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Reasons To Visit Timisoara, Romania

Reasons To Visit Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara is considered an ideal destination for a fun city break. It is a city which has something attractive for any kind of tourist, from a Zoo which is perfect for a family visit, to bars and clubs from Unirii Square and historic buildings and tourist objectives ideal for anyone who chooses to spend his vacation here.

City Zoo and parks
A holiday with children in Timisoara can quickly turn out to be full of events. The Zoo is found towards the city exit in the direction of Padurea Verde and is the place where kids can enjoy a good number of fun activities. The large number of animals, the presence of a playground, but also the possibility of taking lots of photos with ponies, goats and other small animals will surely be highlights for the little ones. The Children’s Park, recently renovated and reopened, is a central location which is perfect for a family outing. Children can have fun on trampolines and swing sets, play minigolf and explore the park.

Unirii Square
For young people, fun and nightlife are keywords when it comes to choosing a city break destination. The old town’s square of Timisoara, called Unirii Square, is the perfect place for these, due to the fact that most of the city’s clubs and restaurants are found here, in a relatively small place. During summer, terraces fill the entire square, along with the neighboring streets.

Museums of Timisoara
Timisoara is a city with a rich culture and history. Tourists may explore these in the numerous art galleries and museums the city has to offer. The Art Museum, located in Unirii Square, is the most imposing building dedicated to art in the city, hosting some permanent collections and also some temporary collection of extremely high value. There are also private art galleries, where hobbyists can admire the most recent collections of contemporary artists. For those who want to explore rural life in the city, the Banat Village Museum near Padurea Verde is the attraction which presents traditional houses and rural lifestyles specific to the Banat area.

Architecture of Timisoara
The architecture of Timisoara’s buildings may be another reason for which you should consider visiting the city. Especially in the central areas, but also in historic neighborhoods, tourists may admire a large collection of old places, which impress through architectural style and special exterior details. The most beautiful palaces in Timisoara are: Neuhausz Palace, Marbl Palace, Dicasterial Palace, Lloyd Palace, Hilt-Vogel Palace and Water Palace.

Other tourist objectives in the City
If you want to see what other things Timisoara has to offer, then you must know what its unique attraction are. The Hydropower plant on the Bega River is the first objective and the place where you can admire the history of this industry. Another reputed local industry is the beer-making, and here you may admire the Timisoreana Beer Factory and the Brewery where it sells its beer. The Bastion of Mary Theresa is another touristic objective you should not miss when visiting the city. Recently modernized, it hosts some art galleries and coffee shops.

These are just some reasons why we think Timisoara is an ideal location for a short European city break. It is very easily accessible by train, car or plane and is relatively cheap compared to other European destinations. Why don’t you give it a try?

Top Attractions in Inuyama, Japan

Top Attractions in Inuyama, Japan

Known popularly as the Japan Rhine, Inuyama is a beautiful destination in southern Gifu-ken where images of crystal clear rivers and magnificent castles are placed in the background. At night, the fishermen come out and practise ukai, adding even more charm and appeal to an area known for its tranquillity and loveliness.


Dating as far back as 1440, Inuyama-jo is a magnificent castle which is the oldest in the country. The main keep, known as donjon, is just over a century younger than the exterior but has managed to survive against wars, earthquakes and restoration, coming out of the long centuries to be a magnificent example of architecture from the Momoyama period. You can visit this beautiful castle and wander around, taking in the amazing atmosphere.

Karakuri Exhibition Room:

Just a short walk south of the castle you will discover the Karakuri Exhibition Room (also known as the Marionette Exhibition Room) where you gaze in wonder at the skilled craftsmanship of the puppets produced during the Edo and Meiji periods. The skilled puppeteer Shobei Tamaya holds brilliant performances with these beautiful puppets at 10.30am and 2pm each Saturday.

Artefacts Museum:

The Artefacts Museum is located just across the road from the Karakuri Exhibition Room whose highlight is a magnificent ornate float which was used during the Inuyama Festival. This festival was first held in 1650, always performed on the first weekend in April, where 13 three storey floats are decorated with lit lanterns and karakuri, performing to music.

