Danube Delta, unique place in Europe

Danube Delta, unique place in Europe

The Danube Delta is fascinating in the spring months, when you see no trace of a fisherman because of the prohibition, the wild vegetation adorns the whole country, the birds are wearing the bridal feather, the first flowers of water lilies, lotus trees and iris are on the water, and the holiday offerings are more tempting ...

Photo enthusiasts, nature lovers, relaxing seniors or tourists looking for adventure, the Danube Delta is a true paradise for anyone here. Part of UNESCO World Heritage and declared Biosphere Reserve, the Danube Delta is the home of over 5,000 rare living creatures, making it the world's third most important ecological place. During the summer season, you can cool down to the generous pool, fishing from the pontoons, relax in the lush garden with hammocks or embark on optional boat trips. If you want to discover more habits of the place, you can participate in the Lipovian party held by a local ensemble of Lipovan dancers, with good music and Dobrogea snacks.

The most picturesque places in the reservation Discover the Danube Delta with the optional Gulliver Delta Resort 3 * excursions. Start with the boat on the lacy lakes of vegetation and the mosaic canals with water lilies and lotuses. Observe birds in inspirational birdwatching sessions or enjoy lebanese dishes such as borscht, saucer or brine, at a campfire on the Danube. Explore Letea - the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe, is the only place in the country where horses still live in the wild. Here you have the unique chance to observe wild orchid plantations, huge sand dunes or Greek creeks hanging from the trunks of secular trees. Relaxation can be found very easily in the Danube Delta, especially if you choose a beach escape in Sulina. The former capital of the pirates is the meeting place between the Black Sea and the Danube, and here lies the widest beach in the country with very fine white sand. If you are passionate about history, you can opt for optional minibus trips to Istria and Enisala medieval fortresses at Martirion de Niculiţel - the only place in the world where the relics of six Christian martyrs or Celic Dere, Saon and Cocos Monasteries .

Explore the Museum of Biodiversity The Danube Delta is the only delta in the world that bears the title of Biosphere Reserve within UNESCO due to the large number of living creatures it hosts, many of which are endangered. More than half of the delta area is occupied by natural and aquatic ecosystems, where access, fishing or hunting are either banned or strictly controlled. Wild beaches bathed by khaki green water Start with the boat on the complicated trails, admiring the mosaic of aquatic plants, flowering lilies and small sandy beaches to the "end of the Delta" as the fishermen used to say about Sfantu Gheorghe village. Here is the most beautiful wild beach in Romania, fixed at the place where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. Sulina, however, is the most popular place in the reserve and the only one has a harbor both at sea and on the river, which is why it is full of tourists.

You can visit the Old Ottoman Farms, the Museum of Jean Bart's Writer, the Mosaic Church and the charming white beach. Unique place in Europe The Danube Delta is the largest wetlands reserve in Europe, but also the place with the largest compact reef surface in the world. Experience a safari in Letea, the northern subtropical forest and Europe's newest plains region divided into floodplains and sand dunes, where oaks, Greek lianas and wild orchids are growing, giving it a Mediterranean look . At Letea you can also catch the last horse of wild horses on the old continent .

Danube legends: the mystery of ancient tunnels that span the River

Most legends say that the Moldavian boyars had dug a tunnel under the Danube in order to protect the wealth of Turkish and Tatar invasions. Entering the tunnel they are in a sacred place inaccessible "civilians" under the altar of the Virgin historic church on the Danube. Experts reject the idea that there is such a tunnel but leaves some question marks.

25 Reasons to Visit Romania (1): Danube Delta
Starting today, I will present you a lifetime adventure and another kind of holiday for those who love to discover new lands, nature, secluded villages, history, culture, amazing people, great food, art and entertainment, sea, mountains, cities ...

Dream Gal can easily Danube passes through a tunnel or on a bridge, is centuries old. It may even come from the darkness of millennia, for it is certain that these places were inhabited since before Christ. Over time, around this longing to reach without too much trouble on the bank of Dobrogea (go 800 meters by boat in terms of currents very potent water is not available to everyone) were woven many projects and legends. Even if in the last quarter century predominated projects (none achieved, despite the barrage of promises and the millions of euros spent on all sorts of feasibility studies phantasmagoric), all legends hottest ignite people's imagination. For if you ask the Galatians that's with the tunnel under the Danube, you will find that already exist, secret, did the Romans or the Turks, not quite clear, but they will swear broken authorities' plans this (considered utopian the vast majority) to make a tunnel to the bank auto Tulcea. But back to the legends of this in the past.

