6 steps that you need to follow to avoid losing your luggage

The error is serious reason to stress luggage for many tourists, because if you end up in this situation can not fully enjoy the holidays. Anybody can happen even Brad Tilden, Alaska Airlines CEO, who admitted that his own airline checked baggage sent to another airport.

Skyscanner flights portal has published a list of useful tricks any passenger who wants to ensure that it will lose luggage.

How to avoid the turmoil of stolen and lost holiday luggage
If you're not travelling alone, one way to minimise the pain of lost luggage is by dividing your belongings between suitcases. Having some of your clothes is certainly better than none if you're unlucky enough to have one of the suitcases disappear.

1. A bag house, which clearly shows that cost a lot, will suggest potential thieves that the interior could learn many valuable things and be tempted to steal, that it has "accidentally" on tape Storage, before owner. Therefore, it is only to have a bag or suitcase travel normal, simple, nothing ostentatious.

2. Because many suitcases look alike, it is possible to produce a mess and someone to take the greaşeală a bag that does not belong. That is why it is better to use distinctive signs, such as a small scarf tied handle, highly visible labels on our behalf, even a colored adhesive tape as rhetoric, which jump in the eye.

3. A lock will give great thought thieves who want to break it and see what price goods owner wants to protect. The best thing would be for our suitcase to go unnoticed by others.

4. Immediately after the delivery of the hold baggage as well to check whether the baggage label has noted the correct destination at the airport. Each passenger will receive another label that you need to keep, and if it gets lost baggage and will be able to retrieve it later. So if we inadvertently lose that note, we can then expect to demonstrate that baggage has not arrived who writes Daily Mail.

5. Another great idea is to kingdom clothes in two baggage unless traveling alone. Thus, in the event that a suitcase is lost, we still have half the clothes needed to manage without problem until we recover and lost luggage.

6. Money, bank cards and important documents should not be released under any circumstances hold baggage. Thus we avoid the embarrassing situation in which we find ourselves at the hotel without having a penny in your pocket or get to stop and realize that the passport is in the suitcase was lost and we just stuck there at the airport.

There you are, watching the exact same 3 bags go round and round the luggage claim, urgently awaiting yours to fall in the rotation. Just finding the luggage claim is enough to set some folks over the border, but when your luggage is nowhere available, how do you manage it? After a hour of jealousy, odds are you would like to shout and shout at the following employee you run into. Nevertheless, when you're under the mercy of the airline it would be vital to manage the situation in a manner that is gathered.

How Does Luggage Go M.I.A.? Being that it would be 2019 and our planet is progressing so quickly, it might be mind boggling that countless luggage each year are lost, damaged, or delayed. Nevertheless, numerous reasons bags are misplaced are usually due to human errors. Switching planes because of a mechanical or delay problem may leave your luggage in the dust. Sometimes human error drops into your own hands if you accidentally catch an identical piece of luggage thats none. Irrespective of the reason be, your bag is sitting in an unclaimed luggage room, potentially in another airport. Expect the Worst - During the last several years, weve seen a drastic reduction in the speed of lost luggage.

By 2012, there were only 3.09 reports of mishandled bags per 1, 000 passengers, setting a brand new record. But although its getting more rare for luggage to become damaged or lost, its in your best interest to anticipate and prepare for the worst. Before zipping up that bag and heading to the airport, first decide in case you are bring anything that absolutely cannot be replaced. Try to bring expensive or distinctive items on board with you, as such items have been known to move missing from checked luggage. The key to never losing a bag would be to give it an identity.

Luggage tags can be old school, but they do their job done. Personalize your bag by making it stand out, and stick an extra business card in a pocket for extra identification. Bags checked in at the past minute have a greater chances of not making the flight. The last half a hour before a departure isn't made for the loading of luggage. Irrespective of how late you're running, always leaving our luggage with an attendant at the front desk and not the nice man who carries it around on his cart. This would be always the safest way to ensure your luggage get where they need to be. Remove any lose straps if possible to get rid of the probability of it getting snagged on something and missing forever. If all else fails, it never hurts to have a backup plan. Cross pack with someone you are traveling with so you will still have another bag to fall back on in case something gets lost.

How not to pay more luggage when you fly

A Scottish singer became famous worldwide after order not to pay more to checked baggage, dressed in 12 layers of clothes, and then got sick on the plane.

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If you put clothes on hold, James McElvar, member of the band Rewind, had to pay 64 euros more, send People.com . "An airline employee told me that one of my bags is put on hold and I have to pay 64 euros or can not get on the plane. I felt that this is my only option, "he said the young man aged 19 years.

The McElvar got to wear six shirts, four sweaters, two pairs of pants for running, three pairs of jeans, two jackets and two hats. "It was nearly impossible to go and I could barely get on the plane. I wanted to take my clothes off as soon as I arrived at my place, but I was told to wait until takeoff, "he told him. Soon, the young man got sick from the heat.

Essential things to take with you when you travel

Every time we go on holiday, we think about what we should put in our luggage to ensure comfort during the journey. Starting from this idea, Business Insider magazine asked its readers what were the most useful items they had taken with them on vacation.

