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Tuscany in winter

Tuscany in the winter

Winter time is the very best time to appreciate the history and culture of Tuscany without the crowds. If you are staying for a short break the city of Florence is a must, however it is still almost invariably cheaper and easier to fly in to Pisa than Florence airport and take the train or a cheap bus transfer into Florence (about an hour). Whilst accommodation is cheaper in Florence during the winter, it is still expensive compared to the surrounding regions. If you are staying for more than a couple of days it is better value and more fun to rent a car and a holiday home in Pisa or one of the surrounding villages. Bear in mind the evenings are longer in the winter so consider renting a home with a real fire, and well equipped kitchen where you can try out your culinary skills with fresh local ingredients.

Between November and March it rains heavily in region, although rainy days are usually punctuated with fresh clear chilly days. Check the weather forecast regularly and be prepared to be flexible with your itinerary.


The Uffizi gallery holds one of the finest collections of paintings in the world. Book well in advance online and exchange your online voucher for a ticket at a separate booth before you join the queue. Allow a day for a first time visit. A cafe is conveniently situated half way round as your feet will need a break.

The Galleria dell'Accademia houses Michelangelo's David and a collection of other paintings less grand than the Uffizi, but still impressive. Again book well in advance online and exchange your online voucher for a ticket before you get into the queue.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral is free to enter. Check the opening times online in advance (no tourist visits are permitted during mass). Take the time to appreciate the unique grand exterior before joining the short tourist queue. The interior is surprisingly plain contrasting the grand exterior. Look up as you leave for the one handed liturgical clock. If you are fortunate the organist may be playing.

In addition to the Cathedral you can visit the Dome, the Bell Tower, the Baptistery, the Crypt and the Opera Museum for a combined ticket price of Ten Euros (At the time of writing the Opera Museum is closed for refurbishment). The Bell Tower and the Dome require the visitor to climb a lot of stairs. Since all must be visited within 24 hours for the combined ticket to be valid, start early and consider packing some provisions which you can eat in the square, since restaurants around the Cathedral are mostly over priced and aimed squarely at the tourist.

Museo Galileo

The history of science museum is a worthwhile visit although likely to appeal to the more technically minded and contains a vast collection of priceless ancient technical instruments in superb condition.

Ponte Vecchio

One of the most iconic sights in Florence; take some time to view the bridge from the side before you cross and appreciate the intriguing construction of the shops, dangling over the water.

Piazzale Michelangelo

If the weather is fine an impressive view of the city is available from Michaelangelo square. The Piazza is visible from the riverside. Cross one of the many bridges and the route is signposted. The walk is steep but should be possible if undertaken slowly by all by the most unfit. At the top is a viewpoint and café. If you are on a budget take your own food since prices are steep.

Pisa is famous for its tower but the accompanying Cathedral is much under-rated. Whilst the outside is less glamorous than the Cathedral in Florence, is it arguably more sublime and the inside is truly spectacular. Visiting the site on a clear evening is particularly romantic since the white stone glistens in the moonlight and since the site is not a throughfare like Florence, in the evenings it is almost free of tourists.

 It is possible to visit just the Cathedral for free, but if you have a bit more time you have options to visit four other monuments: Baptistery, the Monumental Cemetery, the Opera del Duomo Museum and the Sinopie Museum. You can climb the leaning tower for 18 Euros (book ahead) but you may feel that, given the price, viewing from outside is sufficient. The other monuments can be booked on a more reasonably priced combined ticket. Simply indicate at the office which monuments you wish to visit. The cemetery and the baptistery are particularly impressive.

The Jewish cemetery lies just outside the walls, a short walk from the Tower and is one of the most ancient burial grounds still in use. It is open Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

 On the other side of wall beyond the Cathedral site is a cluster of restaurants designed with tourists in mind. Unless you are truly famished, save your money for some of the excellent restaurants in the centre of Pisa, bear in mind however that most local restaurants have well defined opening hours - for lunch about 12-2 and for an evening meal from 7-10. Outside of these hours snacks are available but any meals served are likely to be aimed squarely at tourists.

Marina di Pisa

The Pisa Marina, set some distance from the town and best reached by car is deserted during the winter, although you will find one or two cafes and a restaurant on the front open at lunchtime serving local workers. On windy days the front is lashed with spectacular waves which, combined with the wide empty streets of attractive shuttered houses make it an atmospheric spot for contemplation.


Viareggio, Tuscany's seaside resort, holds a Carnival on diverse days in February and has a good range of clothes stores which make it worth a visit just for shopping, even in the rain. In January the sales are very aggressive and it is possible to get a bargain on quality winter wear since Italians want to look stylish even when wrapped up warm. The wide promenade is well populated even in the winter and a walk on the beach can be pleasantly bracing.

San Giuliano Terme

If the weather is truly awful, a day spent at the thermal baths between Pisa and Lucca is a good choice. You can choose from afternoon (30 euro) or evening sessions (40 euro), the afternoon sessions tend to be less crowded.

