The most dangerous tourist countries in the world

The most dangerous tourist countries in the world

The World Economic Forum recently launched the report on tourism competitiveness in 136 countries. It includes a safety ranking based on the prevalence of violence and terrorism.

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The World Economic Forum recently released a report analyzing the situation of tourism sectors in 136 countries around the world. In order to achieve the ranking, the extent to which each country exposes tourists to security risks, mainly serious harm, violence and terrorism, has been analyzed, writes

1. Colombia Colombia is not as dangerous as it once was, Medellin being the very best destination in South America last year. However, visitors to the country are still at a fairly high risk. According to the report, the gangs are still responsible for tourist abductions, drug trafficking and robberies that occur throughout the country, while acts of terrorism, such as explosions, are common in many major cities in the country.

2. Yemen Rebels from the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, continue to detain American citizens. Extremist groups such as Al-Qaida are also active in this country, and because of ground and air strikes, much of the Yemeni population has no food, water and health care needs.

3. El Salvador In addition to having one of the highest levels of homicide in the world, El Salvador is known for its many gangs.

4. Pakistan The religious conflict has affected Pakistan for years, and violence against certain religious groups is still common across the country. The Pakistani government limits the freedom of speech very much and forbids the access of foreigners to many places across the country.

5. Nigeria Two extremist groups, Boko Haram and the West African Islamic State, are responsible for much of the violence in Nigeria and usually target heavily populated areas such as churches, schools, restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues. The US State Department states that "visitors should be" vigilant at public meetings and places frequented by foreigners "and" exercise maximum caution throughout the country because of the threat of non-discriminatory violence. "

6. Venezuela The lack of food, medicine and other basic things has led to many social disorders and even crimes throughout the country. Venezuela has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Armed robbery, murders or kidnappings are common forms of violence in most major cities. US State Department warns of voyages in Venezuela.

7. Egypt ISIS and other extremist groups pose a serious threat to public places in Egypt, including tourist sites. Groups are also known for attacks on various means of public transport.

8. Kenya While many terrorist attacks take place outside Nairobi, the terrorist threat is still high in other Kenyan areas. Grenades, shooting and stabbing are common forms of attack.

9. Honduras Honduras has one of the highest rates of crime in the world. In particular, Gracias a Dios is affected by murder and drug trafficking, with no police or military presence. Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba are other dangerous areas. 70% of homicide cases of American citizens in the last seven years occurred in these areas.

10. Ukraine The struggle between the Ukrainian armed forces and the Russian armed separatists is common both in the eastern and southeastern regions of Ukraine, namely in the regions of the Donetsk region, the Luhansk region and the Crimea. Civilians continue to be trapped in battle.

The most dangerous city in the world to visit

The last edition of the ranking showing most dangerous cities in the world ranks first city in Latin America.

The study was conducted by an organization in Mexico Citizens Council, and includes a comprehensive analysis on violence and crimes committed in large cities with over 300,000 inhabitants. The study was published in January, and the first worldwide is Caracascapital of Venezuela, writes Business Insider. The city was ranked second in top years 2013 and 2014, with over 100 murders per 100,000 inhabitants. In 2015, the murder rate was 119.87 to 100,000 inhabitants. Increasing acts of violence is closely linked to economic, social and political instability. Alejandro Velasco, a professor at New York University, says that criminals do not respect laws because of an incorrect legal system, with penalties that are applied selectively. Also an important role drug trafficking and instability caused by civil conflict in neighboring Colombia.

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Thus, in recent years drug traffickers and criminal groups in Colombia have become increasingly active in Venezuela. For this reason, last year the Venezuelan authorities have decided to close the border with the neighboring country and the expulsion of thousands of Colombians living illegally near the border. Official data on crimes and violent crimes committed in Venezuela are not published, so estimates are based only on analysis of past trends, therefore the real situation could be much worse than the study presented by the Council of Citizens, says political analyst Dorothy Kr√≥nika. The organization based the study on data Bello Monte morgue in Caracas, where victims of crimes are brought from a much larger region, not just in the city. Over 80% of corpses who come here are victims of crime. Thus, according to data from the Citizens Council in Caracas metropolitan area 3946 crimes occurred at 3,291,831 inhabitants in 2015. Most violent incidents occurred in the poorer areas of the city.

