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12 Places you must see in Romania

Certainly, there are many beautiful places in Romania which have not yet discovered them. Some ideas you can find in a top made travel most popular website in the world.
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12 Places you must see in Romania

Certainly, there are many beautiful places in Romania which have not yet discovered them. Some ideas you can find in a top made travel most popular website in the world.

Arrival at Bucharest, Henri Coanda International Airport. Your English speaking guide will rmeet you. Transfer to your hotel that is centrally located. Check in and free time. Your first night in Romania will certainly be an excellent experience. Overnight accommodation at three or four hotel. Cold and hot buffet breakfast at hotel. The morning will begin with a tour of Bucharest. Having a view of also the Palace of also the Parliament, the Revolution Square, Cotroceni Quarter, an opinion of Nicolae Ceausescus private home and a visit of the Village Museum, this excursion will show you the best viewpoint of Bucharest.

Lunch will be on one's own, but our guides will happily recommend and move you to the most effective restaurants of the capital city. Afternoon departure towards Transylvania. On also the road, also the highlight is also the brief stop to the fourteenth century Cozia Monastery constructed by Prince Mircea the Old. The drive across The Carpathian Mountains provides an excellent view along with the Olt River Canyon. One of the gateways to Transylvania, reach Sibiu. Brief orientation tour on how to the hotel. Overnight in a hotel that is centrally located, in Sibiu. One of the gateways to Transylvania, reach Sibiu.

Brief orientation tour on how to the hotel. Overnight in a hotel that is centrally located, in Sibiu. Dinner on own. We suggest Crama Sibiul Vechi, among the most effective typical Transylvanian restaurants in the town. Overnight accommodation in Sibiu at three or four, centrally located hotel. Cold and hot buffet breakfast at hotel. The day will begin with a walking excursion of Sibiu, an 800 year-old city and the most exquisite of the German fortified towns of Transylvania. Our will show the people of Sibiu the city's landmarks: also the old surrounding defense walls and also the rest of the guild towers.

Among landmarks of Sibiu is also the Brukenthal Museum constructed by Baron Bruckenthal, governor of Transylvania in the start of the nineteenth century. The Evangelical Cathedral was completed at its present form in 1520, but inside, there's a superb fresco of also the Crucifixion on also the north wall of also the choir dating from 1445. Visit also the Passage of Stairs linking also the Upper Town to also the Lower town and also the 1859 Liars Bridge. Don't miss the original Pharmacy Museum. At noon, lunch is on one's own, in one of the great restaurant of the middle ages center. We're also glad to organize a home hosted lunch in one of also the nearby villages.

Fairytale sceneries and folklore legends in Romania
The legends of the most beautiful places in Romania were preserved over the years and when locals share them with tourists who visit the country it's as if Romania's natural beauty is amplified. Most of these legends are ...

"Top things to do in Romania" on, can give you some good ideas for a successful weekend. Here are the top destinations included: Peles Castle "This picturesque neo-renaissance style castle is located in Prahova County, in the Carpathian mountains. Built in the late 1800s, Peles has 170 rooms, 30 bathrooms and an impressive collection of art and weapons. Visitors can admire the rooms and garden statues, old paintings, rich tapestries and shining armor gathered in Central and Eastern Europe, "says the portal.

Stavropoleos Church in Bucharest Built in 1724, this beautiful church is one of the oldest in Bucharest. "A very beautiful building, full of quiet gardens," writes one of the portal's users. Transfăgărăşanul "An amazing way with beautiful scenery, do not miss it if you arrive in Romania. Recommended for those who love spectacular roads. Do not forget to take your favorite car, you will not regret, "writes one of the portal's users.

The historic center of Sighisoara "There's so much magic on the streets of the old center of the city that it is almost impossible to describe. Many places to visit and many places where you can dine. And an excellent cardio workout, too, "notes one of portal users. Village Museum in Bucharest "Outdoor museum includes more than 300 buildings representing the history of Romanian rural architecture," notes portal. Herastrau "A great location for walking to rent a bicycle and explore all the sights. Take a break to explore a very peaceful place, "writes one of the users of the portal.

Spectacular places in Romania that have not been visited to much
Turnu Severin Drobeta (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Bigar Waterfall is located in the municipality of Caras-Severin Bozovici just outside the National Road 57B. Last year, the famous publication Huffington Post wrote about Niagara Bigar in Caras - Severin it a unique place in the world, as if detached from Disney tales. The Americans ...