Admission to both the Karakuri Exhibition Room and the Artefacts Museum is included in the ticket to Inuyama-jo.

Uraku-En and Jo-and Teahouse:

Uraku-en is a beautiful garden in which to linger and take in the charming atmosphere of the town, although you will have to forgo your shoes and don open toed sandals. Jo-An Teahouse is considered one of the best teahouses in the country, founded by 1618 by Oda Urakusai, the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga. Visitors are allowed a glimpse into the teahouse but not actually allowed to step foot inside apart from four days each in March and November.


You can indulge in a spot of ukai in this beautiful little town. Boats depart from the cormorant fishing pier at 5.30pm from June to August when the shows start at 7.45pm. In September, boats leave the pier at 5pm which the start of the show kicking off at 7.15pm.

Meiji-muri Museum:

This striking open aired museum has managed to survive against all odds – from wars and earthquakes to restoration projects. You will need to set aside a full day here to wander around the public offices, homes, banks, trains and buses, bringing all the calamities Japan has faced together.


If you love to explore religious buildings on holiday, you should pay a visit to the 2000 year old shrine Ogata-jinja. It is dedicated to the Shinto goddess Izanami and attracts thousands of women here who ask for marriage and increased fertility.


As the male other half of Izanami, this shrine is dedicated to the Shinto god Izanagi. One part of the shrine you should visit is a building to the side of the main hall – it features a large collection of phalluses which were left by worshippers as offerings.


One of the best times to come to Inuyana is in the first week of April when the colourful Inuyama Festival is held. In addition to this, the Nihon Rhine Festival is also performed here on the 10th August where a magnificent display of fireworks is held.


Inuyama has some wonderful hiking trails for visitors to enjoy, especially around Tsugao-san. Commence your hike at the base of Inuyama-jo and head east. Passing Monkey Park and then onto Jakko Temple, and enjoy the stunning vistas of the foothills which run all the way past Kiso-gawa. There is the option to climb Tsugao-san or carry on until Zenjino station which will take you back to Inuyama.

One of Japan islands is not to be found

One of the small islands of Japan, called Esanbe Hanakita Kojima and uninhabited, has disappeared, and experts say it was eroded by winds and ice that are formed annually in the Ohotsk Sea during the winter, according to .

The island's disappearance has not been noticed by the inhabitants of Sarufutsu, a village only 500 meters away, on the larger island of Hokkaido.

Esanbe was one of the 158 uninhabited islands named in 2014 by the Japanese government, who wanted to clarify its borders, given China's disputes over the Senokaku (Diaoyu) islands.

Esanbe Hanakita Kojima is located in the Northern Territories, the subject of another famous dispute - the Kula islands - with Russia. The islands were confiscated by the Soviets a few days after the end of the Pacific War.

Local residents were alerted to the island's disappearance in September after writer Hiroshi Shimizu visited Sarufutsu to write a volume about Japan's "hidden islands". He announced the association of fishermen in the area who had searched for the island without success.

Older fishermen say they saw the island many decades ago, but they avoided it because the navigation systems mistakenly showed that the area was part of a reef.

The coast guard indicated that the most recent island was monitored in 1987 and was then only 1.4 meters tall. Authorities have to study the area to find out what was the fate of the island, and if it disappeared completely, Japan's territorial waters will be reduced by half a kilometer.

7 Top Things to See in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Scandinavian city of Copenhagen has become a sought-over tourist destination. Its modern culture rooted in Danish traditions attracts travelers from all over. There are countless sights to see and activities to do in Copenhagen, and you could easily spend more than a few days there without getting bored. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are some of the top sights to check out on your trip to Copenhagen!

Little Mermaid Statue

The iconic symbol of Denmark and one of the most famous statues in Europe is definitely worth a visit. It's about 15 minutes walking from the city center, so set aside the necessary time to get there. There'll likely be many other tourists taking selfies and photos with the statue. It's situated on the sea, so you'll also have some nice views for the background of your Little Mermaid photos!


