiting to be transported over time. The tram trip is like in Caragiale's poetry: "Today, I know it has / Tram. / Dino's Theater / Climbs and descends, / It's like it's at the mill, / Three and four / Ba and five wagons / Coconuts, / Swollen, cooked / And sucked. / And on the tram / Gamma were put / Sum of monsters / Amploits, bekeys, / All gallant cook, / As you know them ". Some "monsters" left with "cocoons" and others - after "cocoons". I suppose. And some, and others have chosen to do it, crossing the scenic area of ​​the Dumbrava Forest.

History of trams - Wikipedia
The history of trams, streetcars or trolleys began in early nineteenth century. It can be divided ..... in the 1990s the city began to tear out the tram network (which had become rather old and decrepit), but now faced opposition from many citizens ...

Those who reach for the first time in Răşinari must know that it is the largest commune in the Mărginimea Sibiului microregion, situated at the confluence of the Steaza River and the Sibişel Creek at an altitude of 573 meters. One of the inhabitants' occupations was the harvest of fir resin, hence the toponym of the locality. Here also the headquarters of the re-established Orthodox Bishopric of Transylvania, the modest peasant cottage - the residence of the Serbian bishops Ghedeon Nichitici and Gherasim Adamovici - were preserved today. But the old preoccupations have not been preserved. In Răşinari were born great names of Romanian and universal literature: Octavian Goga and Emil Cioran. Metropolitan Andrei Saguna is also buried here.

The London Classic Car Show 2018

The London Classic Car Show 2018

Excell London hosted this weekend the 2018 London Classic Car Show and was there for you. On display this year :

Lotus Cortina, once owned by Bruce Reynolds. It was impounded by the police, and serviced to keep it running so it could be used against him as evidence. The very tyres on this car are the ones that left imprints in the ground and allowed the Police to match Bruce to the place of the crime.

Most wanted Ford Transit

The Ford Transit was involved in most of the bank raids and featured as Most Wanted Van by Metropolitan Police. While the one displayed has never been involved in any criminal affaires in predates the original MK I Transit Van test by Ford to test wind noise.

Simon Templer and his gateway Volvo

The Volvo P1800 from TV SERIES, “The Saint”  was driven By Roger Moore and is understood to be the original car used in the famous serial. The car was placed at the scene of the crime to confuse and misdirect the police.

Italian Job brought to London

In the sixties the Mini was not only a fashion icon owned by celebrities of the time, but it was also affordable and practical enough to be a family car. The Mini was the first car to fit an engine transversal creating more space inside. Later on in would put up with V8 touring car races to become one of the most successful rally cars in Monte Carlo.

The “very ordinary looking” BMW

BMW M5 used from some of the shots in the movie Ronin is also on display. A perfect sleeper car that setup a competitive time at Nurburgring even if it was loaded with luggages.

Famous racing cars

The racing car that manage to brake Nigel Mansell neck at Brands Hatch. The Lotus 95T that participated in 16 races, and accumulated 13 points.

Check the Gallery and video on our Facebook page

Ps. Images and Video are done using Huawei P10 Lite.

The London Classic Car Show: Home
Welcome home! The London Classic Car Show is the must-attend show for those who love classic cars. Come see the largest collection of classic cars in London.

Add some luxury to your next trip

Add some luxury to your next trip

Sometimes when you are on holiday, or travelling for business, you want to give yourself an added touch of luxury to add pep to the trip. Chauffeur driven car rental is the perfect option here as it enables you to get effortlessly to all of your destinations without having to worry about negotiating directions in a foreign country or city, or denying yourself that extra glass of exquisite local wine before you need to take to the road to get back to your hotel after dinner.

Meet and greet services show you a friendly face when you are travelling

If you are travelling alone, it can be great to have a friendly face welcoming you at the airport, and coming to greet you after a business engagement or a long day of sight seeing. This is another advantage of opting for a package of car hire plus chauffeur instead of driving yourself around. Especially if you have had a long flight to reach your destination, it can be so comforting to have somebody come to meet you and help you to get straight to where you need to be without any stress or hassle required on your part.

