Tired of cycling, an artist from Boston found a new solution to rest

Kevin Cyr, an artist from Boston, invented a novel means of transport: a tricycle-trailer. Although it is small compared to a normal caravan, it can accommodate a person.

A Boston artist invented a novel means of transport, dedicated especially those who like to travel. Kevin Cyr made ​​a tricycle-trailer, write inhabitat.com .

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Edward Anderson (born November 27, 1970) is a hip-hop artist from Boston, Massachusetts, United States, better known by his stage names Ed O.G. and Edo G.

Although it is small, "cabin" can accommodate one person.

So, after a full day of riding, the owner can rest in peace, without even worrying about accommodation.

Inside the mini-caravan there is a small bed, a table, and a few shelves.

Kevin Cyr argues that tricycle-trailer is extremely useful and can be "driven" very easy.

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