Not far from the Little Mermaid is Kastellat, a historic fort open to visitors. The fort is in the shape of a star, situated on a tiny island surrounded by a lovely park. It's a nice place to have a leisurely walk, or stop and take a quick break from all your sightseeing.


Nyhavn is the famous street in the Copenhagen city center, that you will recognize from photos. Lined with restaurants, bars, and tourist shops, Nyhavn is a can't-miss stop for travelers to Copenhagen. Sailboats are docked in the canals that run through the middle, which serve as a starting point for tourist boat rides and cruises.


There are three major castles to see in Copenhagen, all within or near to the city center. You can visit all three, or just one, depending on your budget and preferences. If you have to pick one, then Christiansborg is the best value. Based on their history, architecture, and current functions, they've each been dubbed with an unofficial moniker.Rosenborg is the "historical" one, being the largest and oldest of the three castles. Amalienborg is the "modern" one being home to the Danish royal family. Amalienborg is where you'll find the changing of the guard. Christiansborg is the "political" castle since it serves as the current seat of the Danish government. Rosenborg and Amalienborg have a flat fee to enter, but Christiansborg has different levels of access at different price points. For this reason, Christiansborg seems to be of the best value. Additionally, part of the King's Gardens at Rosenborg can be viewed for free.

Tivoli Gardens

If you need a break from sightseeing and guided tours, then head to the amusement park Tivoli Gardens! Be careful about opening times, though. Tivoli operates on a seasonal schedule, so it's possible your trip will fall within one of the closed periods.


Copenhagen is home to many museums, so choosing one will just depend on what you want to see. For a decent collection of European and Danish classical art, check out the National Gallery of Denmark (the Dutch is name is Statens Museum for Kunst, hence SMK). The museum also has a contemporary art wing, if you grow tired of the classical stuff. Situated behind the SMK is another one of Copenhagen's parks, Østre Anlæg. It's perfect for an outdoor stroll after spending a few hours inside looking at art.


A trip to Copenhagen wouldn't be complete without trying some authentic Danish cuisine. The notion of "authentic" can be tricky when it comes to dining out in Copenhagen. It's not uncommon for traditional Danish dishes, like the Smørrebrød, or open-faced sandwich, to be reinvented in new and surprising ways. Another example is grød or porridge. Porridge has long been embedded in Danish culture, but it's recently gotten a revamp as hip restaurants and cafés have put a new twist on it. Eating authentically in Copenhagen, then, is often finding the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. There are certain dishes you'll see everywhere you go. Try both Smørrebrød and grød, which are easy to find in many restaurants and cafés. Its harbor location makes Copenhagen's seafood selection plentiful as well. Don't forget about the pastries. Copenhagen's pastry tradition is really an import from Vienna (the Danish word for pastry is wienerbrød, or "Vienna bread"), but Copenhagen bakeries have fully embraced it, creating a veritable Danish pastry scene.


Copenhagen is the perfect example of modernizing traditional culture with fresh perspectives. The city has a thriving sense of newness, while at the same time remaining rooted in Danish cultural legacy.
7 Top Things to See in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Main Tourist Attractions in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. It has a population of over one million people and it's the capital city of South Australia. Due to its great living conditions, it's one of the most livable cities in the world and the most livable one in the country. There is an incredible variety of tourist attractions so there is no shortage of interesting places.

Here are the main places worth seeing there:

The Adelaide Entertainment Center

If you want to have a great time, this is the place to go. It's a stunning theater and concert venue that hosts the top events. Due to the high quality of each and every detail, it provides the best experience that you could ever ask for.

The Adelaide Entertainment Center also features function rooms such as Arena, Theater or Star Room where you can organize special events in the most exquisite way possible. Its iconic Orb is the most impressive venue entry in Australia and among the greatest in the world, thanks to its ability to have its 67 m LED Screen lit in over 16 million patterns and colors.

Adelaide Zoo

It has a stunning diversity of exotic and native animals, reptiles, birds and fish. There are about 300 different species and over 1,800 animals in 8 hectares. This zoo protects the endangered and rare animals so you'll have the huge chance to see animals that you've never seen before.

