Crowded European countries you should avoid

Some European countries are trying hard to diminish mass tourism, municipalities in tourist areas that have been invaded by tourists at events requiring a series of measures to do so.

Venice, for example, which has only 55,000 inhabitants, is traveled annually by about 30 million tourists. In an attempt to limit their number, the municipality has set a "numerus clausus" of 20,000 people authorized to participate in the Serenissima carnival in San Marco Square, writes the French publication Les Echos.

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Barcelona has 1.6 million inhabitants and is traversed by 32 million tourists every year. 60% of the tourist accommodation offer is concentrated between Ramblas and Barrio Gotico. In order to limit the access of tourists, the authorities are imposing drastic rules for opening a new hotel or increasing the number of accommodation places in the central areas, but being more indulgent in terms of the periphery. The regulation also includes accommodation in private homes, the owners of which are required to obtain authorizations from the municipality.

There are 830,000 inhabitants in Amsterdam , but the number of tourists who assault stores every year exceeds 17 million. As such, the municipality decided to ban the opening of any souvenir or fast-food shop in the heart of Amsterdam. Approximately 40 streets are targeted. On the other hand, the tourist accommodation, already limited to 60 days, could be halved. And Budapest has problems of this kind: with 1.7 million inhabitants, the capital of Hungary is transited annually by 4.1 million tourists. Authorities are trying to limit the timetable for bars in the Jewish district, proposing closing them between 24 and 6. Dubrovnik , has 43,000 inhabitants and is visited annually by 4.2 million tourists. In 2016, the Adriatic pearl recorded a record number of 10,388 visitors in a single day. Currently limiting access for tourists is considered, with only 4,000 per day accepted. Santorini is almost suffocated by tourists. With a population of only 13,000 people, the island is transited by 2 million tourists annually. Authorities have imposed a ceiling of 8,000 daily arrivals for this year.

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