Book a professional meet and greet transport service with Icar today

If you are looking for a chauffeur who will drive you around and also provide you with a fantastic meet and greet service, then Icar is a brilliant company to work with. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Icar drivers are dedicated to ensuring their customers' comfort and enjoyment for every trip. They are skilled at all kinds of trips, from sight seeing ventures to the palaces of Paris to entrepreneurial road shows and other executive events. What is more, they only drive the best cars around! Visit their interesting and informative website to find out more about their service and book chauffeur driven car hire.

Self driven car rental from Goa Airport - Goa Forum - TripAdvisor
Mar 9, 2017 ... Answer 1 of 18: Are there any self driven car rental options now at the Goa airport ? It has been a few years since I have been to Goa. I have not ...

Most beautiful European destinations that can be visited by train

Most beautiful European destinations that can be visited by train

You can explore Europe on foot, by car or by bicycle. But discovering the continent by train is certainly the best and most pleasant way to enjoy the impressive landscapes while relaxing at the same time.

If you are looking for inspiration in this year's holiday, proposes the experience of a train trip. Make a reservation at the hotel and think about what activities you can do, enjoying a unique experience in the best European destinations to visit by train.

The most beautiful European Destinations in Spring
Lake Bled is a lake in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled. The area is a tourist destination.

Express Glacier, Switzerland

Glacier Express is one of the world's most famous railway lines. It is the slowest high speed train in Europe, as the journey from Zermatt to Davos lasts 7 hours. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery. In this picture you can see one of the most famous bridges, but Glacier Express crosses more than 290 amazing bridges. This is undoubtedly an unforgettable trip to discover the best European destinations by train.

Jacobite steam train, Scotland

The Glenfinnan railway viaduct and the famous steam train are famous and can be seen in many movies. You may have seen them in the popular Harry Potter movie. Book a hotel in Glenfinnan and take a closer look at this magnificent viaduct. Immortalize the passage of the Jacobite steam train and purchase a precious souvenir of your trip to Scotland. Choose an incredible experience and book a seat on the Jacobite steam train.

Soller - Mallorca, Spain

Located between the mountains and the sea, Soller is the most charming village on the island of Mallorca. If you want to have an incredible view of the whole island, we invite you to take a trip on board the traditional train Climb the Soller Mountains. If you stay in Palma, come to Soller by train, it's quicker and easier. You can schedule many activities to discover this charming and authentic place.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a hyper-connected city with subway stations ranked among the most beautiful in Europe. You can easily discover Stockholm and its surroundings by train. It is an easy and ecological way to discover one of the most beautiful regions in Europe.

Manarola - Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is one of the most amazing places in Italy, with incredible landscapes. You'd think it's a place taken out of story books. If you want to make the most of Cinque Terre, you can also schedule a boat trip or a train trip from Florence.

Rigi Mountain - Luzern, Switzerland
Enjoy one of the most incredible panoramic views of Switzerland on this train from Vitznau and Arth-Goldau. If you do not have a problem with the early awakening, take a train in the early hours of the morning to enjoy the sunrise, a wonderful experience.

Country with the best rail system in Europe

Switzerland has allocated an annual budget of 90 billion francs (79 billion euros) to the transport network, and most of all it costs its national roads, about 80% of total transport costs.

Annually, road expenses amount to 72 billion francs, including accidents, health care and environmental damage, according to the Federal Statistical Office. By comparison, costs for other means of transport are lower. The cost of rail transport in 2015 was nearly 11 billion francs, and air freight costs of 6.4 billion francs, while water transport costs 344 million francs.The Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland has begun to collect data on transport costs from 2010, when there has been a substantial increase in total costs.

Between 2010 and 2015, aviation has become 14% more expensive, rail transport spending has increased by 12% and motorized traffic has increased by 2%.

According to the European Railway Performance (RPI) index, published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Switzerland had the best European rail system in 2017, as in 2012 and 2015 when the previous dedicated reports railways in Europe."Switzerland is intensively using the railway system, especially for passenger traffic, and it also has a good rating for the quality of services a very good safety rating," the BCG report says.