They have a variety of services that guarantee the best experience. You can get up close, feed animals such as lemurs, giraffes or squirrel monkeys and learn more about them.

If you like adventure, you can choose a sleepover where you'll stay in a tent and feel exactly like in a safari. There are also audio tours or walkabout tours where you can learn valuable things about the magnificent animals that you see.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

It's located in the heart of the city and has an amazing collection of Australian, ornamental and exotic plants. You'll be amazed to see incredible wonders of nature including the ancient Wollemi Pine or mysterious flowers that only bloom at night.

It features historic buildings such as glasshouses where you can also admire different types of insects or spectacular birds. You can also explore the unique Santos Museum of Economic Botany, which showcases the importance of countless plants in our lives.

The Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

This museum allows you to experience the fascinating ancient Aboriginal history. You can see various art galleries, dance performances or vibrating presentations. The institute also has a theater where you can attend film, dance of theater events.

The exhibitions also include galleries of contemporary artists and opportunities to see old books, pieces of clothing, fabrics or music instruments. Each day there are cultural performances that you can enjoy such as traditional dances, listening to storytellers or hearing some of the world's oldest music instruments being played.

Cleland Wildlife Park

If you want to see Australia's most iconic species, you must visit this incredible wildlife sanctuary. It provides 35 hectares of open habitat where you can actually interact with the wildlife. You can enjoy the famous koala experience, where you'll get the unique chance to get close and even hold a koala.

You'll get the opportunity to admire koala's wonderful features, to take photos and even to book a special session with a guide. You can also participate in the daily feeding shows or to the exclusive Cleland Nightwalks, where you can discover the nocturnal creatures in their habitat.

The South Australian Museum

It's one of the most important natural history museums of the continent. It includes captivating collections such as humanities, mineral sciences, paleontology or biological sciences.

Each of them will provide everything you want to see about it. For example, the biological sciences collection has an enormous range of fauna from whales to parasites that gathered over three million animal specimens.

It doesn't only include the complete fauna of South Australia, but also a valuable diversity of exotic species. There are permanent galleries all around the year such as such as Ancient Egypt, Opal Fossils, World Mammals or Pacific Cultures. You can also be lucky enough to see one of the special exhibitions that make reference to nature and human culture.

Adelaide is definitely a place where you'll never get bored. It's an amazing city, which offers the tourists plenty of breathtaking attractions. It's a perfect combination of tradition and technology that will be highly appreciated even by sophisticated travelers.

You can explore the wonders of wildlife, see unique flora and fauna, learn about history or have lots of fun in the entertainment center. Or, even better, take your time and visit everything. You can bet that you will have the time of your life.

Unique and Cultured Eateries In Pier 39 San Francisco

Unique and Cultured Eateries In Pier 39 San Francisco

Pier 39 Eateries, San Francisco

Some eateries globally offer common services. At Pier 39 San Francisco, this is precisely the opposite. Most of the eateries have won top awards for best service and dining experience. The many eateries available offer an A-plus dining experience. This article will give in-depth information on the top restaurants San Francisco has to offer. They are as follows:

Boudin Bakery Cafe

The Boudin Bakery Cafe is based in San Francisco, California. It has been in operation since 1849. It is renowned globally for its sourdough bread which is incomparable to the rest. The distinct taste and flavors have made it an everyday sort of delicacy. In addition to the unique sourdough bread, the menu encompasses some of the favorites among different age groups. For instance the clam shoulder, tomato soup, clam chowder bowl, chicken taco and bread bowls. Furthermore, boudin bakery offers tours to people to visit its bakery.

Crabcakes & Sweets

A reasonably cozy restaurant that offers sweet delicacies like crabcakes funnel cakes at meager prices. It is located at beach street in San Francisco. The perfect and relaxed atmosphere you are assured to experience plus a good view is a guarantee. This eatery overlooks the sea lion colony which is another added experience. What makes this eatery a popular destination, is the straightforward menu with pricing included. From clam chowder bowls, fish and chips to chicken nuggets and fries. Both the taste and the service is above par. Also, a pokemon gym is available for guests in the restaurant. You can get seating and watch exciting shows for no extra charge or choose to take away as you walk around the pier.