Virgin Church Rosslyn chapel is a Romanian? Most of the information circulated locally about existing tunnels beneath the city and under the Danube sits in the center of the story Precista fortified church, which is located on the seafront, just 100 meters from the river. At first glance, Virgin seems kind of Rosslyn chapel of Romania (who read the book "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, understand parallel), who hides secrets impenetrable by ordinary people. Built between 1643 and 1647 during the reign of Vasile Lupu, Virgin was at the same time, and place of worship but also against invaders fortress. It is the oldest monument in Galati, and they hovered around always a veil of mystery.

Virgin Church bore all the hardships of the times, being burned by the Turks in 1711, destroyed in the wars Russo-Ottoman-1735-1739 and 1769-1774 Austrian years and suffering damages in many other occasions, so that enshrined the invaders they had as a favorite target. French architect who led the restoration of the church (just after World War II) noted that Virgin has a lot of surprising construction details, which make it be a single building. Thus, masonry, among the rows of brick, stone is used, the unused technical Moldovan churches built in the same period. Also, the wall above the windows walls up to the roof is double, forming a gallery as a man can walk comfortably. In addition, there is a large room above the altar, where the barbarian invasions of various jewels and riches made sure the city. The presence of this room within the church, he would say, by chance, because even under the altar (place where you can not look because, by definition, is a sacred taboo) would start a secret tunnel beneath Danube where it could lead to safety fortunes could be saved from the raging enemies prominent residents. It is also conveys the idea that, about a century ago, the tunnel would have been covered with soil at the end of Tulcea and the Danube corridor as would have been used by the rich times to conceal treasures of German and Soviet invaders. Another option would be that the tunnel has two "mouths": one under houses the famous lawyer H. Stephen (whose goods - have a huge collection of paintings and jewelry, valued at tens of millions of dollars - have suddenly disappeared during of the Second World War) and the other in St. George church (a famous church - demolished with great pomp in 1963, the Communists - Cossack hetman that housed the remains of Ivan Mazepa great).

Those who hold the legend Obviously if you want to know things about the past Galati, it is a must to go to a museum. County Museum of History "Paul Paltanea" holds its three locations (headquarters of the Royal House and the House Collections Cuza) extraordinary testimonies of the past of these places. Also, there is evidence exposed at the Museum of History, Culture and Christian spirituality in the Lower Danube, Moldovan Village Museum or The Museum of Natural Sciences. But if you want to escape from the incredible world of extraordinary not need to go to the park Tiglina chess player. There, history takes on a completely different, almost mystical, almost "science fiction" for the venerable fight it (playing chess world as there!) Know the things that history books and official reports do not fit. They keep living legend. And not because the legend would not preserve and propagate and otherwise, but because there chess in the park, people have a peculiar grace in the story, contradicting and be completed each other. In chess park, the tunnel under the Danube is about as gross domestic product: everyone knows it exists, but nobody has ever seen. The few who boast that they were there mercilessly others are ridiculeand legend carriers, who are convinced that the tunnel will be found soon. Those who hold the legend Obviously if you want to know things about the past Galati, it is a must to go to a museum. County Museum of History "Paul Paltanea" holds its three locations (headquarters of the Royal House and the House Collections Cuza) extraordinary testimonies of the past of these places. Also, there is evidence exposed at the Museum of History, Culture and Christian spirituality in the Lower Danube, Moldovan Village Museum or The Museum of Natural Sciences. But if you want to escape from the incredible world of extraordinary not need to go to the park Tiglina chess player. There, history takes on a completely different, almost mystical, almost "science fiction" for the venerable fight it (playing chess world as there!) Know the things that history books and official reports do not fit. They keep living legend. And not because the legend would not preserve and propagate and otherwise, but because there chess in the park, people have a peculiar grace in the story, contradicting and be completed each other. In chess park, the tunnel under the Danube is about as gross domestic product: everyone knows it exists, but nobody has ever seen. The few who boast that they were there mercilessly others are ridiculeand legend carriers, who are convinced that the tunnel will be found soon.