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Also in assaults involving mostly young. According to a UNICEF study published in 2014, murders are the main cause of death among young people in Venezuela. Thus, in adolescents aged 10-19, the rate is 39 murders per 100,000 people. Most often, violent deaths are not premeditated murder, but incidents involving aggression (robberies, beatings), which ultimately leads to death of victims. Poor areas of the city are controlled by criminal gangs, and guns are easy to obtain. In addition, because of inflation, consumer products are rare and very expensive, and people sit for hours in line to buy them. Thus, they become sitting ducks, carrying their big money and more time sitting in the street. At night, residents of Caracas avoid going out houses, while the richest prefer to go out only with armed bodyguards. Restaurants close early and the party continues then privately in homes rich residents, who pay the chefs to come to them and cook them to be safer.

No matter if you travel a lot or just go on holiday every once in a blue moon, it is always important to learn more about the region you're in. This is even true when you're seeking to move somewhere, if it be permanently or permanently. With over four million four hundred sixteen cities on the planet, there are apparently endless places to travel to cultures to encounter around the world. While you're free to travel in your own risk and visit whatever city suits your interests, then we'd like to offer you a heads up on some of the very dangerous cities in the entire world.

That is not a record that ranks all four million four hundred sixteen countries, but rather, it seems at the top fifty very dangerous cities in the entire world. In the most dangerous city to the less ones that are dangerous, here are the top fifty very dangerous cities in the entire world. Los Cabos - Acapulco - Natal - Fortaleza - Ciudad Victoria - Ciudad Guayana - Belem - Vitoria da Conquista - Culiacan - St. Louis - Maceio - Cape Town - Kingston - Aracaju - Feira de Santana - Ciudad Jurez - Recife - Maturin - Guatemala City - Salvador - San Pedro Sula - Chihuahua - Joao Pessoa - Obregon - San Juan - Barquisimeto - Manuas - Distrito Central - Tepic - Palmira - Reynosa - Porto Alegre - Macapa - Mazatlan - Durban - Campos dos Goytacazes - Nelson Mandela Bay - Campina Grande - Teresina - Vitoria - Cucuta - Los Cabos - Risk rank: first Country: Mexico Murder speed: 111.3 deaths per 100, 000 People - Caracas - Risk rank: 2nd Country: Venezuela Murder speed: 111.2 deaths per 100, 000 People - Acapulco - Risk rank: 3rd Country: Mexico Murder speed: 107.0 deaths per 100, 000 People - Natal - Risk rank: 4th Country: Brazil Murder speed: 102.6 deaths per 100, 000 People - Tijuana - Risk rank: 5th Country: Mexico Murder speed: 100.8 deaths per 100, 000 individuals - La Paz - Danger rank: sixth Country: Mexico Murder rate: 84.8 deaths per 100, 000 people - Fortaleza - Danger rank: seventh Country: Brazil Murder rate: 83.5 deaths per 100, 000 individuals - Ciudad Victoria - Danger rank: eighth Country: Mexico Murder rate: 83.3 deaths per 100, 000 individuals - Ciudad Guayana - Danger rank: ninth Country: Venezuela Murder speed: 80.3 deaths per 100, 000 individuals - Belem - Risk rank: 10th Country: Brazil Murder rate: 71.4 deaths per 100, 000 People - Vitoria da Conquista - Risk rank: 11th Country: Brazil Murder speed: 70.3 deaths per 100, 000 people - Culiacan - Danger rank: twelfth Country: Mexico Murder speed: 70.1 deaths per 100, 000 people - St.

The most dangerous hotel in the world

A hotel located practically in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is considered one of the most dangerous in the world but constantly attract tourists.

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Maybe it has a spa, a gym suitable place to serve who or pool, but the rooms unique and breakfast are sufficient for a truly unforgettable somewhere off the Atlantic Ocean, where it occurs one of the most bizarre and dangerous hotels of the world. Located 48 kilometers off the coast of Cape Fear, North CarolinaFrying Pan Tower is a former coast guard base in the United States, which was abandoned in 1970. Nicknamed the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" novelty hotel is famous for the sharks is located and hurricanes shave he writes "the Sun" .

For 498 dollars for two nights, a person can be part of the endless views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as shower facilities, electricity and even Wi-Fi. Access to the hotel is only with the help of a helicopter or boat, and for that interested persons have to draw more money out of pocket. Frying Pan Tower has eight bedrooms and enough space to accommodate 12 people. The interior was kept original as possible, to let 1970 be specific air felt by tourists.

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Richard Neal, owner of the hotel, bought for $ 500,000 this basis when the US government removed it at auction in 2010. "Basically, I bought a huge house, and the tree. When I opened the door of a room smells of 1960s thought I stepped through history, nothing had changed. It's like a giant toy box, find all sorts of fun things to do. I love this place irreparably, from the first moment, "he said.

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