Pier Market

A Seafood restaurant that has excellent services is Pier Market. It is ranked 6th for fish and chips in San Francisco. A diner is sitting in the main room, is guaranteed a fantastic view. The golden bridge can be viewed making the dining experience more memorable. Apart from the stunning views, the menu is well-thought of as compared to other seafood restaurants. The kids have their specialized list with delicacies like the grilled cheese which is fresh and full of flavors cooked over an open flame. Most visitors love the crab Louie because of its colossal size and affordability. If you are a fan of clam chowder, this is the place to be. The service provided by the waitstaff is attentive, fast and superb.

Fog Harbor Fish House Caesar

A restaurant that has best of everything without limitations is the Fog Harbor Fish House Caesar. It has an unusual setting located on the 2nd floor with vast and beautiful windows which offer a fantastic view. Even on a chilly day, the restaurant is warm enough to keep the breeze and cold away. The menu is broad, and an extra separate list is set aside for the specials of the day. Delicious foods you can expect are like the red chili shrimp, creme brullee dessert, shellfish platter and a beautifully seasoned broth lobster tails. The portions are generous-sized meals made to perfection making it feel like a five-star dining experience. One notable feature is the top-class service provision. The waitstaff offers excellent services to both an individual or a group of people. It is an indication of world-class training for highest quality service provision. Furthermore, if you have kids on strollers, there is an elevator that is easily accessible. The hostess will take care of the stroller once seated. Fog Harbor is a nice blend of goodness, deliciousness, and perfection all in one place.

Wines of California Wine Bar

If you have been looking for the best setting for a variety of wines, this is the best choice. Wines of California wine bar prides itself for being among the best outdoor seatings to offer a wide range of wine flights. Some of the different wines you expect to get our Big reds, Napa Valley Reds, Rose and many more. A visitor can get a bit more information and knowledge about the specific choice of wine using the wine information card. The patio seating is a lovely outdoor experience with warm and relaxing effects. The foods are served with exquisite details which only master chefs with vast creativity can come up with such beautiful designs. If you are a lover of delicious and authentic wine blends, this is the best place to get a fantastic wine tasting experience.

Top Five things to do in Melbourne
Top Five things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne has something for everyone regardless of your age, taste or budget. Anyone can enjoy the liveliness of the city. The easy-to-navigate streets that are colourful with modern arts make your walk down the street so lively. You name it Melbourne has it. From great shopping experience to fine dining, modern and contemporary arts, unreal sightseeings – the city of Melbourne has everything to offer.

With endless things to see and do, a trip to Melbourne is sure to keep you busy; however at times, it can be overwhelming for you to choose and decide what to do on your Melbourne trip. Here are some of the best things in Melbourne that you won’t want to miss!

Yarra River cruises in Melbourne is one of the fascinating things to do when you are visiting this iconic city. You can observe the stunning views and the beauty of Melbourne City from a unique perspective.

Early morning or evening is the best time to explore Yarra. You can observe a sunrise or a beautiful sunset along in the backdrop of Melbourne’s stunning skyline. Plenty of companies offer river cruise services, make sure you book with a good one.

Visit Melbourne Star

A giant Ferris wheel in the Docklands area - Melbourne star has been a significant tourist attraction since it’s opening in 2013. Viewing dazzling panoramic views of Melbourne’s skyline from 120m above is nothing less than a top-notch experience. It is one of three observation wheels built around the world that offers a 360-degree view of Melbourne skyline.

Look Down from the Eureka Skydeck

The Eureka Skydeck is one of the highest viewing platforms in the Southern Hemisphere – this place has the wow factor. You can see the best 360-degree view of Melbourne from the 88th floor of Eureka Skydeck.

Tickets of Eureka Skydeck is not time-stamped and can be purchased in advance or on-site. You can also step outside the small terrace, which allows you to feel the wind. For this “The Edge Experience”, the visitors have to pay an extra fee, but it’s worth it so don’t skip this lifetime experience.