Basilica of San Piero a Grado

The church is held to be on the site where the Apostle Peter landed on his trip from Antioch to Rome and where the first altar on Italian soil was built. Numerous frescos can be seen inside. It contains a rebuilt altar to Saint Peter.


Take a drive through the villages of Buti, Calci, Cascina, Vecchiano and Vicopisano, situated a short drive from Pisa. Each has beautiful and ancient architecture. You can visit all of the villages in one or two days, but they are best seen in clear weather.

Cinque Terre

A day trip out of Pisa is the cinque terre, 5 picturesque costal villages, built into the hillside. The villages are unreachable by road – either take a train from Pisa, or park at La Spezia and take a train. It is possible to hike above the villages but only recommended in good weather. The whole area is a UNESCO world heritage site.

General tips for your trip to Tuscany in the winter:

-Check the weather reports regularly and plan inside and plan your itinerary accordingly.

-Wrap up warm and bring an umbrella

-Drink Italian thick hot chocolate which is truly superb.

-Remember that it will get dark early, so plan your evenings in advance.

-Bring a good camera

-Remember that good Italian restaurants tend to be open 12-2 and 7-10, anywhere open outside these hours is likely to be for tourists.

Discover the Exquisite Beauty of Maine's Acadia National Park Region

Discover the Exquisite Beauty of Maine's Acadia National Park Region

Stepping onto the geologically magnificent soil of Acadia National Park is like stepping into a scenic calendar.  Each of the four seasons is equally dramatic and just as beautiful as the next.  The glacial remnants of a begotten era have left behind spectacular pink granite cliffs, mountainous scenery, sandy beach deposits and a natural fjord that splits the island in two.  The Somes Sound is actually the only known fjord on the East Coast of the U.S.  Naturally deep water in the fjord is a sailor’s dream.  They navigate back and forth up the Sound until their boats reach frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Millions of visitors come to Acadia each year, for the breathtaking scenery, plentiful outdoor activities and delicious seafood that can be found within its territory.  The state of Maine is fortunate to have Acadia as a God-given tourist attraction.  Besides the logging industry, the tourism industry is the state’s bread and butter and the National Park is one of the main reasons for the mainstay of the economy.

The majority of Acadia Nat’l Park is within Mount Desert Island.  A few islands, including Baker Island, Bar Island, Isle the hat and the small piece of the mainland at Schoodic Point make up the rest of the national park’s 47,000+ acres.  People often stop at the visitor information center on Thompson Island or one in Hulls Cove to retrieve brochures before crossing the one bridge to MDI.  Once there, they must choose to go left toward Bar Harbor or right to the quiet side of the island in Southwest and Northeast Harbor.

The town of Bar Harbor is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the State of Maine.  Many tourists flock to Bar Harbor as a base to spend the day sightseeing, whale watching, biking, kayaking or hiking throughout the island.  On the other side of MDI, one might find lobster fisherman in the quaint villa of Southwest Harbor, where Stephen King filmed the movie “Storm of the Century”.  Northeast Harbor is at the crux of the island, amid fancy homes owned by the likes of such celebrities as Martha Stewart and the Rockefeller family.

The Rockefellers have been a mainstay in the area since the affluent era of the early twentieth century.  Their family was responsible for building the well-known Carriage Roads, which can still be found throughout Acadia.  Those early horse and buggy roads have become hiking and biking trails, although many of the original stone bridges are now overgrown with tall embers.  At that time, Bar Harbor and MDI was notorious as a playground for the wealthy.  Swanky hotels were developed as influential people returned each year to its reputable lavish retreat.  A great fire in 1947 burned much of Mount Desert Island and Acadia Nat’l Park.  Many of the original buildings were lost in the inferno.

The draw of this region is not lost.  To this day, its visitor count exceeds millions of travelers each year.  Acadia has numerous points of interest for the adventurous one.  Cadillac Mountain is a highlight of the park.  At over 1,500 feet, the pink granite terrain is the first place to see the sunrise between October and March.  The 3½ mile drive to the top winds around the mountain, with breathtaking scenery and views of the Atlantic Ocean within eyesight.  Along the way, people often get sidetracked on the Park Loop Road as it takes them to other popular sights, like:  Thunder Hole; Otter Cliffs; Sieur de Monts Spring; Bubble Rock; Jordan Pond and Sand Beach.  Sand Beach is one of the few public beaches in the area for sunbathers to take a dip in the ocean.  The whole region is a haven for engagement proposals and weddings because of its romantic allure.

Just beyond the Park Loop Road, people who like to explore off-the-beaten path will run into Eagle or Echo Lake, both of which are excellent spots for canoeing and kayaking adventures.  Brave souls who like rock-climbing or rappelling can dangle from the edge of the Precipice.  For those who need less than a heart-pounding adventure, there’s many hiking trails -- like the Gorham Mountain or Great Head Trail, that offer abundant views with a seasonal bite of wild Maine blueberries, strawberries or flowering lupines.

