Story of 3 journalists who went on a trip to Cuba

Story of 3 journalists

Careful questioning at the airport, but an exotic atmosphere, as you will not find elsewhere. That trip is limited to three American journalists in Havana. How much was that bumpy trip and passed them, are the following material.

While political system affect international relations, Cuba still draw many tourists curious to discover the beauty of exotic island country in Central America.

How it has cost and what adventures have been three Americans who traveled to Havana.

Three American reporters from Business Insider and they decided to try this experience, documenting it step by step. The adventures they went through were subsequently gave birth to a unique trip report: how cost airline tickets, as were questioned at the airport and how they had to pay for only one hour of Internet, are the following material.

Amanda Macias, Flanagan and Tyler Graham Greenfield packed their bags and went on the road with enthusiasm. He paid $ 900 for round-trip flights. They took off from JFK Airport in New York, José Martí Airport in Havana by a flight of Sun Country Airlines.

"I noticed that many people had with her flat-screen TVs and other electronics that went to relatives in Cuba", he told journalists.

Once in the capital of Cuba, at checkpoints at the airport were questioned: "You were in Africa?Have you been in contact with any staff from Africa? What do you do in Cuba? ".

Besides, having passed the metal detector, the three Americans had a surprise: "We were told that we have the wrong type of visa and microphones are illegal in this country without prior agreement of the Cuban government. I had two microphones ready for filming that I wanted to do. "

"All our belongings were removed and laid on a table to be checked and possibly confiscated. I spent the next three hours sitting in a corner, then I was back control, and then questioned again separated from each other, and me, one of the group spoke Spanish, told me not to translate all things were colleagues My during this process. Our microphones were confiscated and only after half past four we were allowed to leave the airport, "said Amanda.

From there they went by taxi, a beautiful Chevrolet Bel Air, in 1955. Only half an hour were on the way to the place of accommodation: a traditional Cuban home.

-- The next morning went to step around town. I did, however, stop at a small hotel Habana Libre, where, for $ 10 to allow them to sit in the lobby and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

"Next to the hotel is a kind of bar, where we had breakfast while I browsed more maps to plan our walk through Havana. This was my first meal: a delicious Cuban coffee, fruit juice, eggs, bacon, toast, watermelon, guava, pineapple and fries. I did not eat fruit or bread, because everything else on the plate was cold and tasteless, "he told Amanda.

A walk on the Malecón has caused three journalists to discover local charm. Next stop was Habana Vieja, where they experienced "pedicab". Paid $ 18 for lunch and ate "royally".

"Also, we thought it important to move on Hemingway's favorite bar (American writer Ernest Hemingway, n. Red), El Floridita, known for daiquiri drink called" told them.

The next morning they went on the beach of Santa Maria del Mar. Five dollars have paid for three chairs, an umbrella and a waiter politely services.

Less pleasant was shown to be "visiting" in a grocery store: "We were not allowed to enter with our bags or to take pictures inside I managed to secretly make a picture to show you that there is a variety too much food. (...) The vegetables and frozen meat were placed in the same refrigerator.The meat had a very strange and very much cost and - six US dollars for a piece even packed. I was very disappointed and disgusted so I left without buying much, "they reported.

They were relaxed but subsequently sipping a glass of rum and fruit at several local bars, waiting for the rain to pass just had befallen the city. That became friends with Carlo, a Cuban who later invited to his house at a traditional dinner, along with his family.

Amanda Graham and Tyler visited a cigar factory. Finally they left with a box of cigars that cost $ 125.

That same evening they went to a traditional party, where each paid $ 30 to enter the local.

"I slept three hours, then at 05:00 we were already at the airport to fly back home," Amanda told eventually.

Documentary featuring New York Cosmos trip to Cuba ...
“When we embarked on this trip to Cuba, we knew we were in a unique position to have an insider's view of history being made,” said Joel Feld, ONE World Sports Executive Vice President, Programming & Production.

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