Take a trip to Brighton Beach

The major attraction of Brighton Beach is 82 distinctive multi-coloured Dendy Street Beach Bathing Boxes. Apart from it, Brighton has chic cafes and stores.
Originally these boxes used to be ladies changing rooms with no water or electricity, a few boxes of the beach are more than 100-years-old. Don’t forget to carry a camera to capture these vibrant colour boxes.

Visit Federation Square

The places where more than 2000 events are hosted every year, Federation square is a creative and artistic hub of Melbourne. Federation Square is home to two galleries: Ian Potter Centre and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image which is a world-leading centre for experiencing the moving image in all its forms.

Most of the events like cultural festivals, event launches, exhibitions, performances, forums, films, concerts, and fashion shows held here are free. Also, visit Flinders St Station and restaurants on Flinders Lane while you visit Federation Square.

About the Author:

Christian Taylor is a tour & event management specialist with Dreamscape Tours - a company that organizes elite Yarra River cruises, Winery Tours, Night Club Tours, Train & Christmas Tour packages in Melbourne.

5 masterpieces and landscapes to see in Istanbul
5 masterpieces and landscapes to see in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of contrasts that surprises tourists both through its history and the architecture of buildings and the authentic and oriental spirit. The touristic objectives are very diverse and if you think of what to visit in Istanbul, you must know that it is a pity to miss cruises on the Bosphorus, mosques and famous bazaars, Hagia Sophia / St. Sophia Cathedral or the Church of Holy Wisdom Hagia Sophia, one of the largest religious buildings in the world, was built on the ruins of two other churches on the order of Emperor Justinian I, who wished a gold, silver and marble worship place brought from Greece and Africa.

Saint Sofia's Cathedral was inaugurated on December 26, 537, after the five-year work of over 10,000 people. The legends say that at the sight of the Byzantine masterpiece, Justinian exclaimed: "Solomon, we have overcome you." In the fifteenth century, after more than 900 years, the church became a mosque and it was added to its graves, minarets (the high tower of the geamies, the top of which called the believers to prayer) and fountains to enhance its beauty and uniqueness. In 1935, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk awarded him the status of museum. With a millennium-mile history, burned, hit by earthquakes and robbery, Hagia Sophia continued to stand.

Hagia Sophia / St. Sophia Cathedral or the Church of Holy Wisdom Hagia Sophia, one of the largest religious buildings in the world, was built on the ruins of two other churches on the order of Emperor Justinian I, who wished a gold, silver and marble worship place brought from Greece and Africa. Saint Sofia's Cathedral was inaugurated on December 26, 537, after the five-year work of over 10,000 people. The legends say that at the sight of the Byzantine masterpiece, Justinian exclaimed: "Solomon, we have overcome you." In the fifteenth century, after more than 900 years, the church became a mosque and it was added to its graves, minarets (the high tower of the geamies, the top of which called the believers to prayer) and fountains to enhance its beauty and uniqueness. In 1935, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk awarded him the status of museum. With a millennium-mile history, burned, hit by earthquakes and robbery, Hagia Sophia continued to stand.

Topkapi Palace After the conquest of Constantinople in the mid-fifteenth century, Mehmet II wanted to build a residence to the Ottoman Empire. Topkapi Palace is a mosaic of palaces, courtyards, pavilions and gardens, all culminating with terraces where you can admire the Marmara Sea, the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Islands of Principles. The treasure is one of the main attractions, where you can admire the huge gems, the daggers beaten with rubies, the Persian, Ottoman, Chinese and Russian jade pieces, but most importantly the impressive Diamond Kasikci, which has not less than 86 karats, beaten in 49 brilliant. Also there can be visited Harem, where the Turkish series "Suleyman Magnificul" was shot. The harem was the area in the palace strictly forbidden to men. The only men who had access here were the eunuchs who took care of the 800 sultan's concubines. These were either slaves given to the sultan or war, but once entered the palace they were well educated to rise to the sultan's wishes. The Sultan's concubine passage and bedroom will tell you unpredictable stories.

