Uk listed as second most expensive countries to visit

Ireland - according to the report, Ireland is ranked 20th among the most expensive countries to visit, and the main attraction is the capital, Dublin. One night accommodation in a 4 star hotel costs on average $ 126 and taxes added services is 10% higher than in the United States.
Seychelles - Island favorite of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, annually attracts millions of tourists, even if it is one of the most affordable holiday destinations. The Seychelles is ranked 19 in the hotel room can cost around 374 dollars for the night.

Canada - Flights to North America, particularly in Canada, are extremely expensive, even if an overnight stay in Toronto is cheaper than one in Seychelles: 124 dollars per night. Instead, however, the value added tax is 20% higher than in the United States.

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Burma - Called Myanmar, Burma is one of the most exotic countries in Asia, but also one of the most expensive. It occupies 17th place and one night accommodation at a 4 star hotel costs on average 185 dollars.

Germany - Preferred destination of many tourists is not cheap. With 125 euro per night hotel room, given a 4-star resort, Berlin ranks 16th among the World Economic Forum.

Hong Kong - favorite place of business in Asia attracts every year millions of tourists willing to pay at least 229 dollars a night for a hotel room. While consumer goods and services are 30% cheaper than in the United States, Hong Kong is a very expensive metropolis.

Iceland - Although the report does not show the cost for accommodation, Iceland ranks 14. appear as goods, food and services are quite expensive, their prices being 10% higher than in the United States.

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Barbados - It seems that one night of accommodation on the island where he was born Rihanna can reach as minimum wage in Romania: 337 dollars per night. However, servciiile are quite cheap, therefore, Barbados ranks 13.

Netherlands - While Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is one of the most popular destinations for city breaks, being quite accessible, Netherlands World Economic Forum placed 12th in the most expensive countries in the world. One night accommodation in a 4 star hotel with breakfast included, costs around 137 dollars a night.

Senegal - If you want to visit West Africa, Senegal is one of the safest destinations in the area. But one of the most expensive: uni ticket price is very high, especially if we talk about transatlantic flights. However, Senegal life is not expensive!

Austria - Even if it ranks 10 Austria still is a preferred destination  ski, which offers the advantage of low season.Typically, an overnight stay starts at 125 euros, while the price of diesel is higher than in Austria.

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Italy - According to the report, a vacation in Italy would cost the same as one in the United States, but these things depends on where you go, for a plane ticket for Europe is much cheaper than an American. Italy takes  the 9th place.

Sweden - At 159 dollars a night, the average price of a hotel room, Sweden is ranked 8. No food, goods and services are not cheap - 30% more expensive than in the United States.

Denmark - A hotel room in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, costs about $ 150 a night, and the services are also quite expensive, important factors Kingdom Danish climbed into the top ranks 7th.

Israel - Tel Aviv is one of the most expensive cities in the world, the price of a 4-star hotel rooms starting at about $ 200 per night. And no petrol is not cheap, even if we talk about Middle East (Rank 6).

Norway - Although flights to Norway are quite cheap, life in Norway is not within everyone's reach. One night at a 4-star hotel reaches on average 151 dollars, but the price of food and services is over 50% higher than in the United States.

Australia - is one of the destinations where would you go maybe once in a lifetime. Airfares are very expensive, however, and accommodation services are quite affordable. A hotel room costs about 162 dollars a night.

France - "bronze" in the top compiled by the World Economic Forum is renowned as one of the most expensive destinations, but also one of the most sought after. A double room in a 4 star hotel in Paris costs on average 219 dollars a night. No services are not cheap, especially transport.

UK - Among the tour operators are already sayings about the UK. "If you want to visit UK, do not go by plane!" Is the most common, because the tickets are extremely expensive. No hotel rooms are not cheap. For example, a room costs on average $ 139. And London taxi transport can be considered luxury.

Switzerland - the cleanest country in the world is also the most expensive! The first place in the report by the World Economic Forum are Country Cantons, where the price charged for a room 4-star hotel, an average of 24.

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