Fabulous story of a young romanian who retired from his job to travel

Fabulous story of a young romanian who retired from his job to travel

After nearly 15 years working in multinational Alexandru Cristea woke up one morning and said stop. Did not want to be just a number in a company. He gave the job and decided to wander through the world without knowing what will be afterwards.

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Like any story of a graduate of ASE, that of Alex Cristea start the Big Four, where he served his apprenticeship, and then continue on that audit client. After a Masters in France and one and a half from IBM in Canada, returned to the country in 2008. He worked another six years for Germany as a financial controller. Arrived at 35, Alex looked magnetic badge that you wear every day and its position in the organization and the company has said that it can be more than a number.

From behind the monitor located in the building of steel and glass from Press Square in Bucharest, Alex Cristea took refuge in the stories of tour guides, who say they have the ideal job, and decided to take the world on foot, putting at stake savings. Program from nine to seven daily filled hundreds of Excel files not let him enjoy the best years of his life. He bought one way ticket to Manila, Philippines, submitted his resignation to the boss and said stop. Not looking for luxury or comfort too high and is willing to sleep on sofas friends worldwide who have previously visited.

The first escapade: three months in Asia. He trained 3,000 euros for its route and decided to make a loan to implement the plan. He went on 12 February and started on the wrong foot.

Without stumbling, Alex Cristea checked in a month and a half after leaving the company Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Indonesia and Thailand. China is now in the summer return to Romania and then again escapade in the United States.

Alex Cristea wants to be an entrepreneur after his adventure around the world and relies on a travel agency dedicated especially corporate who have not had a holiday for years .

He planned all alone for a few months stay, searching through thousands of tickets at prices that allow him to visit as much as money. Recognize that if you would have thought too often what is the return of the stay would not have gone so postponed the answer to "dangerous".

Alex Cristea left the statistics, meanwhile include experiences that have had all my life and posts daily photos quickly collect dozens of likes, including his former colleagues from the office.

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