Only few survivors after avalanche hits ski resort in Italy

Only few survivors after avalanche hits ski resort in Italy

The man would have escaped the tragedy that had left the hotel to get something from the car, only minutes before the avalanche hit. His wife and two children, however, remain at the hotel. "There are many dead," said Antonio Crocetta, head of a rescue team that occurred on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, quoted by Italian media. According to the head of civil protection, Fabrizio Curcio, the hotel located near the farindola in the Abruzzo region, there were about 30 people, AFP notes. Two people were found and rescued from under the snow, one of which was in a state of hypothermia.

Avalanche buries ski resort in Italy
A huge avalanche ploughed into a luxury ski resort in Italy, buring up to 30 people under tonnes of snow and debris, officials said on Jan. 18, 2017. Rescue  ...

People trapped under tons of snow that hit the 3 floors of loved ones sent messages: "Help, die of cold" is one of the calls for help, according to Sky News . Another message quoted by Italian media says they are "tear down the walls" and "are out with an employee, but I see the hotel; it's just a wall of snow in front of me. " Rescue crews who arrived at the hotel by helicopter or on skis, due to weather conditions, say there are no signs of life from the hotel. The hotel's roof partially collapsed, and the building is largely covered by a thick layer of snow.

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Abruzzo region is about 100 kilometers from Amatrice Wednesday and was affected by a series of seismic movements. One of the hypotheses is that the causes of this avalanche is linked to one of these powerful earthquakes that were felt to Rome, at a distance of almost 180 kilometers from the epicenter. Access to the hotel is difficult due to weather conditions and particularly because of snowfall. Snow the hotel is almost 2 meters and the first rescuers on the scene on skis.

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