My Ealing Half Marathon: Journey from 2:30 Pacer to 2:10

My Ealing Half Marathon: Journey from 2:30 Pacer to 2:10

I  started my race from the back following Dave (Pacer 2:30), as I have not trained for this and it was my first half marathon. I have participated last year as a Marshall, but I was posted at the beginning of the race, so I have had very little idea of what to expect. As usual my old friends from Ealing Eagles where involved in most of  all the organising bits of the race, some of them as marshall , while other where taking part in the race as pacers.

I think the start was slightly delayed, or it seemed like that to those waiting at behind the Pacers 2:30. Most of us at our first half marathon, worrying more of finishing the race than focusing on the actual timing. Forget to mention that this edition had more then 6500 people at the start, 1000 more the 2014 one.

Anyway let me get back to the actual race. I started at a slow pace keeping up with the 2:30 Pacers’ group, I’ve had to give up on my phone passing it to my wife while passing around my house. After that I felt like I could increase my pace, so I started chasing. Sooner then I was expected I was going to find myself behind 2:20 Pacer Group. At that stage I was enjoying so and felt no pain yet. No idea that the hard bit was about to come later on.

With the 2:20 group already behind me I went pushing myself harder, as most people in front of me were going at slower pace then I was. By then I was already passing 10 km, and I was feeling slight pain in my legs, as I was not fully recovered from a football enjury. However I was keen on going after Pacer 2:10, as I felt that I might aim to finish  in less then two hours. Had no idea that my left was going to let me down later on.

It's a Sell-Out! - Ealing's Local Web site
It's the 4th such event and is well known for the huge community support and great atmosphere with runners travelling from all over the UK and abroad. The Ealing Half Marathon was voted "Best Half Marathon" by runners at ...

After sometime I have finally managed to catch the 2:10 group, I pushed even harder towards the 2:10 flag , took me a while but I have made it, unfortunnaly the pain was going stronger and stronger. At some point it was so bad that I was tempted of giving up, but after you have already run more then 10 miles, would be a shame to put and end to all those efforts. I might have annoyed some of the racers as I was letting out strange sounds.

I did wonder if the guy who draw the race map, really run through it as some of the hills proved to be a bit stip. I also think that the race could use a few more water stations. By the way I think I was the most wet athlete in the race as I end up throwing most of the water on my head and face, while I was trying to hydrate myself as much as possible.

After some real struggle I started loosing time and tempo, as I my left knee decided it had enough. That leaves a serious question mark on any attempt of doing the London marathon one day. I finished the race dragging my body towards the finish line. At the end I was happy that I achieved my goal to pass the finish line, but somehow disappointed that I did not finish in less then 2 hours. (just for the number lovers I have finished 3431, with the personal time of 02:07:57. ). After all it was a painful pleasure to have run 'The Best Half Marathon".

Record number of runners line up for Ealing Half Marathon
A record 7,000 runners will be limbering up to take on the Ealing Half Marathon in just under an hour. The race gets under way from Lammas Park at 9am and will see runners of all levels taking on the 13.1-mile route on closed roads around the borough.

She has 85 years and ran 66 marathons

Run a marathon, he goes and takes grandson from school, read books love, give medical advice, and Constanta takes care of pensioners has "only" 85 years old, as he likes to say themselves. It is optimistic, cheerful and always with a kind word for those she encounters. Do not complain about anything and is considered a lucky can help others to live and that he "third age, the second childhood".

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Runners take on a hill between miles 21 and 22 during the 2014 Twin Cities Marathon. Yi-Chin Lee | MPR News. The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon will run through Minneapolis and St. Paul Sunday morning. The race was first held in 1982, after organizers ...

Veronica Negreanu, because it is the right, was a doctor by profession, but still has patients who visit them, consults and advises how to care for their health. "Without health, nothing is, but health should be preserved," says the doctor, with a special gleam in his eye. It is obvious that he loves his job and does not hesitate to help someone sick. In the morning I visited the County Pensioners' Union, was less than ten o'clock and already had a ride on the Department of Geriatrics County Hospital, where they provide support to elderly patients. Five minutes already dealing with another spouse of a pensioner who came to him for help. When he heard that the man has Alzheimer's, immediately he asked to see him and went out on the terrace to talk with him.

"Old age, the second childhood"

"May we talk with them, viewed, May comforted them, that people should be helped to overcome sickness and trouble. We are now in their third, second childhood, "the doctor told us. The first advice we give is to do physical exercise. "Through physical activity, walking, the body feels better. If the stay is anchilozează wrists, but by walking, activates circulation and eliminates cramps in the calves, "Mrs. Negreanu teaches.