Dolmabahce Palace Dolmabahce Palace is the symbol of Istanbul and was built in the nineteenth century, being dedicated to sultan Abdulmecit. It is also considered the largest palace of the Ottoman Empire. The Dolmabahce palace, which you can admire on the European bank of the Bosphorus, has 285 rooms, 43 salons where receptions were organized, and interior fittings are as opulence. Here you will see huge chandeliers of Boehmia crystals weighing no less than 4 tons. Beyond the opulence that represents it, this palace is appreciated by the Turks because here Mustafa Kemal Ataturk died. Since his death, November 10, 1938, 09.05, all clocks in Dolmabahce Palace have been stopped at this time. There are really impressive feelings that every Turkish citizen carries on their leader even 80 years after his death.

Blue Mosque The Blue Mosque is known to tourists around the world because of its blue-tinted interior. Built in the 17th century, during the sultan Ahmet I, the Blue Mosque is next to the Suleiman Mosque, the most beautiful in Istanbul. This is where all five Islam-specific jobs take place daily. It contains 21,000 blue Iznik ceramic tiles and is the most mined mosque in Turkey (six), which puts it in the second place in the world after the Mecca Mosque with seven minarets.

Bridge and tower Galata The Galata Bridge began its history in 1453, when the boats were laid side-by-side to form a mobile bridge under Ottoman armies. 50 years later, plans were made for the first bridge in the region, plans signed by Leonardo da Vinci but refused by sultan Baiazid II. Michelangelo's contribution was even requested, but the latter refused to participate in the project, which was so delayed until the nineteenth century. After four other bridges were built and demolished, the fifth bridge, the Galata bridge of today, was built in 1994. Used by cars, trams and pedestrians, the Galata Bridge is a mixture of tastes and cultures. On the lower floor of the bridge there is an area for commercial activities, with restaurants, food street, cafes and hookahs. Encircled at the end of the Galata Tower and the other on the spice market, the Galata Bridge is the place to visit in Istanbul at sunset because the scenery becomes amazing: at the end of the bridge rises the Galata Tower and, in the back, the minarets of the mosque , the whole hill being shrouded by red shades. The Galata Tower has a long history. It was built in 528, and was later rebuilt from stone in order to serve the region's guard in 1248. Later, the Galata Tower was turned into a prison, and in 1453, when the Ottomans conquered Istanbul, it was used like barn. Today it is visited especially for the impressive view of its balcony.

Visit Ireland - 7 Reasons You Should Consider Visiting Dublin

Ireland is a delightful green nation situated in northwest Europe. It is an island that is isolated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea. The island is viewed as the twentieth biggest island on the planet and incorporates 84,421 kilometers squared of land. It is home to 6.4 million individuals, and the capital city of Dublin has a populace of 1.273 million individuals. The island has a rough topography with various fields and waterways slicing through the land. The currency of Ireland is the Euro. The nation's official languages are both English and Irish. The vast majority speak English, anyway numerous families who have lived in Ireland for ages comprehend and speak Irish. Ireland does not have an official religion. However, Christianity is the largest religion. Its flag is horizontal with green, white, and orange vertical stripes.

Dublin is the capital of and the biggest city in Ireland. The city is situated in the area of Leinster on the east shoreline of Ireland, at the mouth of the River Liffey and verged on the South by the Wicklow Mountains. Dublin is a recorded and contemporary place for training, expressions of the human experience, organization, economy, and industry. It is additionally a city of differentiations, keeping up an uneasy connection between notices of prior political and financial conditions and images of present-day life and thriving. Dublin Castle off Dame Street is a unique Irish government complex, gathering focus, and vacation spot. The vast majority of the present development dates from the eighteenth century, however, a stronghold has remained on the site since the times of King John, the principal Lord of Ireland. Below are the top seven some reasons showing why one should visit Dublin.