Ratings are from 1 to 10 points. In the category "at least six out of ten" are the best European rail systems: Switzerland (7.2 points), Denmark (6.8 points), Finland (6.6 points), Austria and Germany (both 6, 1 points), Sweden and France (both with six points). Romania and Bulgaria ranked last, both with 1.9 points.

The BCG report considers three key components of the performance of the European rail system: Intensity of use, service quality and safety.

After more than 100 years, tourists can visit the wreck of the Titanic

After more than 100 years, tourists can visit the wreck of the Titanic

Nearly 105 years after the sinking of the most luxurious ships in the world, a submarine trip to the wreck of the Titanic seems to be the new attraction among tourists. Relying on the fact that the ship will not be visible soon, organizers set fabulous prices.

Wreck of the RMS Titanic - Wikipedia
The wreck of the RMS Titanic is located about 370 miles (600 km) south- southeast off the coast ..... On 14 April 2012 (the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking), the wreck of the Titanic became eligible for protection as a UNESCO World ...

At a depth of 4,000 meters underwater, the Titanic continues to captivate tourists, after more than 100 years ago sank in the North Atlantic seafloor writes London Blue Marble Private company lay the foundation for new tourism experiences scheduled for next year. The trip lasting eight days is priced at over $ 140,000, including diving experience of three hours per day for three days. "During the dive, the crew can perform 2D and 3D sound scans, searching with tourists inside the famous sunken ship," said Elizabeth Ellis, founder. Places have already been exhausted

According to CNN , places first trip have already been exhausted. Scuba diving can be limited, however, after a study conducted in 2016 revealed that the wreck is still contaminated with bacteria extremophiles for a further period of 15 to 20 years. Groups of tourists will consist of up to nine people and will be accompanied by scientists who will provide information about what is to discover the North Atlantic Ocean.

Unseen Titanic
Here, in the sweep of a computer mouse, is the entire wreck of the Titanic—every bollard, every davit, every boiler. What was once a largely indecipherable ...

Titanic wreck was discovered years ago in a French-American expedition led by Robert Ballard. For those who can not afford the huge price of the trip, Titanic Museum of Ireland, which opened in 2012, can be visited for less than $ 30. Titanic sank off the island of Newfoundland after hitting an iceberg on the night of 14 to April 15 1912. The sinking resulted in over 1,500 deaths.

Second Titanic will begin trip to New York

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer recently announced that he will resume the construction of the transatlantic Titanic II, the true copy of his predecessor, the RMS Titanic, which sank on April 15, 1912, during the inaugural race, causing more than 1,500 people to die out of over 3,300 on board .

The new ship will be completed and will be launched in 2022, following the inaugural race at exactly 110 years after the original Titanic. At this inaugural race, Titanic II would go through the original route from Southampton (UK) to New York (USA). For financial reasons, there will be a pre-inaugural race from Dubai to Southampton. Additional rescue boats In addition to the modern navigation and safety systems, as well as additional lifeboats, the transatlantic will be, in detail, almost identical to the original Titanic. It has been very important to extra lifeboats - in fact, covered modern lifeboats, which can lead to a total of 800 people - precisely because in the case of the original Titanic, the lack of boats was one of the factors that greatly increased the balance of tragedy.

The cabins will have the same look as in 1912, as well as the salons and restaurants, and even the famous staircase that appeared in James Cameron's 1997 Titanic. Even the number of people on board will be similar: 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members. Passengers will also benefit from 835 cabins, split, as well as the RMS Titanic, in the first, second and third classes. A delayed dream Blue Star Line, owned by Clive Palmer, is working on the Titanic II project in 2012, as originally planned to begin shipbuilding, to be launched in 2016. The start of the construction was postponed in 2012 due to pecuniary disputes with the Chinese builder, and the following year, Clive Palmer had a number of financial problems and the project was postponed to early 2014, then to the end of 2014.

The size of Clive Palmer's fortune is considerable - one billion US dollars in 2015 - but the cost of the Titanic II project is: 700 million dollars. In 2015, a new dispute between builders and one of Palmer's firms delayed construction, but a court forced the Chinese to pay hundreds of millions of dollars, which brought the project back to the top. But despite the announcement of a 2022 launch, a spokesman for Blue Star Line, contacted by The Guardian, said that in fact a concrete date had not been set, that the works had not yet begun and that the new contracts with the builders have not been concluded.

