Five places on Earth where human access is forbidden

Five places on Earth where human access is forbidden

Anywhere in the world can be visited if you have money and desire to see, but there are places on earth where no man is allowed. 

Surtsey island

In 1963, an underwater volcano in Iceland waters erupted. Soon a new island formed by 2,7km square.Immediately attracted the attention of many researchers from different countries, it is an exceptional example of a new formation island. Since then the island of Surtsey, named after the mythological Surtr (leader of the fire giants) was used only for scientific purposes, the area is restricted to tourists.

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Ilha de Queimada Grande

The area is located 35 kilometers from the Brazilian coast, the island looks like a piece of paradise. To visit this island tourists could pay with their own lives, because it is full of poisonous snakes. Snake population was estimated at 4,000 species. The most dangerous is the spearhead golden viper venom it is three times stronger than the normal vipers. Its bite causes instant death. Brazilian authorities banned visiting Ilha da Queimada Grande, known by the nickname Snake Island.

At first glance, the beautiful island of Ilha da Queimada Grande located about 144 kilometers of Atlantic coastline of Sao Paulo in Brazil, still seems a paradise corner. A beautiful tropical island with unspoiled beaches, virgin jungle and clear waters. But all Brazilians are wary of it at any price. The reason? The island is crammed literally a particularly dangerous poisonous snakes. Researchers and authorities estimated that the island live between 2.000-4000 copies of vipers spearhead golden extremely deadly species. Reason enough this tropical paradise corner TITLE hold the most dangerous island in the world.

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Atlas Obscura produced this great little video about Ilha da Queimada Grande, a.k.a. Snake Island, off the coast of Brazil. The island is called Snake Island because—surprise—it has a lot of snakes. Specifically, it has "between one and five snakes ...

Vipera death
Vipera golden lance (Bothrops insularis) is a species of venomous snake whose average reaches about 70 centimeters Dimensions, although copies were seized and 118 centimeters. Its color is yellow-brown background, overlaid triangular or diamond-shaped patterns. Its name lance viper is owned and vipers of the genus Bothrops and the rest is related to the characteristic shape of the head, which due to huge bags of venom has a pronounced triangular shape, like the tip of spears or arrows.

Vipera golden spearhead is only endemic species in this island, which means that it meets else on the planet. Although they feed almost exclusively with seabirds, these vipers venom is so powerful that bit man dies in less than an hour, if not receiving help in this timeframe. Many local legends talk about the fate of Snake Island off the coast, how are Brazilians call on Ilha da Queimada Grande.

Many people, most arrive here to pick bananas or explore the island died in the true puddles of blood, strewn with body bite. Between 1909-1920, several people have worked and lived here with the aim of working lighthouse on the island. But according to the last worker died along with all his family members, after several vipers driven by a storm were housed in the man's home, after first entered the window left open.

Although many locals who want to impress tourists, said that those snakes on the island were brought intentionally by pirates and buried treasure and thus wanted to keep people away from them, the truth is quite different.

The 2000-4000 golden lance vipers that live on the surface of only 43 hectares of the island have evolved here over thousands of years without human intervention.

About 11,000 years ago, ocean levels rose so much that island isolated from the rest of the South American continent, and with it, increased waters and isolated and snakes here who have continued to evolve by adapting to the specific environment of island and becoming a distinct species in the genus spearhead vipers. Vipers have no remaining here as natural predator, which allowed them to multiply unabated until the maximum capacity of their habitat.

Island guarded by snakes
To feed themselves, snakes rely on seabirds which nest halt to the island or during migrations. Since peak delance golden vipers can not watch birds can fly and die bitten away from them, while these vipers have developed an extremely potent venom, five times more toxic than the venom of other snakes of the genus Bothrops the continent, which others are among the most aggressive poisonous snakes Up America, because according to Brazilian authorities, about 90% of annual geraniums victims here were bitten by a snake Bothrops.
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The vipers bite birds instantly kill auriii here and there. And the flesh of a man bitten by Vipera golden spearhead almost liquefies soft tissue is literally melted.
Because of this imminent danger, Brazilian authorities strictly control visits to the Ilha da Queimada Grande. And even without government prohibitions of the island will soon become too top tourist destination despite its natural framework intact. Here is a large concentration of snakes so that each square of land emtru foşgăie 4-5 vipers. A single bite can kill everyone and even if victims are treated in time, there are about 3-5% "chance" that they die. Otherwise, golden vipers bite here causes renal insufficiency, necrosis of muscle tissue, brain and gastrointestinal bleeding hermoragie.

Under Brazilian law, any team that reaches people here, must necessarily be accompanied by medical personnel and medicines antivenin. Brazilian Navy arrives here annually for the headlamp wiring that works automatically in 1920 in order to prevent other casualties.

