One of the most popular attractions in Europe crashed into the sea

One of the most popular attractions in Europe crashed into the sea

One of the most popular natural sights of Europe, Azure Window in Malta, crashed into the sea following a severe storm.

"A heartbreaking event," said Wednesday, March 8, 2017, Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat on the news that Azurului window, a geologic formation in the form of an arcade became a symbol of Malta, crashed into the sea.

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"Reports made over the years indicates that this natural monument will be deeply affected by natural corrosion, a phenomenon that can not be avoided.This sad day arrived, "he wrote on Twitter Prime Minister of Malta.

Azure window (Azure Window) of Gozo offers one of the most spectacular views in Malta. Surrounded by fascinating colors of the Mediterranean and nearby rocks, "azure window" was formed after two limestone caves have collapsed. In front of the "blue window" is a famous dive known as the Blue Hole (Blue Hole) -a vertical chimney, natural dug into the rock that connects the water about 8 meters deep underwater through an archway .

Maltese Prime Minister tweeted a message stating that the famous tourist landmark Mediterranean Azurului window was from the beginning doomed to destruction because of the natural process of erosion exerted by waves and wind. "That sad day arrived," he wrote.

Azure window, a limestone arch located on the shore of Gozo in the Maltese archipelago, which also appeared in the television series Game of Thrones and was used for jumps in water, collapsed due to heavy rains.

Tad-Dwejra Tieqa, as it was called in Malta fell into the sea, as announced by the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat today. "The studies commissioned over the years have indicated that this party will be severely hit by natural etching inevitable. This sad day has come. "

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