The most impressive underground stations in the world

The most impressive underground stations in the world

In civilized countries there metro stations which can easily be mistaken for real museums. Among the most striking are transport stations under a globe, inspired by the speech of Stalin or station under the Huangpu River stunning audio-visual effects.

London's Underground Stations: A Social and Architectural Study
London's Underground Stations: A Social and Architectural Study is a book by the British author and illustrator Laurence Menear. It was first published

The publication Business Insider has achieved among the most impressive metro stations worldwide, seats that convert into real passenger routes visits to the museum. Inside the station 'Formosa Boulevard' (main photo) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, there is a real work of art. There are over 4,500 glass panels painted by Quangliata Narcissus, which are arranged in a globe. Present work was declared the largest glass painting in the world. Thanks to amazing kaleidoscope, the area was proposed as a place for wedding ceremonies. Nature has made its way into the "Central Park Station" - Kaohsiung, Taiwan. British architect Richard Rogers has turned the escalators in a flowery plain, creating a beautiful state, although grass and flowers are artificial.

Magnificent metros: The beauty of deserted underground stations
Aug 29, 2016 ... Photographer Chris Forsyth has spent two years capturing people-free pictures of 150 busy underground stations.

Metro downtown Manhattan was declared the most beautiful station in New York. It holds the world record for the largest number of station platforms (44), one of which is secret.

"Komsomolskaya" the Moscow station is a neoclassical inspiration conducted by Russian Dmitri Chechulin. The interior ceilings and chandeliers that resemble those that were in the great ballrooms, mosaic inspired by the scene of a speech by Stalin during warfare.

Lost in the fictional world of Jules Vern, station "Arts et Métiers" in Paris, France, it was designed by artist François Schuiten and includes copper walls imitating inside a submarine.

There are over 90 subway stations in Stockholm, Sweden, some of which were decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, and installations. One of them is the station "Distanţp", which was decorated by artists and Ake Pallarp Hallek Enno. They have built a vibrant rainbow arches lines.
At metro station "Avtovo" in St. Petersburg, Russia, are located in the center platforms chandeliers, ornaments decorated with laurel branches, marble columns, mosaics and impressive historical memory.

London Underground stations that are listed buildings - Wikipedia ...
The London Underground is a metro system serving a large part of Greater London and parts of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex. Seventy-one of the ...

Although it is a tourist attraction rather than a station tunnel in Shanghai, China, provides passengers with a walk underground beneath the Huangpu River, the trip including stunning audio-visual effects.

Museum of the Moscow underground: opulent subway tour

Even 80 years after opening, the opulent architecture of underground Moscow sees foreign visitors leave dazed. Taken with the Russian habit, metro stations in Moscow are considered to be some real museum rooms, the rest of the world.

Moscow's metro stations – in pictures
Vancouver-based photographer David Burdeny has always loved extravagant spaces: “I like the idea that when there's no one in a space, you begin to envisage yourself there,” he says. Here are highlights from a 20-photo series documenting the gloriously ...
Open to the public in 1935, Moscow's subway system was designed as a huge propaganda project. Extravagant design was designed to be in line with forecasts bright future of Russia, providing architects keywords being "Svet" (trans: universal) and "sveltloe buduschchee" (trans: bright future). The initial plan was that many of the stations to be exposed busts of Soviet leaders and murals showing the standard elements of propaganda. They were removed many years ago, but the architecture and decorative elements fail, even today, is overwhelming.
  • The first plans of an underground public transport system in Moscow dates back to the Russian Empire, but the construction works were delayed by World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution and Russian Civil War

  • Engineers who worked on Moscow's metro network counterparts have benefited from London's oldest subway system in the world

  • Initially, the Russian capital's metro line had a length of 11 km and 13 stations. Currently, the network has 12 lines, 197 stations and a length of about 330 km
One of the most extravagant projects of the USSRMoscow's subway system was built with the thought that each state should be "a luxurious palace for citizens". Stalin asked the architects to incorporate elements at each station to encourage people to look around "as if admiring the sun" and, by extension, to consider himself a god.