Photographers have taken every angle possible of the Bass Harbor and Bear Island Lighthouses.  People love the Asticou, Thayer and Wild Gardens of Acadia for the same reason; for their picturesque beauty and photographic splendor when in season.

  Speaking of seasons, each of the four Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are a sight to behold in their own right.  Tourists can try horseback riding on the Carriage Trails from the Wildwood Stables or snap pictures of Long Pond as the fall foliage makes its magical debut in late September.  For those who want an exciting day trip, the CAT Ferry to Nova Scotia, Canada takes visitors every few hours to points in Canada from the dock just past the suburbs of Bar Harbor.  The region is a haven for campgrounds, bed & breakfasts and charming New England inns or hotels.

Kayak, canoe and bike rentals are available to visitors, with a choice of sea or lakes to dip into.  Courageous paddlers can maneuver between the five Porcupine Islands just off the shore of the mainland.  On any given day, spotting of an eagle, seal, sea turtle, deer or wildlife creatures will make the trip to Acadia unforgettable.

Unstable weather could change scheduled activities at any moment.  Early morning fog could burn off to sunny days or open showers.  Colorful evening sunsets could yield abundant stars at night or equally vivid sunrises in the morning.  One must always be prepared for the variable changes from hot to cold; or sunny to rainy.  Acadia National Park is a potpourri of unspoiled nature mixed with a fascinating glacial terrain.  It is for that reason that many imaginations have been stirred up by its natural beauty and mark on America as a national treasure.

A City Guide to Avignon, France

A City Guide to Avignon, France

Paris may be the first stop in the north of the country, but the beauty and grace of Avignon makes it the number one destination in the south. Avignon incorporates everything that makes the ideal holiday destination – good weather, fantastic food, numerous attractions for all ages and interests, topped off with an amazing vibrant nightlife.

Due to the rich tapestry of history and culture woven in Avignon, the city has gained an impressive and well earned reputation for being a place of style, grace and sophistication. Each century, something unique and beautiful has been added, with the end result being a city of world-class heritage and a truly exceptional atmosphere.

When you visit Avignon, you are visiting a city that has many things to see and do. Start by exploring the very walls of the city. The city walls date between 1359 and 1370 and have been a part of the city’s heritage. These massive stone ramparts were erected in order to help protect Avignon from their enemies but even in their heyday they were not the state-of-the-art defences, but they have become part of the atmosphere and heritage of the city. Head inside the very walls and explore the museums to understand more about the role Avignon played in local and national history.

The city prides itself on its love of art and culture, so visiting at least one of the several art galleries and museums is a must. Head first to the Musee Angladon where you can allow your senses to burst as you gaze on some truly outstanding artworks by Cezanne, van Gough, Degas and Manet. For those interested in archaeology and history, there are some interesting collections of artefacts from various historical periods.

The Musee Calvet is considered one of the best galleries in France, and even the building itself, an 18th century palace, is truly exceptional. Inside, allow you eyes to feast upon the Galerie des Sculptures, a collection of marble sculptures dating back to the 19th century. On the second floor, you will discover an array of fantastic paintings from Dutch and Italian artists, including Vernet and Manet.

When you have explored the beauty and emotion of artworks, the next stop is to visit the Palais des Papes. This massive Gothic palace is the largest in the world, and its striking beauty is appreciated by all who come to admire her. The palace has been the location of many celebrations, including Clement IV’s coronation in 1342, but it was originally built as a fortress to protect its people. There are guided tours around the palace and as you explore each room you are left with a sense of refinement and historical significance.

When you have finished exploring Avignon, you can explore what she has to offer you by way of culinary delights. Restaurants and cafes are found on every street; some hiding in little corners, others found in authentic palaces. However, wherever you discover your eatery, the food will certainly take you on a journey to heaven.

Visiting Avignon means you are visiting a city that takes great pride in her history, her culture and her style. Just by walking along her streets, you understand how magnificent she really is. Once you discover her beauty, you will never want to leave.

The waters of Pamukkale

This wonderful place has come about by the waters leaving its dregs on a platform which is 150m higher the the Lycos valley which is to the north of Denizli and which is approximately 4km of the south skirts of the Salpak Mountains- and forming hills there.

At the same time it being closed to the tough and cold air  currents emphasizes the importance of mineral waters. The famous travertines are caused by the waters which are a mixture of carbondioxide and calcium runing down the souther flanks.

Many mineral springs which are connected to the big fault at Buyuk Menderes Valley, are hot underground waters which come from far places. In this flat place where earlier Hierapolis used to be there were many hot water springs at different temperatures. Other then the big main spring which is now being run by a motel (in the swimming pool of this motel there are antique columns) there is another one which sprang open in the earthquake in the nineteenth century. The temperature of both spring  is about 35%C. These hot waters were very important in the antique city and through ancient sources  we learn that there also was a cult of Heracles, the God of health and hot waters.