The island remains an important natural basis of research for biologists and other researchers who receive special permission to dock here to study spearhead golden viper. Biologists and herpetology think particularly strong venom of this species may be useful in developing new drugs.

In a public interview, herpetologist Marcelo Duarte of the Brazilian Butantan Institute, an expert studying medical purposes venomous reptiles states that:
"We are only at the beginning of the research on the huge potential of venom viperielor gold and the first signs tell us that the venom of this species can lead to the creation of highly effective drugs in diseases of the circulatory system and cancer treatments."

But because of the rarity of these snakes, there is a black market demand both from researchers and collectors of reptiles. For this reason, poachers snakes, known here under the name inspired by "biopirates" arrive on the island and vipers illegal catch in traps.

Motivation is great for some poor people in Brazil, because for a single golden spearhead viper is paid on the spot between $ 10,000-30,000. Many poachers snakes died once they got here, but this does not seem to scare Others The poachers, who believe that can happen to them not to be bitten.
Beyond snakes and poachers, the beautiful Ilha da Queimada Grande remains the most dangerous island in the world, as they call all tour guides.
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 One of the Adaman islands in the Bay of Bengal is home to tribes dangerous. Sentries native avoids any contact with civilization and resists any attempt of intrusion. According to researchers, more than 60,000 Aboriginals have spent years isolated from the rest of civilization. This population actively defend their territory, for example in 2004 drew an arrow helicopter Indian government. This fly zone after a tsunami, to make sure that residents are safe. The last victims were a group of fishermen lost after their death the authorities have restricted area.

Ise grand shrine, Japan

In Japan the most important shrine of Ise Jingu temple in the country is. The temple is surrounded by a high wooden fence, only senior priests and imperial family members have access. until 1945 the temple was more difficult to access. The altar was separated from the rest of the Miyagawa River.Monks were clearly forbidden to cross the river. They believed that foreigners might violate the sacredness of the altar.
Gruinard island

In 1942, the British government bought Scottish island of Gruinard for testing biological weapons, particularly anthrax. During experiments, anthrax polluted territory for a long time increases mortality by 95%. By 1980 the island was the deadliest place on Earth. By 1986, researchers ,, cleaned '' the island in 1990 is considered safe. But no one tried to live here. Experts warn that anthrax spores remained in the soil of the island, which means that there is an environment for people.

Impossible holiday destination

The island is 290 miles west of the coasts of Great Britain and 440 miles south of Iceland. It has only 784.3 square meters and a height of 17, 5 meters. Only a hundred people came to her and slept there only four.

Rockall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rockall is an uninhabited granite islet within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the United ..... Jump up ^ Ondřej Daněk "Rockall" 2009; Jump up ^ "Written Answers – Rockall Island". Dáil Éireann. 358. 22 May 1985. Retrieved 1 August 2007 ...

In fact, the island is the tip of an extinct volcano that rises to less than 20 meters above sea level, in an area where the waves reached 29 meters. This island made history in 1955 as the last territorial conquest of the British Empire. Queen Elizabeth of Britain authorized the annexation of the islands on September 14, 1955 and on September 18 a crew of two Royal Marines, a naturalist and a commander of the Royal Navy have raised the British flag over the island and cemented a plaque announcing its membership the UK. At 10:16 Commander Desmond Scott became the last navigator who uttered words that made history: " In the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I hereby take Possession of this Island of Rockall ." That is: "On behalf of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II take] n possession of Rockall Island. " This phrase was uttered by all the great British sailors who discovered new territories overseas and have attached the UK.

Nick Hancock spends 43 days on Rockall island in Scotland ...
Jul 17, 2014 ... Father-of-one Nick Hancock spent 43 days on Rockall island, 286 miles off Scotland's west coast, and completely missed the World Cup.

Russians fear

The island was annexed following concerns existing at the time of the Cold War on the Soviet forces that could use that rock to spy on British nuclear tests. Between May 26 and July 4, 1985, a former SAS soldier in the forces, Tom McClean, lived on Rockall to strengthen the legal claims of Great Britain on the islands, inform

On this you can read today the following words: "Let the sun and wind do Their work. Leave the oil beneath the waves ". Ie: "Let the sun and wind to do their job. Allow the oil to remain below the waves. "

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Only four people slept on island

Throughout history, less than 100 people arrived on Rockall and only four can boast that they have slept there. Those who made this record founded The Rockall Club , among whom are automatically enrolled daring visiting this island. If you want to count you among them, the club's website warns that Rockall visits "are difficult, subject to weather and are not cheap. A walk in the Rockall is a rare phenomenon that requires experience, specialized equipment, good weather and good luck. "

If you want to try your luck, experts recommend that you contact the company to schedule Kilda Cruises, which led to complete 100% of attempts to get on Rockall.

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