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When you leave, the luggage weight is very important. However, there are a few things you should not forget to take with you if you want to make your stay more enjoyable.

"If you go on holiday, do not forget to take a splitter with you. It can help you get rid of boredom when you want to see a movie with your iPad friends. "

"Do not forget to take your phone charger with you. If it's one that has a longer cable, the better. It will be extremely useful when you wait at the station or airport. " -

"The sense of security that a portable battery gives you is invaluable. If I forget to load my phone before I leave the hotel, and this happens often, I like to know that I can still watch a movie or call a Uber. "

"When you go on a journey, it is essential to take with you a neck pillow,"

"Besides being an interesting accessory, a scarf can also be turned into a blanket during the flight or pillow." -

"I always get melatonin supplements when I travel. It helps me sleep and adapt to different time zones ". -

"If you hold on to your image, put a lint roll in the suitcase. It will help you on your journey. "

"I sleep a lot in hostels when I travel to save money and meet new people. Ear plugs help me sleep quietly, no matter what happens around me. "

"I always travel with this ironing jug. It has the right dimensions and it helps me a lot. "

"To avoid contamination with various microbes, take with you and a pack of antibacterial napkins. Remove the remote control, the table or whatever you feel should be sanitized. Some time ago I read an article about how unhealthy the items you are eating during the flight. To avoid getting sick, do not forget to wipe them with an antibacterial napkin before using them. "

What it should not miss from your travel backpack

If you decide to go on a mountain hike, be careful what you should not miss in your backpack. Do not forget to take with you things that can make the difference when it comes to your safety.

Make sure you have your backpack:

Light source - a front or even a flashlight and spare batteries. The day is shorter and the sun disappears faster on some mountain trails. Even if you have planned a short turn and you do not think you will need light, the front should not miss the backpack. You can opt for classic or multi-mode lighting (including red light or signaling).

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First aid kit - in which you have a minimum necessary if needed: a foil of survival, a few heaters, elastic patches or bandages and a few pills. The survival foil can save your life: it protects you from hypothermia, wind, rain, water, the sun's rays and cold. A jacket or a polar - even if you start full daylight on the trail, put in your backpack and the rain jacket and something thicker. Weather may change suddenly and you may need additional protection at any time to reduce the risk of hypothermia.

The rain jacket or waterproof sheet is mandatory in any season. Telephone and map - Make sure you have a battery when you leave home and even a spare battery. Download the Rescue and the map of the area where you will go. Of course the physical map and a compass will be useful to you. Do not go alone on the trail and always tell the people where you go on hiking. A small package - a bottle of water and a power stick - gives you hydration and energy when needed. Of course, depending on the duration of the route, the package may be more consistent, but make sure you always have a small reserve. Do not drink juices or alcohol to hydrate and not use food (jars or heavy bottles).

Tricks recommended by airline staff 

The loss or delay of luggage is at the heart of the problems complained of by airlines' customers. To avoid such situations, make sure you do everything you can to keep your goods safe.

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Dec 27, 2016 ... An airline said its cabin crews will react more 'firmly and actively against in-flight violence' after a farcical attempt to tackle a raging passenger.

Loss of luggage is a nightmare for any tourist. And as the summer holiday season approaches, Bright Side has found 10 simple ways to help make sure your things are not lost Remove the old labels immediately If you started collecting stickers on the suitcase to remind you of other trips, you might lose your luggage. They can accidentally fly to another destination. Better paste a name tag on your suitcase as it will help you find luggage in case of loss. Check in earlier According to airport staff's confession, baggage Is most often lost when check-in is done at the last minute. The later, the greater the chances of luggage being lost because they simply fail to pass through the labyrinth of conveyor belts in time.

Ask staff to stick the "Fragil" label to their luggage It's a trick known by many people: Tell the staff that you have fragile items in your suitcase and you'll get a special label along with promises to take special care of your goods. Do not overload the suitcase By confessing, luggage manipulators explained that the suitcases load by throwing them over each other. "We do not want to damage the suitcases, but you can imagine that the way they are transported is not even beneficial to them. Therefore, the harder the luggage is, the more damage it could cause. "

Choose a suitably colored but not expensive suitcase A suitably expensive suitcase can get into the hands of the thieves, while one in a common color, such as black, will go through the hands of dozens of passengers who want to find their own baggage. Choose a vivid color or a less common pattern. Evaluate the stop time It is often the case that direct flights record less cases of lost suitcases than those with stopovers. If you have a stopover, do not neglect your baggage. Just make sure there is at least an hour between flights. Use protective foil or pouch Pack the foil pouch in the airport. No thief will be able to get inside or be damaged when transported. You can also use protective and colorful covers. Make your valuable goods Staff at the airport recalled a case where a passenger flew from the US with 8 iPads in his suitcase without any insurance or declared value. Gadgets have been stolen. The man received a $ 30 compensation. To avoid such situations, it is important to secure your valuables and take a picture at check-in.

Purchase a luggage GPS If you've ever lost your bag or are too worried about your stuff, then you certainly need a GPS tracker. It's small, you can set your satellite coordinates and then transfer them by email or phone. Just put it inside the suitcase and watch online!