Piata Mare in Sibiu "Great Square is the center of Sibiu, where there are important historical monuments, many of them part of UNESCO" shows on the portal. Alba Carolina Citadel of Alba Iulia "No other city in Transylvania symbols and meanings has gathered so crucial. With thousands of years of back Alba Iulia is a charming mirror in which all the ethnic groups can discover the traditions of yore. Citadel royal residence of the ward, capital of the autonomous principality and military garrison, Alba Iulia was historically the main political, administrative, religious, cultural and military Transylvania. Please visit other Romanian capital, "notes portal.

Adventure Park in Brasov "The park has various circuits, sorted by level of difficulty, so it is very appropriate for all families, regardless of the age of the children. Employees were very helpful, and helps children who are stuck in the middle of a circuit. Highly recommended "writes one of the portal's users. Sucevita "This painted monastery, dating from the sixteenth century, boasts thousands of images painted on a green background," says the portal. Art & Crafts in Sighisoara "Art & Crafts is a local gallery with hundred percent hand made products. We are a group of artists who present their works ", says the presentation of the portal. Council Square in Brasov "I liked everything in this market, buildings, fountains and restaurants. Lively day and night. I imagine how beautiful it may be during the Christmas period, "writes one of the portal's users.

The history of one of the most "beautiful and strange" places in Romania
Română: Salina Turda (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Dug in the Middle Ages for medicinal salt mining, Turda salt mine was converted, using ingenious engineering solutions in a theme amusement park. In an extensive article about salt in Cluj county, British journalists write that if hundreds of years ago miners descended to 120 ...

Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa" It is one of the oldest institutions in the field of biodiversity. It is simultaneously one of the best known and highly regarded "database" because of museum collections, some of them world treasure valuable assets, "reads the portal. Astra Museum in Sibiu "A great place !. It takes time to visit, so that you book a whole day to enjoy every moment spent here. There are good restaurants there, so it's worth the time allocated, "notes one of portal users. Parliament House "The second largest building in the world was built as a palace for Nicolae Ceausescu, who was taken down and executed before it is finished," notes portal. Corvin Castle "This is exactly how we should imagine that show a castle. A huge fortress surrounded by a quiet river with a bridge that must cross it to get to it. If you Şasa to visit, you should do it! "Writes one of the portal's users.

Salina Turda "It's worth visiting Salina Turda cation penny. Congratulations to those who designed saline and entry ... everything, "writes one of the portal's users. Bucharest's Old Town "If you do not like young people and loud music do not come here. Hundreds of bars and restaurants next to each other, so many that you can not go, you're caught in the crowd, "writes one of the portal's users. Voronet "Nunnery is often called the Sistine Chapel of the East" notes portal and one visitor wrote: "The monastery is small, typical of this region of Moldova. If you are in the area, stop to see the paintings of interiors and exteriors are beautiful, unique shade of blue. "

Clock Tower in Sighisoara "The old clock tower should be visited to learn not only history but also because it offers an extraordinary sight. The building is old, but that just gives it charm. Inside is a museum, and each floor is something to visit, "notes one of portal users. Park Cişmigiu "One of the most beautiful parks in Bucharest! If you want to have part of the day relaxing, you should choose this park. There are many old trees and flowers, and also find a nice restaurant where you can have lunch prices are a little above average, "writes one of the portal's users. Monasteries of Moldova Built in 1953, this monastery frescoes recreate the siege of Constantinople "shows on the portal.

Mount Tampa Brasov "We climbed and Tampa least we took more than an hour, the walk was great and the view from the top amazing. I took the cable car downhill, which costs only 10 lei. Our only regret is the lack of information on routes. It was not easy to find the way and I have never been one hundred percent sure we're going in the right direction. Some improvements could be made in this respect, "writes one of the portal's users. The Danube Delta "It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've had. I saw many birds, I swam, I went fishing and boatman took us to the river to see the old lighthouse and the place where the Danube flows into the sea. I strongly advice you to visit the Danube Delta. Precaution, take with you a mosquito spray, "writes one of the portal's users.

Merry Cemetery in Sapanta "A fascinating collection of unique wooden crosses containing details about the dead," reads the portal. Glacial Balea Lake "One of the most beautiful places in the Fagaras Mountains. To get there go on Transfăgărăşan that is as spectacular. Top'll be surrounded by breathtaking scenery, perfect for captured images, "writes one of the portal's users. Orthodox Cathedral in Timisoara "Very beautiful both inside and out. Visit the free and should go to see if you get to Timisoara, "writes one of the portal's users. Lipscani "A beautiful street in the old town, many restaurants and terraces crowded sometimes, nice shops," writes one of the portal's users.

10 Best Places To Visit in Romania That Are Safe and Beautiful
Today we lead you through 10 best places to visit in Romania before you die. Romania is a beautiful country located in South Eastern Europe, famous for the Transylvanian legend of Prince Dracula and its castle.

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12 Places you must see in Romania

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