Let us return, however, the museum Beyond the words spoken by carriers legends deserve undoubtedly like to have the last word, however, specialists. Cristian Căldăraru, director of the Museum of History in Galati, declaring pessimistic regarding the possibility that our ancestors who have limited technical resources, have built a tunnel under the Danube. However, there is some truth, as history repuatul recognize Galati. "It all started from that uncovered a gallery with a length of 300 meters between Virgin Church and the Church of St. George. This gave rise to the legend that there was such a tunnel under the Danube riverbed and the tunnel through which they may reach the shore of the river Tulcea. There is no evidence of this is just a story, "says Căldăraru. Interestingly, his statement is nuanced slightly adviser Marius Mitrof, the Directorate for Culture and Heritage of Galati, which accredits the idea that the legend remains a legend because samples were lost. "Everything is a legend and will remain so. The way was ransacked Danube promenade in the area is hard to believe that we will ever find any tunnel. I knew how to preserve the history and legends now be satisfied with, "said Mitrof. The fact that the people behind exaggerations there could be a considerable amount of truth somewhere and confirmed that under Galaţi pass dozens of kilometers of tunnels mysterious. Most of them were dug and built back at least 200 years, but unfortunately the city during 1950-1970 rebuilding destroyed them and it has largely stopped.However, the streets of RoyalBalcescuAlexander Cuza, Michael Bravu and coopers (the oldest street of the city) can be found numerous remnants of these vast networks of tunnels that has never been explored and mapped by specialists.

Holidays among water lilies, oaks, dinghy and pelicans in Danube Delta

The most beautiful places in the Danube Delta.

In the Danube Delta the best fish soup you can eat, you can stroll among the lilies and crowded channels where you can admire pelicans.

The best places in the Danube delta.

Letea Letea, located on the territory of the commune CA Rosetti, is the oldest nature reserve in our country, was declared a protected natural area in 1938. Letea is considered small jungle Delta. Here, wild horses romp freely and twisted trunks of trees vines wrap like serpents. Letea village belongs to the commune CA Rosetti and is located between Chilia and Sulina Letea Sand. The village consists of haholi. They are Orthodox Old Rite Russian complying Julian calendar, but the villagers pursue both calendars and holidays are celebrated twice. Locals kept strictly traditions, so often popular clothes can be caught in various celebrations, singing or dancing to the rhythm of Ukraine. The port is still local population consists of shirt (rubască), skirt (iubcă) dress (paid), waist (pois), touch the head of the woman (Chic) and kept at a rate of 89 -90%. Robes tones and shades are strong (red, blue, green, pink).

25 Reasons to Visit Romania (1): Danube Delta | HuffPost
May 26, 2015 ... The Danube Delta, included on Unesco's World Heritage list, is one of Romania's leading tourist attractions. But these are just words. Because ...

Caraorman Forest

Situated on the southern part of Sulina arm (arm close to St. George), Caraorman Forest covers 2,245 surface acres. Tourists who go there have the opportunity to see the impressive sand dunes up to 10 meters high. Here, more than 30 meters tall oaks and the star is a copy of 400 years old. How its branches touch the ground, he was named "oak knees". The living area and a protected species of eagles.

The most beautiful places in the Danube Delta.

Gura Portiţei On a still a virgin beach at the mouth Portiţei, though the earth sprang few whitewashed houses and blue. Tourists still quiet part here. The beach is divided into several sectors: public and protected. Very few tourists pass by the fence and go on and where the rare species of birds nest. Here, scallops are untouched by human foot and stretch of sand is just înaripatelor possession. The mouth Portiţei you can get from Jurilovca, for several tens of minutes with a fast boat. Jurilovca is the largest community of fishermen in Tulcea, but also a piece of heaven where the road weary traveler can delight in the wonders of nature or of Lipovans admire colorful clothes and faces covered with bearded men. The city was founded by exiled Russians lipoveni parties Don and the Dniester early nineteenth century. They were forced to leave their homeland because of canonical rules imposed by the Russian Orthodox Church and Tsar Peter the Great.

Once in Jurilovca, explore lagoons and Razim Goloviţa (the largest lake in the country), or you can walk in the footsteps of the first Greek colonies - novels in our country, the head Dolosman. Here are the remains of a Greek colony - novels, the first settlement on the territory of Romania, an elder sister of Histria. The fortress is called Orgame Argamum (Greek and Latin name of the city). The area was discovered four basilicas palaocreştine, and the oldest Greek tomb. Chituc Chituc is located north - west of Lake Sinoe. In summer, the area is invaded territory tropical air brings drought and heat. Winter generally enter subpolar continental air masses from the south but sometimes can submit and masses leading to the installation of a hot early spring. Vadu is one of the last areas where it can be seen jackals, an endangered species. Last virgin territory of the Romanian seaside is a language of sand, about 36 kilometers long, which is interposed between the sea and the Delta. A pretext for nature to reveal her wild beauty telescope dark and smell the salty water of the waves. Thousands of square meters of sand-colored aluminum unpolished, rug smooth palm, possessed only by tall weeds. Birds and animals of the rarest, which give the charm of this wild corner of nature.