The heyday of Russian architecture came to an end in 1955 when the Communist Party decreed that "should be deleted extravagance in design and construction." After Stalin's death, his images were removed gradually from subway stations - the sculptures were moved to warehouses and mosaics were simply removed. The construction of new metro stations were avoided impressive decorative elements are considered "unjustified" because his party prefers "kilometers, to the detriment of architecture".Fortunately, the original architecture of the first metro stations was left intact, managing to capture the attention of foreign visitors, even after 80 years since the inauguration.

In Russia, Palaces and Metro Stations Are Hard to Tell Apart
It is surprisingly hard to tell the difference between photos of Moscow's metro stations and photos of Russia's historic palaces. The stations, like the palaces, are supremely decadent, with high arched ceilings, opulent gold leaf, and glittering ...

Museums Of Moscow
The Victory Park is a big Complex of expositions and monuments that was set up at 1995 as commemoration of this World War II. You will find the memorial church of St., the museum George, the Holocaust commemorative synagogue, this memorial mosque, this open air army hardware exhibition, and a series of sculptures. The Museum's exposition contains six dioramas of important conflicts of the Soviet Union and the Nazis. From the open air grounds military lovers may find more than 350 samples of armaments along with technology structures from both sides of the battle. To look at photos of Victory Park & WWII Museum.

Opening Hours of this Museum: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00am-7.00pm, on the last Thursday of each month is closed. Monino Air Force Museum - The Central Air Force Museum at Monino is Russia's largest aviation and among the biggest on earth. More than 170 plane are on display in this hangars or in this open air place. They all are real and many were sent to there by this air on their own. Among the most interesting displays are the largest aircraft of this early 20 century Ilya Muromets, World War II La-7 of Ivan Kozhedub, Soviet Concorde, Tupolev-95, the largest transportation helicopter Mi-12.

To look at pictures of Monino Air Force Museum. Space Museum & VDNKh - The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics was founded in 1981 and reopened in 2009 after the total reconstruction. Visitors may see the first rocket engine developed from Tsander, cosmonauts space suits, space dogs, versions of a moon rover and sputniks. Children might experience flight simulators along with try astronauts food. The displays include a life size model of this space station Mir's core module along with original re-entry vehicles of spacecraft Soyuz. To look at pictures of Moscow Space Museum. The VDNKh, or this Exhibition of this People's Economic Achivements, was ambitious project run at 1939 to showcase this USSR's achivements at all fields of economics.

On this grounds of 580 acres were constructed dozens of exhibition pavilions, laid out gardens along with introduced winner cows throughout the country. Today's VDNKh is just an empty shell of its wonderful past, but still worth visiting. To look at pictures of VDNKh. Opening Hours of this VDNKh: daily 9.00-19.00, Monday - Friday 9.00-21.00, weekend 9.00-22.00. Stalin's Bunker - The bunker for this Supreme commander-in chief of Red Army Joseph Stalin was finished just before the World War II. The place for this secret object was chosen in Izmaylovo from this north east of Moscow, and a big stadium on top was intended to function as its false front. There are tanks out of WWI, WW II, along with the Cold War. A few of them were produced in the Soviet Union, Some were captured as war trophies and supplied by the Allies as lend lease supplies.

The town where cars are competing with the Internet

The capital city of South Korea ultra-powerful, wihle trying to use technology for better quality of life.

From almost 500 meters above sea level, the top  Seoul Tower building is best seen pulse of a city of the future. Hundreds of skyscrapers cat eye look is high among neighborhoods that refuse to give up traditionalism. Coated with the new Galaxy S6 that you have on hand, the roads are perfectly see the remote: true arteries are blood flowing through a new type of city: thousands of cars that say you never stop. Seoul lives and lives in intensity.

It's hard to imagine that such a city can be locked. A city with the longest Metropolitan Transportation network in the world with 18 subway lines and train stations and over 500, with 30 bridges that cross the Han River, several freeways with many bands. A city with technology everywhere, in a country that invented the fastest processor on my new phone, but accepts that currently can not be on the road faster. Yes, accept, because no one exceeds the speed limit or half a mile an hour. It's hard to imagine especially when you come from a city where you explain jams just because there is virtually nothing efficient transport network.