  1. Phoenix Park

One of the biggest downtown parks on the planet and 350-years of age, Phoenix Park is 11 km perimeter wall encases 707 hectares (1,750 sections of land); it is one of the biggest encased recreational parks inside any European capital city. The Irish Government is campaigning UNESCO to have the Park assigned as a world legacy site. Phoenix Park is available to the people throughout the year. Inside the grounds, there are various games fields, additionally different go and strolling courses through the place. The park additionally houses Dublin Zoo, presumed to be the fourth most seasoned zoo on the planet. A show on the history and untamed life of the Phoenix Park is in plain view in the Visitor Center. Here guests can get data and view a chronicled understanding of the place from 3500 BC to display day.

  1. Trinity College

Trinity College is a standout amongst the most common touristic attractions in Dublin. A massive number of individuals stroll over the grounds each day to appreciate the beautiful structures of Ireland's first college, yet relatively few know the authentic privileged insights of the structures they're taking photographs of. Trinity College is the leading Irish college to rank in the best 100 world colleges and the best 50 European colleges, as appraised by The Times. The grounds give feasting lobbies, cafeterias, and a bar just as a changed public activity supported by more than 150 understudy social orders and a game focus and related games clubs. The old library of Trinity College is the biggest library in Ireland, and it worked somewhere in the range of 1712 and 1732. The library, as a legitimate store, has the options to get material distributed in the Republic of Ireland for nothing out of pocket. It's the main Irish library to hold such rights for the United Kingdom. The most acclaimed room in the old library is the long room, this rooming house 200,000 of the library's most established books.

  1. St Patrick’s Day

It merits referencing here that a lot of Dublin local people have since a long time ago had enough of St Patrick's Day merriments in Dublin and most go for a significant night the previous night, March sixteenth, with the workday on the eighteenth and mass-vacationer avoidance as a primary concern. The green-tinged, liquor-fuelled confusion is gone before by an essential downtown area march and some extraordinary GAA finals in Croke Park, however, it's the gooey leprechaun caps, pints of the dark stuff and hyper swarms you're here for, isn't that so? Contingent upon whom you ask, it's the best and most exceedingly awful thing that happens each year.

  1. Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is in the core of the city set on a high edge on the south side of the River Liffey. The Dublin Castle complex involves a vast region and is completely re-established. The structures were altogether included at various occasions and ranged from Medieval to Georgian and from exposed stone to fine plasterwork. Set around the greenhouses and patios are the State Apartments, Library, Norman Tower, Chapel Royal, and Coach House. Behind are the Bedford Tower and Treasury Building, the most established office obstruct in Ireland. The castle has been used for movies like Becoming Jane and The Medallion just as for the TV arrangement The Tudors.

  1. Ha’penny Bridge

The Ha'penny bridge connects over River Liffey in Dublin happens to be the best vacation destination and a favorite spot to visit. The scaffold was worked in 1816, from that point forward it has been getting eyeballs of voyagers from around the globe, mainly when it's the evening and the extension is lit in the bunch of hues! The extension likewise interfaces Temple Bar with the North of The Liffey. Ha'penny Bridge is a genuine charmer for the sort of captivating picture foundation that it makes.

  1. Temple Bar

Dublin's most famous spot is situated in the region of Ha'Penny Bridge. The scaffold is positioned at the riverside town making for a great place to walk around during the evening. The clobbered road, lights, and stream streaming by sets aside a few minutes to visit the Temple Bar. Similarly, Dublin has a lot of bars and multi-cuisine eateries serving bona fide Irish sustenance. If you visit this enchantress place, you will get the opportunity to encounter a lot of unrecorded music in the fiery neighborhood.

  1. Kilmainham Gaol

The Kilmainham Gaol was constructed in the seventeenth century in 1796, and the Grand Jury of Dublin controlled it. The new jail was worked to supplant the last one and was regularly called the original objective to recognize it from the former one. Plenty of Irish progressives met their end at the Kilmainham Gaol at the inheritance of the British rulers. Known for its horrendously filthy and appalling living conditions, the objective was home to a ton of culprits, female, male and even youngsters, some of them as youthful as ten years of age. The purpose had no divisions dependent on sex, and frequently the guys and females were imprisoned together in a regularly packed room.

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