Because there are carbondioxide compounds in the composition of the water, the water comes up above the ground, and as a result of this, the calcer, which would get separated from the carbondioxide gas, precipitates to the ground, and forms white layers and dregs on the soil. These travertines, which are white, gradually get darker due to contact with air. That is why the waters have to run constantly. The very dark parts are the areas where the waters don't flow regularly. But then again the flowing of the water in the form of small cascades has helped the nature to from fine high- relief and figures of such high art that even the work of the most talented master cannot be compared to.

To see these natural figures, to watch the playful water and the sun in the small lakes on the terraces, to appreciate travertines whilst walking up to the remnants from the Ecirli Village,  and taking a look at the green and wide valley after reaching the top, is something that gives us infinite pleasure.

To see the settling of the elements in the water  is enough to make a small experiment.  First, some oil, a bottle, a broom, and an earthen pitcher are put under the cascades; then, after waiting for two days, it can be seen that these have turned totally white. Plus, the water of Pamukkale is clear, drinkable, soft and a little bitterish.

This waters have been good for coroner disease, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. In parallel, same as the Pergamon Asklepion, where emotional illnesses were treated by inculcation, patients here were treated with water. Another speciality of this water is, that it cures skin diseases, especially allergic cases, and it is also goo in strengthening and curing eye muscles. The clergy in antique times, by the help of this water, used to create miracles. Many temples were built in order to treat people, and the priests would take care of their patients in these temples.

Not only ill people would come to the spas. Counsils, kings and philosophers too, would visit Hierapolis to have fun and to entertain themselves. The water has had many impacts on the city. The amount of visitors getting wealthier, the increase of in population, and the development of the city itself through an increase of beautiful architectural pieces. The numerous motels and spas which have been trying to serve many sick people is a very goo example to the above mentioned situation.

Pamukkale Waters

The analysis measures and the composition.

Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

Beautiful places of India famous for pilgrimage

So the summer has already arrived we all start planning to visit some cool places to chill out with our family, friends and loved ones. There are many of us who cannot leave their places for a summer trip either because of Job or any other reasons. Here is a place in Pune where you can feel the Shikara Rides of Dal Lake, Kashmir and Kayaking in Rishikesh without going away and traveling miles. You can experience the thrill all at one place within the city at Bluebay Water Sports.

Bluebay Water sport is one of its kind sports and play zone based within the city. This summer, refresh yourself with the action packed adventure only at Bluebay water sports. The adventurous sports activities at Bluebay water sports includes jet skiing, paddle boating, Pontoon Boat, kayaking, etc. If you are a water and adventure enthusiasts then this place is not going to disappoint you in any manner.

Sri Gangotri Yatra Tour

Chardham Yatra is the dream of various Hindus. The ultimate peace of mind can be achieved by the Chardham Yatra and you will feel as you have got the blessings of God. Then what are you thinking for? Get ready to enjoy the most convenient and economical Chardham Yatra tour. The shrine of Gangotri is situated on the altitude of 3200 meters. This is one of the most important pilgrimages of the Hindus and everyone wish to come here at least once.

The important temple that is visited by thousands of followers was constructed by Gorkha General Amar Singh Thapa. It is believed that the holy river Ganga had first descended here from the heaven and hence, this place is given much more importance by the Hindus. The river Ganga came on the earth due to the prayers of king Bhagirath.

It is said that the speed of Ganga was so fast that no one in the world could tolerate it and hence, the lord Shiva received her into his matted locks and break the great force of her fall. Then Ganga emerged into stream from her matted lock and the place form where the holy river emerged is known as Gangotri. It is also called Bhagirathi. You can get a chance to see various ashrams located on the sides of Bhagirathi. With your services, you can make your dreams into reality and get a chance to visit this sacred place.

Sri Kedarnath Yatra Tour

Kedarnath Chardham Yatra is another sacred place for Hindus. The majestic Himalaya has al lot to offer to Uttaranchal. This part of Himalaya which falls in India offers amazing spiritual experience to the Indians. Its magic is not only limited till India but has also spread to the other places outside India. People from foreign countries come here to visit the pilgrimage offered by the Himalaya.

The holy peaks of Himalaya holds four most holy pilgrimages of India -Yamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Kedarnathji and Sri Badrinathji. These are collectively known as the Chardham. Saints and pilgrims used to come to this place in search of divine. They used to walk here and this is described in the Hindu scriptures and the place was known as Kedarkhand.

It is believed that undertaking the journey to these four most famous sacred places not washes all the sins but also make you free from the cycle of birth and death. The honor offered by the place is not surprising if the scriptures are to be believed.

You can fulfill your dreams of pilgrimage with the economic services provided by us. We not only take you to the place but also guide you all the way making you more familiar with the place.

Sri Badrinath Yatra Tour

Badrinath is another sacred place of Hindus that comes under the Chardham Yatra with The location of Badrinath is awesome. It is located in the lap of Nar-Narayan Parvat and the towering Neelkanth peak makes the background. We also call it the Vishal Badri means the largest among the Badris. It is revered by all the tribute to Lord Vishnu and hence, this place has special importance.

