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If you're not yet where you want to go on vacation, you want to cross several countries in leisure and do not want to travel by car or by plane, your best option may be a train ride sleeper.

11 Memorable Train Journeys in Africa, From Cairo To Cape Town
The train is not the most popular -- nor the most efficient -- way to travel in Africa, but its aura of faded bygone glamour makes it a must for those who are fans of slow travel. Yes, there are quicker ways to get from point A to point B, but these ...

Conditions for travel with trains that have sleepers luxury rivals often from the hotel, and rates are extremely steep.

Here are five ideas for a dream journey by train.

1. Moscow - Nice

The Russians have recently reopened railway route that worked last time a century ago. The train departing from Moscow sleeping cars cross Europe Thursday morning via stations in Smolensk, Minsk, Brest and Nice Bohumin and reach Saturday.

Such travel costs 541 dollars per person if you want to sleep in class compartment, according to The Telegraph .

2. London - Penzance

The train route goes Paddington-Penzance has sleeping accommodation is cheap and yet proves modern luxury. Staff can wake to the morning ride through Truro, Redruth and Cambourne.

Departure is at 23:45, but passengers should already be in train at 10:30.

Such a train journey with a bunk for two people costs $ 150.

3. Madrid - Lisbon

Trains with sleeping cars of a Spanish railway operator which has regular flights on the route Madrid-Liabona offers hotel rooms passenger comfort. First class wagons have showers, and other facilities that you can find in a hotel room, and passengers have access to a special lounge as part of the package.

The trains have four seats and bunks, ideal for a family trip.

A trip on this route costs only 131 dollars, if you want to spend time in a luxurious private cabin.

4. Warsaw - Kiev

Warsaw's main train station, Warszawa Centralna, was to impress Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev to visit here since 1975. Now for trains with sleeping cars bound for Kiev that bears on a road trip with hundreds of kilometers of forests birch. The glass I can see small farms and churches.

A ticket to a private cabin for two seats costs $ 125.

5. Istanbul- Lake Van

From 2017 on this route will be introduced Swiss sleeping cars. And now travel conditions are excellent.You can dine and enjoy traditional Turkish dishes while traveling by train.

The price of a place in a private cabin for two seats is 52 dollars.

Europe's Most Romantic Train Journeys - International living
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Passengers waiting in a UK train station had a unique surprise

Smart has turned newest generation of the 4X4 in "best train in the world" actually a sort of modern trolley writes At first glance, it might seem a joke from April 1, although that date has passed some time. Smart trolley is but how very real and has four huge steel wheels 22 inches, weighing 80 kg each.

Top 10 train station restaurants in Europe - The Guardian
The romance and frisson of rail travel are the perfect accompaniments to these superb dining experiences in the continent's top stations.

The vehicle was designed by a team of researchers from the UK company Interfleet, which typically operate diesel locomotives huge 16-liter engine and a weight of 70 tons.

Smart-but only weighs a ton and has a one liter engine. For understandable reasons, the engineers have removed items from the car's direction and welded aluminum substrates between the axles, to ensure that the wheels remain fixed on the rails.

Smart trolley was tested on a limited portion of track in Sussex, under the supervision of the team behind the project. Some commuters had the opportunity to run with the "lowest train in the world", which reached without difficulty too destination.

The Train Station That Has Been Housing the World's Refugees for More Than a ...
At the train station, individuals were no longer individuals, but members of a mass public that shopped at department stores, went to shows and spectacles designed for huge crowds, and attended political rallies that attracted thousands of people.

The first country in the world to test the train without a conductor

The Dutch rail operator ProRail announced its intention to conduct at least one test with a freight train without a conductor in 2018, which will make the Netherlands a pioneer in the field of automated driving, informs AFP, taken over by Agerpres .

Aslef admits trains without any conductors ARE safe | Daily Mail Online
Jan 9, 2017 ... The militant union behind the Southern rail strike told its members that services could continue even if conductors were unable to continue through 'sickness, assault or arrest'.

ProRail specified that the first freight-free freight train test will run on the Betuweroute route, a rail link connecting the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam to Germany, equipped with a European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) security system better suited for automated driving.

During the test, the unmanned trains will operate with a system called ATO, abbreviated to 'Automatic Train Operation', which can partially or totally take over from the conductor.

ProRail explains that thanks to this system trains will be able to run closer to each other, which will increase the capacity of the railways and reduce energy consumption.

ProRail also informed that he was in talks with the authorities of Groningen to test a test for automated passenger transport on the rail, but it has not yet been established when this test will take place.

The high speed train that could reach 1,000 km / h

The wagons are suspended above the line by magnetic levitation, and the high speed is ensured by moving them in vacuum.

Thus, in the future these trains could be even faster than airplanes, and can travel about 600 km in just half an hour.

Recently successful performance is the third phase of train testing. The test was conducted in the special DevLoop Tunnel in Nevada, which is 3 km long.

The investment in Hyperloop One, a project launched in 2014, is up to 295 million dollars.

The idea of ​​such fast trains was launched by Elon Musk in 2013, but he was not actively involved in the project. Currently, Hyperloop One is associated with Virgin, owned by billionaire Richard Branson, writes Daily Mail

A new speed test hit the previous record set by the high-speed train.

Virgin Hyperloop One has set a new record. The high-speed train that is tested in Nevada reached the speed of 387 km / h, earning the previous record.

The company's representatives hope that the train, which will run through a special tunnel, will be launched in 2021, and the maximum speed it will reach is then 1,000 km / h.

Currently, the fastest trains in the world are only 350 km / h. These are Fuxing trains in China.
Hyperloop trains can achieve record speeds thanks to ingenious operation. The wagon runs through a special tunnel, from which the air has been removed, so that the friction force during travel is extremely low. 

High-speed rail - Wikipedia
High-speed rail is a type of rail transport that operates significantly faster than traditional rail traffic, using an integrated system of specialized rolling stock and dedicated tracks. While there is no single standard that applies worldwide, new lines in excess of 250 kilometres per hour (160 miles per hour) and existing lines in ...

 The train that stops in a former train station

A train from a former train station in Japan stopped working several years for a single passenger. The train stops twice a day when the only passenger, a student, go and return from school.

Japanese railways took in three years ago, the decision to stop twice daily in Kami-Shirataki Station in Hokkaido, although here up and down a single passenger. A high school student goes to school by train and return to it at the end of the day, writes

City moving forward on plans to restore former train station
The City of Winston-Salem is moving forward on plans to redevelop the former Union Station train depot on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The building was most recently occupied by Davis Garage, which moved to Kapp Street in late 2012 and then to its ...

When deciding the number of passengers at the station Kami-Shirataki dropped dramatically because it is isolated. Japanese railways station were preparing to close completely until they noticed that it is used daily by students.

It was therefore decided that the service be maintained until the finish high school. Moreover, the train journey schedule has been modified to fit with the program face.
This will finish high school in March this year, and the station will be permanently closed.

A Home in a Former Train Station | Apartment Therapy
Jun 22, 2015 ... A century ago, this structure was a bustling train station; today it's home base for two former Manhattanites who bought the Stanfordville station.

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