Sulina, where the Danube kisses the sea

If you arrive in Sulina, the easternmost land of our country, do not miss a trip to the mouth of the Danube into the sea. You can negotiate with the boatmen who are always eager customers. On the way fishery will tell stories and do not know what to be careful: the guide words or the surrounding landscape. Another holiday destination is the beach. The stretch of sand reach step in about half an hour. You'll find the largest area of ​​sand on the Romanian coast. A place where people and animals live together, feeding on sand dunes at the edge of sea buckthorn, at will, more cows. A small wooden bridge forward in the sea is the perfect place for dreaming. Sea is clear that wherever and miss you so much gold eyes so shiny sand. The two formed a gem. A jeweled Black Sea.

Danube Delta - Wikipedia
The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe, after the Volga Delta, and is the best preserved on the continent. The greater part of the Danube Delta lies in Romania (Tulcea County), while ...

Sulina is a mirage.

The first thing that strikes you is how landed in Sulina street names. The city has six streets parallel to the Danube river and 13 perpendicular streets. They are numbered from I - VI (I Street, Street II etc., as we meet in New York), while the perpendicular bearing names of both historical and literary personalities (Tudor Vladimirescu, Mihai Eminescu etc.) and common names (Danube Youth Alley etc.). In Sulina can visit the former European Commission of the Danube lighthouse, built in the early nineteenth century. At its construction were used materials brought from abroad: Wood Indian bronze in France, England crystal roof of Greece, Malta stone. On the periphery Sulina Delta sleep their sleep in the sand together Orthodox, Muslim, Lippovan. This is the only tomb of a pirate in Romania. His name was George Kontoguris and died on March 25, 1871, even the International Day of Greece. On his gravestone is inscribed for eternity symbol pirate skull and crossbones.

The most beautiful places in the Danube Delta.

St. George The settlement was documented in 1318, Pietro Vesconte map browser. Along Pangalla, Constanza and San Georgio Solina name appears. It is assumed that these names represent Italian translation by Genoese sailors indigenous names. In the vicinity of the village give a fine stretch of sand that stretches along the shoreline to Sulina. It is very large, with a width of 70 meters. Some sectors are strictly protected and is denied access to them. In Sakhalin Island rare species of birds live, and is the only channel Erenciuc black alder reserve in Europe. Melea Reserve located within walking distance of St. George is the place for nesting and migratory colonies of pelicans, swans and cormorants. In the village you can admire the wooden lighthouse, built in 1968.

Minidelta Romania Parcheş Somova lake complex is a mini-delta Romania, which has a biodiversity similar to her older sister, the Danube Delta. The area is of rare beauty. Here, you can admire the lakes chained together by channels. Danube Delta, the youngest land of Europe, is included on the World Heritage List Cultural and Natural. Since September 1990, the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve was recognized as a wetland of international importance especially as waterfowl habitat. Experts are unanimous in their catalog Delta as "a real museum of biodiversity", "natural gene bank of universal invaluable natural heritage."

Water Lilies

Possibly the most intriguing functionalities of a water feature is putting a haven for plants. What if you transform part of the long and wide patio into a gorgeous pond or lagoon? That might be a thrilling way to widen your planting excitement by the inclusion of water and moisture- loving plants. They maintain the water wholesome! The correct plants can effectively take the function of a pump, filter or fountain from maintaining the water from the pond clean. Plants submerged release oxygen in the water required for fish. Maintaining the right balance in using water plants is important to maintain the water clean.

Too many wide leaf plants may clog the water, and on the flip side a lot of plants makes the water green and rancid and promotes the development of green algae, since the sun readily disrupts the water. Plants and Food Cycles from the Water Feature: There is a program of Symbiosis where both plants and animals benefit from one another obviously. Plants make food by digesting food function as food for snails straight from CO2 using energy from light. Yellowish leaves in plants that are green indicate sunlight. Creatures and insects, which use oxygen to survive produce cO2. Whilst debris and the plants serve as food for snails alongside other creatures.

When one of those parties is dominant from the pond, meaning an excessive amount of algae, also many snails or overcrowded plants, select for your water features steps to correct the imbalance. There are 3 select for your water features might deep water plants, marginal plants. They're deep water plants, marginal plants, and humidity loving plants. Under water growing crops can provide the oxygen beneath the water. Under water growing crops can provide the oxygen in the water and function as food and shelter for small creatures, but what about those beautification aspect when they're just under the water? Some plants like floaters and oxygenators don't need any special preparations, you may just put them into the water.