Badrinath is considered most pious among the four pilgrimages like Badrikashram (Badrinath temple) in the north, Rameshwaram in the south, Dwarkapuri in the west and Jagannath Puri in the east. People believe that Adi Guru Sri Shankaracharya built the four pilgrimage centers to unite the country and its people. Badrinath is situated at an altitude of 3,133 mts.

The Badrinath temple is divided into three parts the ;Sabha Mandap; where devotees assemble, the ;Garbha Griha; or the sanctum sanctorum and the ;Darshan Mandap; where the rituals are conducted. Queen Ahilyabai Holkar had offered gold sheet for covering the Garbha Griha canopy. The most attractive idol among the 15 idols of the complex is of the lord Badrinath that is one meter in height and sculpted finely in black stones. The idol represents Lord Vishnu seated in a meditative pose that is known as padmasan.

We also Chardham Yatra offer the pilgrimage tour package by helicopter. You can enjoy your Chardham Yatra with us in a most convenient manner. We are among the most reputed service providers and you can have a unique travelling experience with us. With our highly economic tour package, you can make your Chardham Yatra dream come true.

Sri Yamunotri Yatra Tour

Another famous shrine of Chardham is Yamunotri Dham. This is the source of Yamuna River and is considered famous pilgrimage of India. Thousands of pilgrims come here for the temple darshan and find the Yamunotri temple the most pious site to find redemption. The temple is located at the left bank of Yamuna River and was originally traced by the king Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal in the Uttrakashi district.

This place is one of the most important stopovers on the itinerary of the Hindu pilgrims. Yamunotri dham is famous for thermal springs and glaciers. It is located at an altitude of 3293 from the sea level and it gives a revering experience to the pilgrims. The Yamunotri temple is very close to the Indo Chinese border and is surrounded by the Himalayan off shoots from all the sides. The real source of Yamuna is the glacier lake of Saptrishi kund on the Kalindi Parbat.

You should be well prepared while going for the Chardham Yatra. The temperature falls below 0° Celsius and remains cool even during summers and hence; you are advised to take better care of yourself. Thousands of devotees come here from different parts of the world for offering prayers. You can also fulfill your dream with our Chardham package at highly reasonable rate. Our staff members are courteous and you will never feel uncomfortable with the services provided by them.

Chardham Yatra Tour Packages, are client oriented and hence, our services and packages are decided keeping in mind the requirements of the clients. Our vehicles are well maintained and regularly serviced to avoid any chances of inconvenience. You can get a chance to visit the most famous and beautiful places of India that are also famous for pilgrimage.</p><p>You can visit Haridwar, Mussoon>riean>, Yamunotri, Uttarkashi, Harsil, Gangotri, Tehri dam, Srinagar Garhwal, Rudraprayag, Gn>uptkashi, Gaurikund, Kedarnath, Chopta, valle>y of flower, Hemkund Sahib, Varanasi, Mathura, Gopeshwar, Chamoli, Joshimath, Badrinath, Devprayag, Rishikesh and many more. You can experience the miracles of nature by taking advantage of the services offered by  Tempo Traveller .

A Summer Family Vacation to Algonquin Park

A Summer Family Vacation to Algonquin Park

If you are interested in a scenic and memorable voyage through the untouched beauty of Algonquin Park then look no further.  Interestingly, Algonquin Park is not only the first park in Ontario but also the largest the province has to offer. Situated between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, Algonquin Park is located in the center, or heart of the province. It is also an ideal tourist destination for many people, as there are a wide array of fun activities for families, couples, and people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy.

Its naturally blended accommodations are yet another reason why those looking for some pure escapism can revel in the joys and luxuries that an Algonquin Park log cabin has to offer. In fact, Algonquin Park is often a home away from home for many tourists, who flock to Algonquin Park during the summer, and spend many tranquil nights relaxing at one of its many cozy, serene, and rustic Algonquin Park log cabins. Here, we will discuss just some of the reasons why you should plan a summer getaway to Algonquin Park before the summer ends.

Why You Should Visit Algonquin Provincial Park

In order to truly capture the captivating and scintillating essence of this vivacious and glorious park you will need to explore its vast interior of rocky ridges, stalactites, spacious caverns, and majestic maple hills. Those who enjoy the bounty of the seven seas can spend eons exploring the thousands of lakes situated in Algonquin Park, while surface dwellers can play it safe and explore the interior of the park via foot, albeit many tourists enjoy traversing the seemingly endless park via canoe or boat.  Hence, if you are a nature aficionado, and want to enjoy everything that the park has to offer before the fall comes to claim its summer beauty, then you should make Algonquin Park your must-visit summer destination. Furthermore, it is a park that encourages people of all ages and walks of life to explore.

Children, teenagers, adults, and seniors alike will find something to love and adore about this decadent park and its shimmering vistas. As such, if you decide to visit the park then you will see families enjoy spending time with each other, as well as newlywed couples, senior couples, and single people as well having a grand ol’ time. Ergo, Algonquin Park is not only a must-see destination for tourists but also an inclusive one as well.