She herself would recommend an extremely active life. For years he did not disappoint any marathon or cross. Recently added to a cup of record and Chestnut Festival, Baia Mare. He discovered this passion thanks to Professor Traian Petcu, himself a participant in marathons, despite having just turned 91 years old. "When I was in business at various congresses and conferences, had called the professor to delight in physical activities, to be healthy. Then when I retired in 1990, he was a Balkan cross in Mamaia, and took me. I ran and took first place. Since then, I have reached the 66th cross diplomas and cups, the desire to be elderly. By ity active physical life go on. Outdoor Life is pure health, "says enthusiastically Mrs. Negreanu.

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Runners, you have a tendency to set weird records during marathons. Your efforts at events like the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and the London Marathon have been good but there's room for improvement. We're astounded that some of these ...

"I have not even taken an aspirin!"

He admits that it has no secret that helped her reach this respectable age and to be more active than many of the young people of 20 years today. "I wrote Medicines and recipes million, but I did not even take an aspirin. Colds were treated with hot bath, hot tea, brandy barrel rubdown with and lying horizontally ", laughs with joy, while he tells us about his life. The 31-year-old widow, but she has grown to love two daughters and now takes care of grandchildren. "Children should learn. I urge you all mothers: "Take care of the child!». I do not give scraps country! You have to learn and know how to be men, not scrap ", says the doctor.

He wants a Museum of Sport in Constanta

No longer he wants more from life. He saw all of America was in, but would like to have and we will have a Museum of Sport.

"I was often in the United States and is painful for me to see that there can be order, cleanliness, reliability. Our town is beautiful, it's big. Let's keep the city, to beautify, to respect it. I saw everywhere, but we do not have a Museum of Sport. Constance are so many athletes who are recognized abroad, but we do not even have a museum. We've got values that are young and have set examples for those who want to see, we are proud of them ", says Mrs. Negreanu.

Running A Marathon

Marathon instruction will be challenging, but need to be fun and pleasurable. Finishing a marathon is an achievement that less than 1% of people on the planet can tell they've attained. You are about to be among them! - Are you a beginning runner? Already a runner? Havent run in a long time? In any case, you can complete a marathon. Learning some of the fundamentals will assist you to get started. Motivation: Building mental stamina is essential.

Naturally, we think running a marathon won't be easy. However, many finishers say it was even harder than they believed. Staying motivated and creating the appropriate state of mind is key to enjoying instruction and crossing the complete line with a grin on your face. Aims: End time goals, weight reduction goals, just complete goalswe have a reason for wanting to run a marathon. Youre likely to quit. You are likely to stop just like a lot of people who join gyms each year for the same reason simply to quit going after seeing small results in small time. You must have the right goals numerous reasons for running in order to achieve success.

Wear the right gear: Treat your legs to a good pair of running shoes. Athletic shoe will be the most crucial piece of gear. Shoes are designed to fit legs with different arches, pronation, and more. Visit a local specialty running shop to locate the best shoes for your feet. Carbohydrates provide the fuel runners need. During marathon training, 65% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates. Ten percent should come from protein. 20-25% of your calories should come from unsaturated fats. Make certain that you get the nourishment you need to make sure that you remain strong and permit for sufficient recovery.

Retrieval: Certainly, it is important to run since marathon training, but healing is equally important. You shouldn't run every day. Your body needs to rest between runs so it can recuperate from one conduct to the next, getting stronger between every run. Nutrition and eating exactly the right foods at exactly the right time also play an important role in recovery. Take healing days just as serious as your running days. On runs of a hour or more, take liquids with you and consume 6-8 oz. Every 20 minutes. During pre instruction and marathon instruction, weigh yourself after and before each conduct to rehydrate and get your bodyweight back to the weight it was prior to exactly the run by drinking water or sports drink inside the first hours after the run. Use your non running days to rest and recuperate. Doing exactly the right things right will minimize your likelihood of injury. Pre Training: Before you begin marathon training, you ought to be capable to run for at least half a hour without stopping.

10,000 Hours and Marathon Records — Better Movement ...
Could you break the word record for the marathon after just four years of serious training? Dennis Kimetto recently ran the marathon in 2:02:57, 26 seconds faster than anyone else in history. Here is some footage from his ...

Mo Farah was robbed in Ethiopian hotel

Days before the big race the Olympic hero was accused by legendary Ethiopian distance runner Haile Gebrselassie of trying to bring controversial trainer Jama Aden into his hotel.

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