A Romanian pretended to be a British tourist for a day in Bucharest

A Romanian pretended to be a British tourist for a day in Bucharest

Mihai Popescu wanted to prove that the experience of a tourist in a foreign city is terrible and told everything vice.com to start this adventure with a friend who posed as Mexican.

"I was born in Bucharest and I know quite well that sucks almost everything is in this town, but I did not realize how traumatic it would be the place for a foreigner. To test, I gave British law for one day, "he revealed.

The Romanians began the Henri Coanda Airport, as any genuine tourist. Mihai Popescu ordered a taxi, confessing that it is really hard to stop taking sliver of drivers, even if you are a foreigner, "wearily repeated obsessively speakers in English and in Romanian to take taxis only by command from airport , to not take sliver. "They went with a taxi driver praised Romania all the way and told the two tourists that have nothing to visit Bucharest and you better go to drink in the Old:"If you wanted to go, you had to go through the country, to see our castles."

"We left the university not told us how we fare, but said an" all your money "joke and showed us the machine. I felt decent amount of 27 lei for a trip to Otopeni, far into the center, but it was strange that crumpled the bill immediately instead give us, "he confessed Mihai Popescu about taxi ride.

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Further, the two tourists went to the tourist information center in the passage of the university. They asked for a map Ceausescu Palace and tried to persuade the user to buy a tour of the capital. They asked the guide how much the tourist map of Bucharest and were told that it's free. After they left, they heard the man telling him that one of his colleagues: "See me, how many d-these come around here, I make a fortune if I ask a 10-15 euro map. "

British and Mexican crossed over to the gift shop Passage University where they were ignored by the seller. Then they took the subway to Union Square and went to visit the Patriarch's Palace, where they woke up that have nothing to see, which is under construction. Employees told them to take pictures Church, but outside as "Christ's mother's funeral today, there is great celebration from us."

Disappointed that they could not see anything, the two were headed to the Constitution Square, to be photographed in front of the People's House, one of the main attractions of our country. They were not the only ones with this idea. There, they gave a lot of foreign tourists touring Europe.

"And I was not the only ones with that idea. It was full of buses coming and going. Tourists aged between 50 and 70 years, came out of the bus, shoot a few pictures of the People's House, and starters to another country more interesting, like Bulgaria or hot to him, "confessed Mihai Popescu.

What surprised them most was the boy who had duped foreign tourists with brochures for 10 euros each, which they have got free from the Tourist Information Centre"He had a colleague who was six and he carries occasionally get some more pamphlets from a car when it ends. Basically, Western retirees had gone fishing. " The two Romanian People wanted to visit the house inside, but the gendarme explained in broken English that not even allowed to approach the building.

"I still given over some of my British compatriots, who had just finished the tour. They seemed exhausted. I asked if it's worth coming to visit shit. "You like marble? Because you see more marble there. It's a typical palace of dictator, chandeliers, large and empty than Lenin, Stalin least. So much '", revealed" British tourist. "

Then the two continued their experiment to the city center, where they came across a monument that they did not know either, although Bucharest Holocaust Memorial.
"Like the British, I would have found it equally important monument to be told about this, as it would seem to me to be told about Auschwitz, I visit Poland.However, I made ​​the stupid shot possible near him, which would make it any tourist couple "told Mihai Popescu.
They continued visiting the CEC building, "the only thing in this town that made ​​me think of the Little Paris, not a Soviet vomiting". They were stopped there by a guard who did not know English, but they explained in Italian that are not allowed to visit the building than a certain amount of hours.

"We went to Old Town drink as co cab driver told us to do. There I laughed a lot romgleză panels, which locals tried to tip the foreign tourists, "revealed Mihai Popescu.

They wanted to drink at a popular restaurant in this area of ​​the capital, but have not found the free meals because they were occupied by Japanese tourists.

Mexican and Englishman ended the trip at the Military Circle, where the waiter spoke only Romanian, and concluded adventure: "The only sign-in English are to pubs, so you're completely lost, if you want to dibuieşti any historical monument the so-called capital's historic center. Ministry of Tourism rubs eagle for years, at most produce campaign travel communist tens of millions of euros to bring tourists to some places undeveloped, where there is no one to handle them and where they can not go any to corner without a guide.

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