Some of the Things to Do in the Park

Those who want to become one with nature should look no further than Algonquin Park. In other words, the park really encourages people who love nature and want to blend with nature-based activities to explore. For instance, while there are several different outdoor activities for people who want to be outdoors during the summer, there are also a wide array of indoor activities in the event of rain, or if you simply want to escape the heat for a few hours.

At the end of the day, the primary goal is to have fun, and Algonquin Park has a plethora of fun, immersive, and engaging activities for people of different age groups and interests, so everyone will have something to keep them occupied for days, if not weeks, to come.

Outdoor Adventures in Algonquin Park

At Algonquin Park you are assured to have something fun and interactive to do, regardless of your unique interests or discerning tastes. For instance, if you want to hunt game and trap wildlife you can do so. Pacifists who simply want to sightsee can spend hours gazing at the myriad of different bird species that fly and frolic at the park.

In addition, you can also spend days fishing at one of its thousand lakes, or you can opt to canoe or swim instead, as the cool and rejuvenating water makes you feel alive in ways that you’ve never experienced before. Also, if you prefer to be on dry land, you can hike on its many scenic trails or ride a bike for hours as you explore its depths in style. In sum, there are many outdoor adventures that you and your loved ones can partake in at Algonquin Park, so that you will never feel bored during your memorable visit at the biggest and most beautiful park in Ontario.

Indoor Activities in Algonquin Park

Sometimes people prefer to stay indoors to get away from the heat or rain. As such, there are also many indoor activities that you can enjoy during your stay at Algonquin Park. For example, you can prepare a delicious meal for your family, or learn how to cook, or you can enjoy a romantic dinner for two as you gaze at the majesty of creation. You can also sit back and relax with a good book and some cognac by the campfire, or camp indoors if it is raining outside.

As mentioned, Algonquin Park is not only the largest park in Ontario but also the most popular. Its unspoiled wilderness is literally teeming with beautiful and exotic wildlife, and it is also home to over a thousand beautiful rivers and lakes. Hence, people who enjoy stargazing can marvel at the star-studded tapestry of the sky, or camp outdoors and tell scary stories until dawn arrives. Algonquin Park also boasts some of the best walking trails in the country, and fans of wolves can also listen to group wolf howlings at dusk.

Ireland's 6 top things to do in summer

Ireland's 6 top things to do in summer

Ireland is an island nation that dwells in the lap of nature, whose fascinating views and breathtaking landscapes are irresistible. The locals of this country are also well known for their kindness and welcoming gesture. Summer is a season when Ireland comes to full life, promising fantastic festivals, exceptional camping trips, and sparkling surf.

Ireland is a true stunner in all facets when it comes to spending your summer holiday. Perhaps it’s for this reason that Ireland is renowned as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Below are Ireland’s 6 top things to do in summer.

  1. Explore the world heritage sites

It’s worth visiting the world heritage sites Ireland has on offer. Three large tombs of approximately 19m high dominate this picturesque landscape.

The tombs are a true representation of Ireland’s ancient art culture, which was wiped out decades ago due to modernization. You’ll be able to go through narrow passages into the center of the tomb where you’ll explore numerous artistic qualities dating back to 5000 years ago.

  1. Lough Hyne night kayaking

Kayaking at night is one of the most adventurous things to do in Ireland. Night kayaking on Lough Hyne gives you a whole new kind of experience as you take your skills to another level.

This night excursion is held only in Cork, where you row your boat in the Atlantic sea while darkness engulfs the whole place. You’ll also enjoy a magnificent view of countless stars as you paddle through the beautiful waters, giving you a memorable moment of your life.

  1. Go festival

For those folks who enjoy music, crazy culture and new cuisines, Ireland summer holiday is all you need. Ireland boasts a myriad of renowned festivals livening up the streets especially in summer.

You’ll have the opportunity to celebrate just about anything. The most popular Irish festivals include the Enniscrone Black Pig Festival, Swords Summer Festival, Durrow Scarecrow Festival, Carlingford Oyster Festival, and so much more.

  1. Visit the scenic Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is an awe striking place in Ireland featuring pictorial views, romantic sunsets and scenic landscapes. These spectacular cliffs offer the unique artistic site as they appear to be plunging into the sea.

The Cliffs of Moher offers a fantastic view of the Irish coast. There are local farmlands a few meters down this coastal area, where you can meet the locals and listen to their historical stories as you try out their local food delicacies.

  1. Off-road driving

For off-road drive aficionados out there seeking new thrills, Ireland is here to level up your off-road driving game. This place is suitable for adventure seekers who yearn to drive on Ireland’s off roads and explore its bewitching beauty.

The possibilities for off-road driving are endless. You can try to drive through mud holes, up steep hills as well as along the river banks. Certainly, off-road driving is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Ireland.

  1. Walk through Boyne Valley historical tombs

Island boasts many historical tombs dating back to 4200BC and 2900BC. One of the most famous historical tombs in Ireland is located in Boyne Valley.