To get to work, you need to leave three hours before.
Beyond the traffic but speed is all and in all. Come on, maybe less in the hotel elevator in which we live, otherwise ultramodern too. Otherwise, the city is supplied with performance. There appears to be 2-3 years older car, although there are over a million on the streets. The train arrives in three hours in the second city of the country, the distance the car do six hours. Metro is coming non-stop and all digital announce that planning your route to perfection. The Internet is everywhere.

England Is Going to Test Roads That Actually Charge Electric Cars
Nothing scares drivers of electric cars more than the thought of running out of charge in the middle of nowhere. There's even a term for this fear: “range anxiety.” To quell range anxiety, and hopefully encourage more drivers to choose electric ...

In these circumstances, the locals need anything they can make life easier, and it shows everywhere. The new Galaxy S6 is part of the landscape: processing power and top speed unlimited Internet. Any application is just a few taps on the screen away.

In the early 90s, Koreans realized that industry and technology are not enough and that if they do not use and to improve their lifestyle, progress can destroy nature and then perhaps even life. I met another place where people appreciate more little corner of nature that we have available, minus compared with the urban crowd around him. The largest park in Seoul turns on weekends, especially in summer, instead of camping. Han River was cleaned up as much as possible also after years of pollution. Fishing and swimming are not allowed today. Locals sleep overnight in tents in the park, run or ride a bike, play football or baseball, the "shadow" of skyscrapers built all of them. Or just rest, breathe, the latest smartphone near them. They enjoy high speed Internet only place in Seoul seems to stand still and bustle it's good that this happens.

2 new luxury electric cars take aim at Tesla
Tesla Motors' CEO Elon Musk wanted more competition for his plug-in electric cars, and two big announcements this week show he's going to get it. Two well-known luxury brands — one German, the other British — both said they're going to make pricey, ...

Fabulous story of a young romanian who retired from his job to travel

Fabulous story of a young romanian who retired from his job to travel

After nearly 15 years working in multinational Alexandru Cristea woke up one morning and said stop. Did not want to be just a number in a company. He gave the job and decided to wander through the world without knowing what will be afterwards.

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told - Acting Edition: Paul Rudnick ...
The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told - Acting Edition [Paul Rudnick] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Divided in two acts, the play covers ...

Like any story of a graduate of ASE, that of Alex Cristea start the Big Four, where he served his apprenticeship, and then continue on that audit client. After a Masters in France and one and a half from IBM in Canada, returned to the country in 2008. He worked another six years for Germany as a financial controller. Arrived at 35, Alex looked magnetic badge that you wear every day and its position in the organization and the company has said that it can be more than a number.

From behind the monitor located in the building of steel and glass from Press Square in Bucharest, Alex Cristea took refuge in the stories of tour guides, who say they have the ideal job, and decided to take the world on foot, putting at stake savings. Program from nine to seven daily filled hundreds of Excel files not let him enjoy the best years of his life. He bought one way ticket to Manila, Philippines, submitted his resignation to the boss and said stop. Not looking for luxury or comfort too high and is willing to sleep on sofas friends worldwide who have previously visited.

The first escapade: three months in Asia. He trained 3,000 euros for its route and decided to make a loan to implement the plan. He went on 12 February and started on the wrong foot.

Without stumbling, Alex Cristea checked in a month and a half after leaving the company Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Indonesia and Thailand. China is now in the summer return to Romania and then again escapade in the United States.

Alex Cristea wants to be an entrepreneur after his adventure around the world and relies on a travel agency dedicated especially corporate who have not had a holiday for years .

He planned all alone for a few months stay, searching through thousands of tickets at prices that allow him to visit as much as money. Recognize that if you would have thought too often what is the return of the stay would not have gone so postponed the answer to "dangerous".

Alex Cristea left the statistics, meanwhile include experiences that have had all my life and posts daily photos quickly collect dozens of likes, including his former colleagues from the office.

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