Bare rooted crops such as water lilies need their roots to be fixed from a plastic planting basket with aquatic compost. The submerged part of those plant releases oxygen in create the edge of your pond comparatively gorgeous by planting marginal plants around it. You could make the edge of your pond comparatively gorgeous by planting marginal plants around it. Some marginal crops grow with their roots into the water, but there are several just good in those soil around those edge. Planning is required to assimilate the distinguishing behaviour. Plants with shorter foliage are ideal on the stacked edge of the pond.

Danube Delta - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
The waters of the Danube, which flow into the Black Sea, form the largest and best ... The Danube delta hosts over 300 species of birds as well as 45 freshwater fish .... Danube Delta / Dunaisky (Transboundary Biosphere ReserveRomania.

Three old ships, perfectly preserved, were found by two divers in Danube

wo young divers from Constanta made a startling discovery at the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on the Sulina: the wrecks of three ships that sailed in two centuries ago.

This is purely a hobby site and brings together thousands of pictures so people can use them for research purposes or just enjoy looking at old ships. I do not ...

Pascale Roibu 35 years and Iulian Rusu 37 years, Constanta two divers who found the German seaplane of the Second World War in Lake Siutghiol, went to look for treasure in the delta. Last week they discovered the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea on the Sulina branch, three ships that sank more than two centuries ago. The expedition was prepared long before. Passionate about aquatic world and its mysteries, the diver to read more stories of sunken boats to Sulina. He decided to seek and testimonies that we found in the form of lithographs and etchings in foreign archives. Equipped with everything necessary, two professional divers went to discover the treasures of the deep. Near the mouth of the Danube in Sulina on the Black Sea in a freshwater pool, found at a depth of seven to eight meters wrecks of three boats: two commercial and one war. They were half buried in the sand and very well preserved. In the area there are strong currents and fresh water helped preserve the timber ships.

The Book of Old Ships: From Egyptian Galleys to Clipper S...
The Book of Old Ships: From Egyptian Galleys to Clipper Ships [Henry B. Culver, Grodon Grant] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Of all the ...

Particular attention also drew her toward the warship, which has a length of about 50 meters. "It was built around 1790, from what we have given new account cannonballs of the ship model," says Pascale Roibu. The vessel can be English or French. "It will be known with certainty when the gun emblem will be analyzed, since at that time the weapons of this type was made royal emblem," says Pascale Roibu. 100 cannonballs sleeping on the seabed The war ship, diving in just a few hours, the two have discovered more than 100 balls in the ship's hold, caliber 30 cm and each weighing 70 kilograms. There, they found a canon carriage wheel. "In view of this wheel, we believe that a gun would have weighed a ton and a half." How is the archaeological site, unlike the Black Sea, the two explorers out of the depths a cannon shot and a wheel were donated to the Lighthouse Museum of Sulina. There have also been announced Hall Sulina and Tulcea Culture Department. Iulian Vizauer, executive director of the County Department for Culture, and, Cults and National Cultural Heritage of Tulcea, said that there were reports that are part artifacts. "By their uniqueness, these findings are very important. Monday we started the procedure for classifying as a site archaeological site, "he said. Representative culture institution considers that these ships are best preserved in the state in which they long. "They have adapted to that environment. He pulled to the surface, would be subject to bacteriological attack, which would quickly deteriorate ", he added.

What they were looking for at that time foreign ships in the Black Sea? The general context, says prof. Dr. Valentin Ciorbea was marked by what everyone calls "oriental": wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, which ended after 1878. "naval battles were fewer in the Black Sea in that period. It is possible that the warship to accompany a commercial ship and was caught by a storm and sunk ", said history teacher.

Equally true is the fact that it was customary for Ukrainians to come and attack boats Danube. "Although Turks have maintained a strict control over the Black Sea, there were countless gateways at the mouth of the Danube Otherwise we can not explain what I was looking for Dutch coins discovered. The fact is that after the year 1800 the British began to come in these parts, "explains Valentin Ciorbea. Black Sea Treasures Pascale Roibu and 2013 Iulian Rusu found two wrecks of the German seaplanes Ovidiu Lake MamaiaWrecks were buried in the silt at a depth of 4.5 meters in the middle of the lake, Roibu says Pascale. One of them belonged to a flying boat built at Blohm und Wöss famous site where the ship was built and brig Mircea school. The plane crashed on landing during a training night in April 1943 when the entire crew died. Last year, the team of divers discovered three ships in the Black Sea in ancient times. And treasure hunters would not stop here. They want to make diving and other arms of the Danube, where legends say that here are ships sunk.

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