As you take your stroll across this place, you’ll be greeted with the scenic view of limestone landscape whose wonderful crisscross cracks create the most unique terrains. This beautiful nature’s wonder will leave you mesmerized and enthralled for years to come.

If you intend to visit Ireland this summer and enjoy some of the things mentioned above, then the Dublin Tour Company   has got your back. Whether it is a solo trip or you want to have fun with family, we’ll plan your trip and ensure you cover some of Ireland’s picturesque landscapes, beautiful sceneries and insta-worthy places. Please get in touch with us and let us help you get started.

5 most beautiful spa resorts in Romania

5 most beautiful spa resorts in Romania

In Romania there are some of the most beautiful spa resorts, these being some of the most popular holiday destinations. For various treatments, but also for relaxation or rest, many tourists search for the most beautiful spa resorts in Romania, this country being rich in areas with thermal waters, mineral springs and clean air. Once, the most sought-after holiday destinations were spa resorts. Those who opt for such a vacation were packed at affordable and very good conditions, relaxation, treatment and leisure. After the Revolution, our spa resorts fell into derision, losing their brilliance and notoriety of the past. Thus, many of them fell prey to disinterest and turned into ruins. However, some of them have preserved their beauty and notoriety, receiving a lot of tourists today,

Herculane baths

It is the oldest spa resort in Romania and one of the oldest in the world, being documented in 153 BC The springs generally have a temperature between 38 and 53 degrees Celsius, but there are also some with temperatures between 46 and 56 degrees Celsius . The resort is located in Caraş-Severin County, on the Cerna Valley and is part of the Cernei-Domogled Valley National Park. The main therapeutic factor of the resort is the sulphurous, iodate, brominated or bicarbonate sources, thermo-minerals and chlor-sodium sources, indicated both for external cleaning and for internal cleaning.

Călimatul - Căciulata, one of the most beautiful spa resorts in Romania, is renowned for its bioclimate and for the numerous tourist attractions in the area It is considered to be the most beautiful spa resort on the Olt Valley, being renowned for the therapeutic effects of its mineral waters, its bioclimate and the multitude of tourist attractions in the area. The mineral waters of Călimăneşti were used by the Emperor of France himself, Napoleon III. Călimăneşti-Căciulata baths are located in Valcea County, 18 kilometers north of Ramnicu Valcea. Natural factors for cleaning are the sulphurous, chlorinated, brominated, sodium, calcium and magnesium mineral waters.

Vatra Dornei Named Pearl of Bucovina, Vatra Dornei is located 105 kilometers from Suceava and 40 kilometers from Campulung Moldovenesc. The waters here are mainly carbonated minerals, ferruginous, poorly bicarbonate, sodium, calcium, magnesium, hypotones. You can also find peat mud transported from Poiana Stampei used in both mud bath and wrapping treatment.

Baile Felix The resort in northeastern Romania, situated at an altitude of 140 meters in the Crişuri Plain, lies exactly in the contact area with the hills and the Pădurea Craiului Mountains. The main feature of the Băile Felix resort is the high temperature of the thermal waters here, which set records of nearly 50 degrees Celsius. For this reason, Băile Felix can go for outdoor treatment stays, including during the winter. The main factors of the resort are the hypertermal, bicarbonate, calcium, silicic and sulphate oligomineral waters. The area is distinguished by a sedative cleansing bioclimate and there is also the option of fossil sapropelic slurry packaging.

Govora Baths, one of the most beautiful resorts in Romania, rich in iodized and brominated water in Europe The resort is located in the northeast of Valcea County and can be reached there by DN67, Râmnicu Vâlcea-Horezu-Targu Jiu. It is said that the name Govora originates from the Dacian dialect and means ditch, valley with many springs. Govora Baths is one of the richest spa resorts in iodine and bromine water in Europe, iodine and bromine of organic origin.

Italian Riviera the place where mountain's falls into the sea

Italian Riviera the place where mountains falls into the sea

Surely you saw at least one postcard image with some colorful, dainty cottages nestled on cliffs that give the feeling that they can collapse anytime in the sea.

Situated on the northwestern coast of the country, in the Ligurian province, somewhere below Genoa, on the so-called Italian Riviera, the Cinque Terre National Park annually attracts millions of tourists. And for this reason, a spring or autumn escape is more inspired than one in the summer, when you risk not having a leisurely enjoyment of the landscapes because of the crowds of visitors. The climate is mild in the second part of March, for example, with many days with temperatures above 16-18 degrees, often even 20 degrees.
The framework is not lacking in any tourist guide that wants to present the most attractive places in Europe. Cinque Terre or Five Lands, according to the translation, is one of the favorite destinations of those who want to see Italy, beyond grand palaces and historical monuments, but also beyond the urban bustle of the big cities suffocated by an economy now on the slide.

The villages have their own cliché, but the strengths of the landscape are Vernazza and Manarola, followed by Riomaggiore. Monterosso is the smallest and the only one with the beach, while Corniglia is farthest from the sea and is set up on the rocks. It is worth seeing all, and this can happen someday. There are, of course, variants of several days combined with accommodation in one of them, but it must be kept in mind that prices are higher in villages than in La Spezia or Pisa, much larger cities and multiple possibilities stay overnight.

