Top 7 travel destinations that you do not want to miss

Top 7 travel destinations that you do not want to miss

If you love traveling and you have not decided where to go this summer, a travel specialist, recommends 7 destinations that you should not miss. It's hard to pick only seven destinations that you have to say should be seen at least once in a lifetime, however, the tourist looking to experience new states and sensations has to check out these 7 destinations all over the world.

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Dec 3, 2017 ... The top Travel Destinations of 2018! A list of where you NEED to travel in 2018! I share with you the best World travel destinations of 2018.

Ecuador - Galapagos

Undoubtedly, the most important tourist attraction of Ecuador remains the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands, due to the unique flora and fauna in the world. Galapagos is a wandering world in the vastness of the Pacific, consisting of 13 main islands scattered among more than a hundred islets, cliffs and reefs. The budget for a holiday in Galapagos is about 3800 pounds.

Peru is a special country, the cradle of incase civilization, with forgotten temples waiting to be discovered. When you say Peru, you are thinking of Machu Picchu, the sacred fortress of the Incas, located on the Andes peaks, where only the condors dare to fly, one of America's greatest wonders. The budget for a vacation in Peru goes from 2400 pounds.

When we talk about Tanzania, we think of its views, with the high peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, the white beaches and coral reefs of Zanzibar, the endless plains of the Serengeti National Park, the sharp rocks on Rift Valey, and especially the wildlife of the Ngorongoro Crater and the bird sanctuary in Lake Manyara. All these are wonderful works of art of nature and we might say that they make you fall in love with Africa at first glance. The budget a tourist must allocate is about 2300 pounds.

Japan is a destination for both mind, body and soul. From rigor and efficiency in every aspect of life to meditation near a blooming cherry and from the bloody history of the samurai to the delicacy of a Maiko, Japan is a country that delights all who visit it. The ancient temples, the exquisite scenery of Kyoto in the cherry blossom season, Sakura, are all experiences of living at least once in a lifetime. A holiday in Japan pulls out of the tourist's pocket around 3900 pounds.

Australia is a country of variety and contrasts - from tropical rainforests to canyons that hide secrets from the dinosaur era; from modern, highly developed metropolis to one of the world's largest wildlife areas. With spectacular lakes, virgin beaches, coral reefs, extensive deserts, Oz's land will amaze even the most adventurous adventurers. The holiday rate in Australia starts at 2200 pounds.

The reasons for a visit to China can be extremely different, ancient art and culture, the wonders that people have created by force of arms and power of mind, such as the Chinese Wall, the Terracotta Army, but especially the spectacle of nature, such as the Park National Zhangjiajie, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which impresses with the seemingly unreal landscapes that inspired the scenes in the "Avatar" film. The price for a holiday in China goes from 1700 pounds.

The United States is one of the few countries on Earth where you can experience so many: amazing landscapes with grizzly bears in the middle of mountain glaciers, tropical beaches and modern cities. Yellowstone National Park is part of the UNESCO Heritage List and is famous for its thermal springs and many geysers, many of them spectacular. The park includes wooded mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons. The tariff for a holiday in the US departs from 2100 pounds.

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