Spectacular places in Romania that have not been visited to much

Spectacular places in Romania that have not been visited to much

Bigar Waterfall is located in the municipality of Caras-Severin Bozovici just outside the National Road 57B. Last year, the famous publication Huffington Post wrote about Niagara Bigar in Caras - Severin it a unique place in the world, as if detached from Disney tales. The Americans were so excited about it that I have dedicated whole pages and declared it one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet.

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According wikimapia.org Magic Castle, the Magic Castle was built near Romanescu Park Suspension Bridge shortly after its opening. During communism, the building was converted into a restaurant, and after the Revolution functioned as a bar. Built in style, the castle has an area of ​​nearly 110 square meters and was once a landmark for Craiova and tourists. Castle Ruins became meanwhile sightseeing.

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Statue of Decebal on the Danube image Dacian king Decebal is a 55 m high relief,  button on the rocky bank of the Danube, between the towns Eşelniţa and Dubova, near the city of Orşova, Romania. The bas-relief depicting Decebal, the last king of Dacia and is carved into a cliff. It is the highest stone sculpture in Europe. Protochronist businessman and historian Iosif Constantin Dragan was the idea that promoted and funded this work carried out in 1994 - 2004

Garden Garden Dragons Dragons is a protected area of ​​national interest which corresponds to category III of IUCN (nature reserve geological and landscape), situated in Salaj County, the administrative territory of Balan.

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Vortex Lake Vida or vortex (Bihor county) called "hidden miracle Bihorului" Lake Vida is distinguished by the color of the water almost unreal, but also because in its midst is arranged an overflow, creating a huge impression swirl spectacular. Vida Lake is a reservoir, built in 1967, to extract bauxite mines, rivers and Vida and Topliţa common Dobreşti Biho

God's Bridge Bridge God (Caras Severin) Natural Bridge, crossed by the county road Baia de Arama - Drobeta Turnu Severin, is the second largest in Europe and the only one that can move. The party has 30 meters long, 13 meters wide, 22 meters high and 9 meters thick. And there are two lakes near Zaton Zaton Mare and MicTunnel of Love "Tunnel of Love", located on the railway Caransebes - BAUTAR between localities and Glimboca Obreja was accidentally discovered by two amateur photographers.

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