Why is it worth visiting Cinque Terre? Because it is something of old Italy, I pray that in Italy almost everything seems old, in which part of the charm of the medieval fishing villages, preserved where nature created something unique, and the mountain collapses and its spurs in the Mediterranean Sea . The settlements are simple. A fairly narrow main street, the church, vividly colored dwellings built in block style, three four-storey, seldom with balconies, which paint was flushed by time, small terraces in which it talcates tactically from an espresso, Italians are drinking cam five times a day, and restaurants from which fish and calamari rides. There is no smell of pizza and pasta, limoncello flavor, and at least one glutton, able to bend even the most faithful enemy of ice cream. If not enough, Italian, white and purple wines, and cheese, olives and prosciutto plates, seasoned with a freshly baked focus, can convince you. Culinary temptations are countless, you are just in Italy.
At the end of each village, except Corniglia, there is the sea, in green-blue shades, with waves breaking into the rocks of undefined shapes. Implicitly, there are several boats in the landscape that locals take off almost all year round, except in winter, for personal use, ie fishing or hiking, for those who want to see the village offshore. Without wanting, you think that the one who prophesied the Dolce far notte has gone to Cinque Terre, and the dream of a quiet pension in a cottage with a lemon at the gate can not give you even a thrill of pleasure.

There are plenty complaining about the area becoming commercial, but the term is still exaggerated. It is true, in the summer season Cinque Terre tourists gems, undoubtedly many Asians, who can become upset when posing 500 times the same frame, but eventually tourism means free movement, and everyone can walk where he wants, as long as he wants and how it wants. It is impossible for such a destination to be a wilderness corner, in one of the most visited countries in the world, who knows how to bring out beautiful money from any stone, out of tourism. The connection between the villages is also done on foot. In fact, it's much more attractive to take the step. From Riomaggiore to Manarola, the so-called path of love, Via dell amore, flows between the mountain and the sea. The route is not hard at all, or almost flat, and makes all the money. As an expression, because the walk is free of charge, that is, it enters the account of the 16 euro ticket, which gives you free access on any path and grooming. Only things in Manarola make things more complicated for those who choose to roam the paths above the sea, besides olive groves, rosemary shrubs and jasmine flowers, because the climb starts and it takes feet as solid as possible to cope . Truly difficult is just the segment between Vernazza and Monterosso, where the trail is often half a meter wide and any wrong step can cause great problems. It's even recommended if you do not have hikking equipment, at least some serious shoes (except for footwear, sandals, ballerinas, etc.) and much attention, but the 75-90 minutes, maybe two hours, as long as you go along the trail, which views are wonderful.

By a decree of the President of Italy on 6 October 1999, Cinque Terre was declared a National Park with an area of ​​4,226 hectares and a population of 5,000. On the 3rd Saturday of May, the lemon festival is held at Monterosso, and tourists can dine with limoncino, lemon cream, lemon marmalade, lemon cake and other specialties. Among the culinary specialties in the area that can not be missed are: Sciacchetrà - a red and sweet wine made from dried grapes, Albarola variety, Acciughe -ansoa prepared in two ways: with lemon or in brine and Pesto - basil leaves, oil olives, parmesan and pine sprouts.

Cinque Terre is also reachable by the sea, with numerous mini-cruises in La Spezia or even Genoa, especially in the summer season. In the event of rain it is completely forbidden to cross the path, especially Monterosso and Vernazza. The road is accidental and landslides may occur. The advantage is that in the summer, after the rain, the soil dries very quickly. Portofino and Portovenere are two other picturesque locations that can be visited in a circuit at Cinque Terre.

Top five destinations where you can enjoy mountain and sea simultaneously

You can not decide if you want to go on vacation this summer in the mountains or the sea. Who says you have to choose and that you can not have both?

You have a few days off and want to make the most of them. No time to go on holiday in the mountains and the sea, so we have to decide what you want more scenery to admire and what activities you want to have in this period.
There are also destinations where you can enjoy the sea and mountains at the same time. Here are some of them.

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy
Tourists arriving in the towns of the Amalfi Coast sunbathe in special conditions. When you get bored to stay seafront can go on a hiking trail on the mountain Gods write .

2. Cinque Terre, Italy
Another is the ideal holiday destination and Cinque Terre, a region made up of five villages turned into state or Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. You can do hiking in the area.One of the most popular trails called Sentiero Azzurro.

3. Côte d'Azur, France
Tourists who choose a holiday on the French Riviera can go hiking and mountain biking trails in the Esterel, but part and incredible beaches.

4. Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca offers beautiful beaches with fine white sand, and a route of 135 km that can be done within eight days.

5. Montenegro
This destination offers tourists many options for hiking, but also for going to the beach. In the mountain resorts of Budva and Kotor you can visit, and if you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the mountains you can go to Kotor Bay.

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